Therma Beach

Beaches on Kos

Margaret D          10/10

click to enlargeWe  visited the springs when we hired a jeep on holiday at the beginning of August and we thought they were fantastic!  The water was really warm (even hot in places), the bubbles coming up through the rocks were fascinating and we didn't find the sulphur smell too bad.

We didn 't realise that there was parking at the bottom of the road down to the beach so parked at the top near the cafes and the walk back up the hill was a killer!
Definitely worth a visit! 

Anne K          8/10

The visit to Therna is well worth it.  One euro each way on the bus from Kos Town.  The bus is the no.5 and goes from outside the bus ticket office by the harbour at a quarter to every hour.  It's cheaper to buy tickets direct from the office as you will be charged more on the bus.  Once you get there the road down is fairly steep and dusty with dramatic cliffs so save the refreshments for when you get back to the top and are waiting for the bus back.  The water is boiling where it comes out of the rocks and warmer than a normal bath in the rest of the pool.  We went on 17th October and the weather was gorgeous but you could visit when its cloudy as the water will warm you up if the wind blows (as it sometimes does).  The beach is not good, small gritty sand (?) and if you want to go into the sea take some flipflops as everyone was groaning in agony trying to walk on the sand and the bigger, sometimes slippery rocks, under the water.  The view from the beach is fabulous.  The cafes at the top provide good, reasonable snacks and drinks (along with residents goats) and the staff are great, as are all the wonderful people we met on Kos, nearly everyone speaks English and are very friendly and helpful.  Just one great outing of many!

Gill C           

We were on holiday in Bodrum, Turkey and decided to visit Kos for the day. We arrived on Kos around 11am and had to be back at check-in at 4pm so we didn't have long, a quick trip to the tourist info office( out the harbour and go left down the main road)just 5 minutes away to pick up a map. We decided that Therma sounded good so we jumped on the bus at 12.15 (15 mins journey) just along from the tourist info office on the other side of the road. The bus terminates a therma beach so no worries about where to get off. This beach looks pretty scruffy and smells awful (the sulphur fumes from the hot springs) but it is fantastic, the kidsthere were all having a great time, I wouldn't recommend it for under 5yrs. It's such a weird experience, alternate hot & cold waves coming at you. I don't know how the man who laid in the outlet for about 10 minutes didn't die from 3rd degree burns, it was boiling, you feel great afterwards and it's supposed to be good for you. The only thing you need to do is use plenty of moisturiser when you get out, especially on any already dry areas of skin. My heels were rock hard the next morning!!

Amanda B           

We visited last August - due to return to Kos this year. But beware of thieves. Don't leave anything in your cars/jeeps, leave gloves boxes open to show nothing worth stealing - our jeep together with a number of other vehicles were broken into when we visited the springs. The springs are brilliant and well worth the visit, just be on your guard.

Zoe H           

This was tricky to find, the road seems to go on forever and the jeep only just made it down the rocky track, but wow.... well worth the trip. It was amazing how in a small rocky area the water can be so hot!!! It's almost uncomfortable until you get used to it!! Like getting in a bath that was too hot!
Brilliant, you feel really good once you get out.

Sian J           

it was really warm in the sea and even though it reeked of eggs it was lovely