Bubble Beach

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Malcy P          5/10

Re the post "What has happened to Bubble beach?" i had the same problem till I asked a child who said go towards where the jet skis are (facing west) and 100 yards before and about the same distance from the beach they are there.

Katy S

What has happend to Bubble beach? We went back in 2000 by public bus and found the bubbles no problem. There were loads of them and so easy to find and it was quite exhilarating. We have been back to Kos a few times since but our teen DC were keen this time to experience the bubbles so we hired a car to drove to Paradise Beach (as we advised by the car hire people as we could not remember exactly where Bubble Beach was) and despite spending a few hours there and wandering around and swimming way out,we could not find any bubbles at all. Were we in the wrong place or have the bubbles slowed or stopped in recent years? What I found really weird was back in the 1990s and early noughties Bubble Beach was very popular, well known and well publicised both in the UK and in Kos, by Tour Operators and Hotels etc. We found it really hard to find any information about Bubble beach this summer and cannot understand why (if it still exists) why more isnt being made of it to make it a popular tourist attraction when Kos/Greece is needing all the business and tourism it can get these days. Any tips for finding the bubbles would be greatly appreciated as we hope to return again next year.

Kelly C          8/10

Bubble beach is brilliant. the sand is lovely and the sea is shallow for quite a stretch. theres watersports as always and it is true that the water has little bubbles. the downside is the ants. theyre quite big and pesky. its definitly worth a visit. i would suggest being careful with children and the bugs. kelly

Sophie M          10/10

yes there is loads of water sports here like:

tramolining on water
slide boats
banana boats
couch boats
and the most funnest is the
boat that goes everywhere!!!!!!!

Hrox M

hellllloooo i was just wondering are there any watersports on this beach and if notwhere is there

also which island is the best for kides?

Burty D          2/10

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Bum oyle beach i called it. If you think bumholes a beach then you must think that mike baldwin would look fetching in a rubber wig. Smell the tarmac people, it aint a beach ! Why dont you splash out a few more bob and find a proper beach ? I would rather brave the used ****** of Blackpool than dip my big you know what in bubble !

Caroline F          10/10

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Lovely day spent here.  The beach is so sandy and the water (like everywhere on the island) was soooo clear.  Take your snorkel to see the fish and also view the bubbles from under water.  It is amazing.  We found the most bubbles to the left of the Water Sport hut.  It felt quite magical and whether it was my imagination or not, but I felt invigorated when I came out. 

The water sports on offer are very good and I believe the prices to be fair.  My two daughters did a twin paraglide and it cost 60Euros (or 35 single).  My parnter and I took a jet ski for 30 Euro.  Great fun. Well worth a visit, even if only to try a different beach. 

Julia H

omg so there actually is a trampoline in the sea!!!!!! not fari :-( when someone told us we thoght they were having us on so didnt go! now im home n wanna go back! ahhhhh grrrrr !


Chloe J           

 bubble beach was great ecpecialy renting the boat it was godd in the sea becase it wasnt to deep and the bubbles tickled your feet and there was lots of little fish

John M           

A lovely long sandy beach perfect for sunning yourself. There is an inflatable water park for the kids and the water is shallow enough for none swimmers to see the bubbles that are caused by the volcanic island dirrectly across from the beach. plenty of watersports here to. It was quite a long day there tho. We got the boat from Kefalos at 10:30 and it leaves the beach at 17:30. There is no shortage of loungers costing 3 euros per person.

Bryan S           

AKA Paradise Beach.  Take the boat from Kefalos (5Euros) or catch a bus (regular through the day at 1.3Euros to Kefalos).  Too many sun loungers is the only criticism on what is otherwise an excellent beach with shallow shelving seabed and excellent sand.  The bubbles are about 50M off-shore but easily accessible.  There is both a snackbar and a taverna on the hill above the beach, the first is cheap and noisy and the second is expensive (relatively) but usually pretty quiet.  Our favourite beach.


Ali B           

If you are oinf by car or taxi, it depends where you are going form in Kardamena, but shouldn't take any longer than 20 minutes.x

Caroline C           

Does it take long to get to Bubble beach from Kardamena? I am going to Kardamena in july but bubble beach has been recommended, by a friend, to vist.


Went to kardamena couple of years ago, went on a trip to bubble beach and to see the volcano on a nearby island, was amazing such an experience. like being ina giant jacuzi, dont forget your underwater camera.

Carol S           

lovely beach sheltered from most of the wind.

great cafe not too far from the sun loungers.
big enough to spread out well.
look out for the sun lounger man Michael, he is the BEST. 

Caroline D           

it was good here thought the bubbles mite be better gotta nice view of ken bouncin on the trampoline in the sea 

Jeff W           

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 A great day out, take the speedboat from kefalos over to paradise/bubble beach 5euro's per person. sun loungers there are 7euro's for the day. Be prepared to go a little way from the shore to see the bubbles, everytime we have been the bubbles have been plentiful. Watersports there are very good, try the flyfish its great fun but ya gotta have strong arms to stay on. Food and drink quite reasonable too, go on you know ya want too.

Pamela M           

Bubble beach was the best bit of our holiday. The first time we went it was very crowded and you could'nt really feel the full affect of the hot bubbles. So we went at 7.30am the next day and had it to ourselves. You have to sit right near where the sulphur stream comes out from beyond and i can tell you it is boiling!!! Try it you will love it and then jump in the sea to cool down. Wot a way to start the day!!!

Martin & esther S           

We drove there ourselves (same place as Paradise beach and signposted from the main road, parking is free). If you’re looking for the Bubbles bit, then either look for all the people stood in the sea looking down, or else use the Paradise Hotel as the marker and it is straight out from there. We saw plenty of bubbles, but if you think it’s going to be like a Jacuzzi then you’ll probably be disappointed – when we were there there was just an occasional stream of bubbles coming up from the sea bed.

Toya R           

Lovely beach with soft sand and very safe for swimming as you can walk out quite a way before it becomes too deep. The bubbles were fascinating, like your own private jacuzzi. The snack bar was reasonably cheap which was good as they had a captive market there. Two sunbed and an umbrella were 7 Euros but still good value if you're there for the day.

Ellie B           

This beach was fantastic! The water was so clear and there is no sea weed around! It's pebbly at the bottom of the water but they have put large heavy sacks down so u can walk into the deeper part which is a good idea. Its breezy which is nice. I loved this beach sooo much and the only set back was it costs 7euros for 2 sun beds and an umbrella! But its definatley worth a visit or two!

Kelly T           

lovely clean beach, perfect for those of you who want to do nothing for a day! tiny fish smimming all around your toes is a really interesting addittion to this gorgeous place!


Paradise beach is a long beach and has bubble beach within it (we got confused as to which was which) there's plenty sand, quiet areas with no sun loungers and the water doesn't get deep too quickly (unlike Kardamena where it's over your head too quickly). We used a local travel company (Harriet travel, very good in Kardamena)and got a bus there for €6 but found out after the local bus goes there for €4 return. The bubbles are caused by volcanic activity in the afternoon and we happened to be on a peddle boat at that time and saw them. It's just weird seeing these little streams of bubbles appearing from no where! You can also see similar bubbles and a hot spring at the Therms, but I think you need a car to get there. There is only one cafe and one restaurant so I would advise to bring food etc with you. It's worth a visit if not for the bubbles, for the beach.

Kirsten W           

the only complaint we had about this is that its very commercial. it was 7euros for 2 sunbeds, which is slightly over priced. the sea was lovely and the sand was lovely and clean.

Connie W           

Thought the bubble beach was fantastic. Great place to top up your tan