Tingaki Beach

Beaches on Kos

Nick Van ree          1/10

click to enlarge I made on august 21 a picture of the sunset on the beach between Marmari and Tigaki. These are places on the greek island of Kos. At that time 2 people walked by. A ask them there e-mail account so i can send the photo to them. This E-mail adres seems to be wrong. I hope by this uploade/link the react and i can send them the origenal picture.

Nigel, elaine, rachel and           10/10

We have spent many hours over the past ten years on this wonderful beach. Wether it be to the right on the sunbeds or to left for that all over tan. Don't be shy plenty of naturist bathers there without any complaints. The beach is never over-crowded so you can always get some tranquility here. It is simply fantastic. The best on Kos as far as we are concerned.

Trevor C          5/10

tigaki is lovely but unfortunately when we went last year it was blowing a gale force wind that strong it was whipping up the sand it felt like you were being p***ked by thousands of needles stuck for about twenty minutes then packed up and moved on, go any other time and its great

Cath C

How close to Tingaki beach is the water park that we are now reading about?

Angie P          9/10

Tigaki beach is very good -one of the best in Kos with long with fine white sand, gently sloping into a warm, clear blue sea. The breeze is pleasant as it takes the heat away a bit, but it can get a little strong at times! We tended to walk to the left along the beach, away from the sweaty sunbeds and get away from the crowds. Especially good if you want an all-over tan.... turn left along the seafront and you'll find the naturist beach. Don't be shy....it's nice to get an all over tan and you don't get any soggy swim things either!

Debbie L          10/10

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this has to be the best beach on the island, beds cost 3 euro for the day or 2 euro for the afternoon. most of the time there is a gentle breeze. the water slops gently so is safe for the kids to play in. there are plenty of beds so you dont feel like you are crowded.

Caroline F

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Hi Leanne

We didn't see paragliding in Tingaki.  My daughter was desperate to do it and we found it at Paradise Beach (aka Bubble Beach).  It cost 35euro single or if you went up in a double it was 60euro.  My partner and I took a jet ski there too.  It was 30 euro for 20 minutes.  Fab beach, great fun.  Coach trip there only costs about 6 euro each and you can also take the public bus but I don't know how much that costs.  Take a picnic and enjoy a day on different beach for a change. The bubbles from the volcano on the opposite island are something else too when you find them.  Kardamena also did all the watersports including jet skis and paragliding but couldn't tell you how much.   

Amy N          10/10

there are ringo's, banana boats jet skies pedalos etc there baout 15euros to bout 35 euros if im right.....ringos are loads of fun but take it in mind they wil try and get u off.

Julie W          10/10

  Depends what you are looking for in a beach? This beach is long and lovely to walk on in the morning and especially at night were you can see the sun set fantastically behind Kalymnos island. There are many sunbeds lots of choice some only charge 2euro some are free if you go later in the day many are free!!!

The Agean sea is always there a very short walk the sun heats the water so by 6pm it's like getting in a warm bath!!! Fantastic! They do get large clumps of brown seaweed collecting this stuff is more like brown grass not the slimy stuff like in the uk so don't worry about it and if you walk along the beach you can find many places where there is either less or none of it. It does get windy so don't be fooled you still need sun ceam! If you walk far enough towards Mamari the next resort up there is a nudist beach but we never walked that far with 2 teenage boys  There are some water sports too so something for everyone really. A doughnut seller comes along if you want that and there was even a guy selling you an indian head massage!!

Joanne R          8/10

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Great beach sandy with plenty of sunbed to hire at a cost of 6 euro for 2. The sea is gently shelving though the wind sometimes makes the current unsuitable for small children and lilo's. Views out to Turkey and another greek island are lovely and a mountain back drop of Kos on the other side. 

Debbie J          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Here are somemore pictures of Tingaki Beach,the beach is very clean and ideal for families and children as the sea shelves gentle in.

Donna W          10/10

hi, the naturist beach is at tingaki, get onto the beach and turn left, walk a while and you will find it. very comfortable, mostly couples, straight and g*y so don't be shy. i have been there with my boyfriend and with some of my mates,  you might sometimes see people at it so dont be shy!   

Paul T           

click to enlargeNice sandy beach with plenty of reasonably priced sunbeds and never too crowded, the sea is quite warm, very clear and very shallow so it's perfect for kids. It can get very windy though and one day we had to retreat to the pool back at our apartments as we were literally getting sandblasted. There can be some seaweed around but never enough to cause a problem.

Sarah R           

fab beach go on the mascot beds 2euro 50. for all day. and u get a fab tan when u down the beach spent everyday there wiv the mascot boys. mite of spent the day sleeping on the beds but it was wee worth it. miss u all xxx 

Deborah T           

The beach in tigaki is great for families the water is so shallow you can walk out quite far into the sea.Beach bed are inexpensive at aprox 5euros for two beds .The further away from the town centre you go the more peaceful the beach is .Its so clean and very well kept.Just got back today and missing it already!!!!

Mark N           

Very nice beach good for kids and plenty of sun beds for hire at good rates nice and clean too

Lauren *           

hey chloe, i see you enjoyed tingaki pretty much as much as me and my sister did haha almost got as many messages on me on here now! you got msn? be nice to talk to someone who is also familiar with tingaki :), lauren x

Chloe P           

Beautiful beach, the best on the island, clear blue sea and white sand. If you're looking for entertainment on the beach be sure to go to the orange and blue parasols where the sunbed man Ilias is ace!!

Hey to Ilias and the massage people on tingaki beach!!! Ilias keep getting people with the feather and the fart machine!  That was the funniest!
Coming back next year to Tingaki and can't wait!!
Chloe x x x x 2006

E G           

A very narrow strip of sand compared to other beaches but great nonetheless.   There is a lot of dry seaweed but this wasn't a problem.  You can walk a long way out and swim to your heart's content.    We decided to go native and didn't hire sunbeds - we walked further up the beach and found some shade under a vacant tree.  Copying the Greeks and Italians nearby we hung our bags and clothes in the branches and took them home sand-free!

Nicki G           

Excellent all round beach which is perfect for kids

The water is clear and blue and is very safe for kids as you have to walk quite a way out to get any real depth. A bit of seaweed just as you start walking into it and a few bits elsewhere but for me, someone who hates seaweed, it wasn't bad at all!
Plenty of sunbeds for hire at varying prices but you can't really get a bad spot.  There's a nice bit of wind as well which keeps the temperature down slightly.
There's some watersports available here too, but we did find the prices a bit steep.
Definitely one of, if not the best beach on the island.

Karen & russell            

Beach was great - Sand fine, clean beach, except for a bit of seaweed at the tide line. Red and White Sunbeds opposite the J&M Supermarket were really good (looked after by a really nice Danish lady). Not too close to each other and really comfortable. Sea was lovely and clear - but you did have to wade through some dead seaweed floating, to get out to it. Most days it was comfortable to sunbathe as there was a nice breeze which cooled you down - some days that was quite a stong wind, but still nice to sit in.

Marc G           

Excellent Beaches in Tigaki, reccomend to everybody holidaying in kos island!!!!

Baby G           

very nice beach good for the kids not to deep and very clean

Ken P           

Walked along the coast and tried various sections of beach. Found the sea a bit shallow as you had to walk right out to find any depth,but obviously perfect for children. Plenty of sand and most areas had sunbeds etc and showers.

Lauren H           

It was great!