Kardamena Beach

Beaches on Kos

Burty D          3/10

 I wasnt impressed too much with the 16 foot long stretch of sand and bottle tops in Kardamina. I trod on a broken bottle , sliced my arm on the rocks and had to put up with endless hassle from a bar called knackers on the harbour front.

Kay P          10/10

Kardamena beach is the best beach i've been to in along time, i bought a pair of shoes you can go in the water with, which beats all the rocks. there are 100's of fish everywhere so it's great for snorkling. going again this september, can't wait.

Kim S          6/10

The water has very sharp rocks - easy to slice open a foot! If you walk down past the Emiliana towards the Posidonia restaurant the water is sandy and much easier to walk into and swim. The other end - closer to the water sports is very busy.

Keith W          3/10

The beach in Kardamena was not all it's cracked up to be a lot of stones and rubbish


pretty dangerous rocks on the beach. arrived at 7am and we went straight to the beach and within an hour of being on the island badly sliced open all my feet, so clubbing was a nightmare, the rocks are especially bad near the rock 24hour bar!

Ken P           

Very quiet when we went in October and we walked to the far end. Found a bar called Banana Bar and there was a brilliant small sandy beach just opposite with all the trimmings.Much better than the main area where all the tavernas were.

Yvonne L           

lot of tits the boys loved it  we spent the whole time on the beach during the day soaking up the rays you have to get there pretty early to get a bed an di wouln't risk laying in the sand as i burnt the s**t out of my feet jst walking to the sea we relly enjoyed the beach it was fun xx

Carol D           

as far as lying on the sunbeds all day goes - this was a good beach. however, there were dangerous rocks lurking beneath the sea, one man slipped and gashed his leg quite badly when we there.
sand is very coa**e and very pebbly as you walk into the sea. this makes you sink into the sand - a sensation i didn't like then i spotted the rocks so didn't venture in again.

Daniel R           

lovely beach, loads of sun beds, plenty of places to have light snacks when ur on the beach. been going to kardamena 6 years in a row and one year went out into the sea and found a sand bank which u can stand on its about 50 yards out from the sun beam hotel

Jo & sarah            

In the past we normally stay at our hotel to sunbathe, but this year we decided to try the beach! It was far better, watchin the watersports all day and joinin in with them.....And u get a far better tan by the Sea!
Loved it!

Craig H           

It was a decent beach which was covered in sun loungers. If you fancied a long walk or hired a quad bike/scooter then you could find a very very nice beach heading out right if you were facing out towards the sea.

The beach had no rocks on the bottom of the sea which is amazing compared to the surface on the main beach. A sandy surface, clear blue seas and untouched beach. What more can you ask for?!

If anyone wants more info go to www.funbagsfordanger.com

Natalie W           

Since most beaches in Greece are stony and pebbly, it was nice to encounter one that was sandy. Sun loungers were around 3-3.50 euros a day each, much cheaper than I expected. Cafes and snack bars lined the beach so it was very convenient to go somewhere for lunch.

Sea was very cool and lovely for swimming in, there was a constant breeze most days which took away the "unbarable" edge of the heat making it even more pleasant to lay in the sun. However this did not fool me into thinking I needed to use a low factor sun tan lotion - when you're in a country like Greece in temperatures above 30 degrees every day, it is common sense to use at *least* a factor 20 to begin with!

A lovely beach to take a snorkel to also, as there were lots of fish and rocks just a little way out to sea that were lovely to look at.

John B           

What an amazin' Resort!! Ok the sea was a bit dodgy what with all the rocks that cut your feet open, but everythin else was wicked! The Clubs and Bars were great, especially "Bernies Bar" great atmosphere all over. Restaurants were mint as well, food and drinks pretty cheap in some places, what a place!

Kelly T           

watersports range from around 15 euros for the ringos, to 30 for parasending. bubble beach is cheaper though.....


Beaches in Kardamena are only ok. Water gets very deep very quickly
so before you know it you can be out of your depth and I didn't see any sign of lifeguards anywhere on the island. 3 for sunlounger for whole day is good if you use it. Some people just buy lie-lows and lie on those instead. Kardamena has a constant wind which is good because it keeps you cool but the problem is you then don't realise how hot it actually is plus there's the wind burn factor. I got badly burn my first day because I wasn't using a high enough factor, so you've been warned! I though Paradise beach was much better (we only went to those two beaches) and you can get there using the local bus for just 2 euros.

Lorraine C           

Nice clean beach, parades of cafes right along the beach so you dont have to walk for ages for a drink and some chips! Sun loungers everywhere,Very Hot on the beach in May, spend one day there and you will go back to your hotel with a fab Tan!

Laura J           

Bit of a sh*t hole but to be honest Ive seen worse! Gotta good tan so I don't care!

Rex B           

Rex was on the beach for about three of the seven days we spent there. The sun loungers were very reasonable at 3 Euros for the whole day. The water was also fairly warm. George and Ed were big fans and the surrounding views were pleasing to the eye.