Paradise Beach

Beaches on Kos

Caroline F          10/10

Lovely day spent here.  The beach is so sandy and the water (like everywhere on the island) was soooo clear.  Take your snorkel to see the fish and also view the bubbles from under water.  It is amazing.  We found the most bubbles to the left of the Water Sport hut.  It felt quite magical and whether it was my imagination or not, but I felt invigorated when I came out. 

The water sports on offer are very good and I believe the prices to be fair.  My two daughters did a twin paraglide and it cost 60Euros (or 35 single).  My parnter and I took a jet ski for 30 Euro.  Great fun. Well worth a visit, even if only to try a different beach. 

Charissa F          8/10

We visited Kefalos early June, and were surprised how quiet it was. The beach was very clean and not at all crowded. Well worth a visit.

Lee +          8/10

Me + my girlfriend came here in May and it was really quiet and lived up to its name.  The beach was nice + clean and didnt have deckchairs you have to pay a small fortune for like Tigaki.  We never seen the bubbles but it did seem warmer in the water along the fault line and the fish that followed us nibbling at our legs made us laugh.  We would come back again and recommend a visit if you come to Kos. 

Joy H           

was like a cattle market, sunbesds far to close together

Steven K           

Lovely sandy beach with warm sea, even found the bubbles. Paradise Restaurant well worth going to to break up the day in the sun. Where the service and food is excellent and very reasonable, we had the spare ribs, which were delicious and fell off the bone. But be warned ther are few buses back to Kos Town,. the last one at 6pm, which takes 1 hour and completely packed! but well worth the visit.

Elaina G           

Loved it!! We hired quads and drove there ourselve's!! There isn't much bubbles but it is gorgeous and there is no jellyfish!!!


Lauren B           

OH MY GOD!!! so so good here last year, so we came back!  bravo paradise beach!!! infact i think we may be bak in September, so b WARNED!!!  

see you guys soon!!!
MWAH, xxxx

Megi B           

the best beach i have ever been to in my life!! met so many cool people, and had so much fun in and out the water! sand was hot but worth the blisters! definatly worth going back for! see you soon guys!!!!

Kyle C           

This beach is the best to go to.There is a lot of activites and the jet ski are great it is deffently worth a trip there.The sand is hot though.

Bolton B           

This is a huge long beach with loads of water sports and Fun. I recommend the  Oxoon for people who dont like the water or travelling by foot power. its a cool 3seater round pod which you control and take around the sea chilling. I enjoyed

Shane L           

Paradise beach is very pretty but if you go make sure you stay to the very left which is called Bubble Beach. Its have to swim out about 30 meters to get to the best bubbles but wow its like swimming in lemonade!! Make sure you get some snorkels and look at the bubbles under water its defently worth while. 

James C           

Going to Kos mid August, does anyone know if there are any water parks in or around Kos?
Ta v much

Susan A           

Paradise beach was lovely.  A much nicer beach than in Kefalos.  More sandy and the sea was a lot warmer.  A bit of a shock though when we took the boat trip from kefalos harbour and found we had to wade into the sea with our bags and clothes getting wet up to our waists!  Once there its sunbeds galore and lots of watersports. Not many bars or restaurants though only one at the top of the hill!   There's a beer boat that comes in apparently through the day further down the beach but only sells cans. 

If you want to spend aday topping up the tan then this is the place to go.


Def. a gorgeous beach although too busy, too small and no bar or restaurant near by. Considering we were there last week and its not even peak season it was over crowded.

Gemma K           

i went here in sept 04 i thought that the beach was great but the big ants freaked me out and i couldn't return this year in fear of running into them again, they don't bother you but i couldn't handle them. ew!

Lynne L           

Lovely beach - facilities miles away therefore no good for kids.

Linzi J


Kirsty J           

This is a fantastic beach, really beautiful and clean. You have the option of doing watersports and I think Bubble Beach is nearby. If travelling to Kos you must visit this place, it's great!

Sylvia S           

I really liked Kos in general but especially the trip to Paradise/bubble beach. I got the speedboat 10.30 am from Kefalos (only 5 euros both ways!),felt a bit unsure about having to walk through the sea from the jetty to the beach but not a problem as the sea is crystal clear and not a pebble in sight! I went in mid'sept so fairly quiet,loads of sunbeds to choose from. The bubbles were great and good swimming in the sea. Nice view from top of the hill,reasonable cafe and back on speedboat at 4.30 pm. Perfect day!

Julie M           

We found Paradise beach to to be the best on the Island although it was the busiest. I would imagine it to be very busy in high season. It is very safe for kids and there is lots going on to amuse you with the watersport activities.

Kristian T           

Me and my girlfriend went for a day trip there, she loved it for the sunbathing and i have to say it was very relaxing. Although i got bored after a while. But im glad i did because whilst walking about we discovered the restaurant at the top of the hill, had the best pizza i've had in a long time. Enjoy

Monty M           

Brilliant!!! We went to most beaches but always came back to this one. Close to home for those staying in Kefalos but well worth the drive from Kos Town based people too. Superb snorkelling around the rocky headland - only time ever to regret not having underwater camera. Great beach, good facilities, stunning sand.

Jackie E           

Brilliant beach - clean and safe, with a great choice of watersports, better then any of the beaches in the Kos Town/Psalidi area. Travelled here by bus easily from Kos well worth the effort. The bubbles were cool - rather like your own jacuzzi in the sea.

Martin & esther S           

A great sandy beach, but it did seem a bit busy and tightly packed with sun loungers. There’s a good water sports place where you can pay large amounts of money to go on crazy rides like rubber rings towed behind a speedboat, and an inflatable platform that took off into the air at a fast speed and you flew along! We opted for a more sedate hire of a pedalo which had a built in water slide that our daughter loved (a bit expensive at 10 Euros for half an hour). Two loungers and an umbrella were 7 Euros for the day.
The beach side taverna rocks with some good music; great pizza and fresh baguettes.
You can get here by coach, the Kos bus, or water taxi. We drove in our hire car and there was plenty of free parking.

Michelle A           

It was a nice sandy beach,which made a change as the one in kos town was stoney.I didn't see any bubbles though however the water is clean and clear and shallow so you can walk out for quite away. It is good for all sorts of people.You can lay there and relax or there is water sports for other people.There are little fish swimming around for people who like to snorkel. The beach cafe is well priced considering it is the only one near the beach.2 sunbeds are 7 euro with an umbrella. It is really hot no wind there like there is in kos town.