Tropical (Natural) Beach

Beaches on Kos

Jude A          7/10

Just back from Kos.

Tropical nude beach was OK. We only went there once, because we found it a little open. You can park right behind the beach. the beach is a nice sand, but the water line for half the beach is flat rocks, making access tricky on those bits.

lots of textiles walk past also.

Donna W          10/10

The nudist beach is at Tingaki, check out my comments there. e-mail me at I would love to chat

English_ M           

Best beach in Kardamena. 

Even on windy days it was calm as the trees are like a wind breaker.
Stelios still has his hut and sells sandwiches and salads plus beer and soft drinks.

Carol C

i have been trying to find a map of where we are going & how far it is to tropical beach any maps so far haven't given us a rough idea can u help. We are going to be staying at the agrotica apartments in tingaki. Thanks a lot

Chris M           

Its located approx 2.5 kilometres from Kardemena heading towards kefalos on the coast road. Its set back a little from the road and its 0.5 kilometers past a block of apartments. Its a couple of years since we were there but a guy had set up selling salads sandwitches beer and drinks.

The bus goes past there, it was'nt crowded.

Bernie G           

Where is Tropical Beach.We are both naturists and would love to go !!

Liz and nat J           

the beach was lovely georgous people ive never been so shocked to find so many naked people in my life i thought it was a blue movie