Agios Stefanos Beach

Beaches on Kos

Mary D

Hello I will be travelling solo to Kos in September and was wondering how easy/difficult ti was to visit Agios Stefanos? 

Look forward to hearing from someone


Matteo C           

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fantastic and spectacular wiews!!

Heather W           

Eric - as far as i know there are no 'official' nudist beaches on Kos. Although I can say that just outside of Kefalos there are several stretch where nudist tend to sunbath. Just off Markos, and Sunny etc, just keep walking away from the main crowd area and there is plenty of naturists.
Hope this helps - although cannot comment on other area of Kos - sorry

Eric T

Does anyone know of nude beaches on Kos?

Natalie S           

This beach was ok overall ..very stony but the best bit was the Club Med section (free to use by all) which was right beside the St Stephanos ruins and near the St Sephanos islet with the small fisherman's chapel. You can swim to the islet too. This section has clear blue water and lovely sand. You could go for a few yards with small fish swimming around you. Great for snorkelling. There are numerous watersports facillites. Beside the ruins were some rocks which were very relaxing to sit on.We really appreciated that section of the beach.

Merv L           

Agios Stepanos is the Beach nearest to the Island in Kefalos,it has it's own Greek ruins also.
The water is not to deep, sheltered and is easy to enter.
Ideal for children.