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Bernie           10/10

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Superb time at the Elga. Thanks to Stella, Demitris, Butch, Pedro, Jay and Maria.

Greig D           

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keep seeing alot of negative comments about the elga. you've gotta respect your room and the staff (especially darren - legend and butch - even bigger legend) we had the absolute best holiday of our lives been on a couple of lads holidays maga, kavos but kos is without a doubt the absolute daddy of a party resort the pr's and people in general are awesome as long as you aren't a dickhead we met some absolutely legendary people (like az , bielby, foggy, gaz and the rest of the boys and the welsh lasses). who cares if its not quiet if you want peace go somewhere else could have been cleaner(wasn't exactly dirty) its much better than any other hotel - trust me (most of the others are s**tbombs)

i would recommend kos and the elga to anyone who wants to have a good time. its unlike anywhere else its so relaxed and the people are so friendly, get it booked. see you all out there next year.
kos! love it!

Panda B           

it was too hot, no air con. wouldnt recomend for a lads hol. crackers is bangin tho. oooh raaa

Banners, jonnyb n hamster A           

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I was shocked when leaving elga cos i we didnt get our deposit back cos they thought we stole aq chair, i mean wot we gonna do with a chair, cant argue with the location tho, kos was absolutly brill, definetly reccomend to any1 up 4 a lads holiday

Beccy C           

We just got back from a week in Kardamena (7-14 sept 06) and i'd say ignore all the comments..the hotel is basic but has everything you need. we got out breakage deposit back and there were slight marks on out sheets which weren't an issue! the location itself is fab..a short walk from everything including the bars and the beach. i'd definately go again!!!


Hi we stayed in the apartment in early august '06' and the nightlife was fantastic, the hotel is basically what u paid for, but the holiday is what u make of it so dont be put off!! We advise the faom party at starlight, its wkd, but be prepared to get very WET, and wake up the next morning with unidentified drunken injuries.!!

We didnt get anything stolen from our room, however we have a suspicion that the maid took our toilet roles, hehe!!!! And we got our 80 euro deposit back, WOOOO!!!!
P.S we love you Butch x x x x


Stayed at the Elga from 4th till 11th May 06.  First week of the opening of the season.  Elga was well quiet while werwere there - felt like we had a private pool most of the holiday!  Cant fault the location though!

We were a bit concerned about stoppin at the Elga after some of the comments writen on here but really, the apartments were ok.  A couple of things to be wary of though:
The cleaners came every day apart from Sunday.  We were only there a week but they changed the sheets half way through, HOWEVER - our sheets were changed for ones which had got marks on them.  They were clean but there were stains that had obviously not come out in the wash and we didnt want to be charged for sheets which we had not damaged.  Be very wary of this - check your bedding once the cleaners have been and if you have got marked sheets - report it!  We have no doubt that, had we not reported this that we would have been charged for these sheets!
Check your room throughly when you check in.  You should pretty much have 2 of everything in the kitchen ie forks, knives etc.  There is a list of all the utensils you should have in the back of the book in your room - along with prices.  If any of these items go astray you will have to pay for them.
When we arrived our bathroom light did not work, so we reported it straight away - this was then fixed the following day so had no problems there. 
Just remember to be on the ball and look after the place, doesnt hurt to be friendly to the staff either.
Demetri and Daz are top guys who work the bar at night.  On our first night we started mixing the shots in the bar with the lads and finally got to bed at 5am!  Top night! 

Banners N           

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hows it goin now people...banners n jonnyb again ma friends!!!! hittin kos soil in 4 days... gona b heavy i tell thee. any1 flyin from gatwick on da 8th at 07:15?? get bak 2 us. rite... 2 da bar!!!! look out 4 these shirts...different names n numbers obvi lol. girls... c us at da bar, join us 4 a few!!!! c u soon. banners n jonnyb....people hu care

Banners N           

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   hey was my 19th bday not long ago n got wrecked ( well funny) anyway jus 10 tens til kos n i cant wait, banners da entertainment is on his way.


oh bas boyes im fellow essex to im from stanford , kos it nothing like bas vegas , oh have u boys got t shirts made up lol


hithere butch here , basildon boys ill look after ya , i wor kthe pool and bar there at the elga , u will have a good time , just repsect the room as u own and it fine , i have a trick ill tell u about for sheets , if u wanna know . elga is cool place to stay alot of hotels have the owners leave in it , so when u noisey they go mad the elga is quite relaxed with noise , its like every thing its waht u make of it , but repect the room and u be fine

Katy R           

p.s the comment about hot water is true though...have a shower before 6.30/7ish if you want hot water!! other than that it's all good!

Katy R           

Elga is fine honestly...if you're going to greece u have to expect basic accommodation which is what this is...but it is in the perfect location, has a 24hr bar, great pool and pool bar...what more oculd u want?! the only thing wrong with the place is you will be damned if u get ur deposit back but at the end of the day when all is said and done, you woulda had such a wicked holiday that you wont really care about your deposit!
me and my mates will be there 15-29th june, it will be my 3rd time there so it cant be that bad!!

Jennifer M           

sorry to disappoint u heather but i was the rep at the elga until the 6th of october, for escapades there was me, scott and stu, and we were never on anything and we were always at the hotel, on our last week we were there 3 days bcos os paperwork, but had notices up and a number to contact us.

If it was us, then i would appreciate you retracting that comment because its a dreadful thing to say about anyone.

Katy R           

Well ive said it before and i'll say it again!this was my second holiday here and though the apartments are very basic u cant fault the place coz it is in an ideal location, right between the 2 biggest and best clubs in kardamena! however, be prepared to pay an 80 euro deposit for each room....and be prepared not to see a single cent of it back!! on ur first day u r asked to check ur room for any faults, and if u want ur deposit back make sure u check ur room very well!!
anyways....im trying to get in touch with the leeds lads who stayed here 25th august-8th september (conway, gibby, keany, ash, browny, gav, mikey b etc etc)! if any of u guys read this then drop me a line (katyrazavi@hotmail.com) or if anyone reads this who is in contact with any of them then let me know!

Sarah A           

Holiday wa great but didnt really rate the hotel at all. They absolutely stung you for money! When i first went on this site before i went to Kos and was reading about not getting deposits back i was like o yeah whatever what did you really do?...Now i know you all did nothing! They changed our white towels once in a fortnight and then tried to keep our deposit coz they were dirty at the end of the holiday. Managed to get it back after a struggle. Lads next door got charged for things they had not even done.

Only good thing about the hotel is Butch the barman.
Location is good and it wasnt that noisy either. Maid needs lessons on how to clean a room though

Pink P           

Stayed here from 28July for 1 week. Rooms as always in Greece are basic, if you want a shower you will have to use it betweet 3-5, cos its all solar powered! The hotel do charge you for everything possible in order not to give your deposit back but the holiday was so damn good that it didnt matter. Great location, in between the 2 clubs! Was not to keen on the hotel dog, didnt see that in the brochure when we booked up ! Butch is a joker, he is a fun guy who liked us all to get our c*nts out! Scottie was fun, I think probaby the 2 safest blokes on the island! Keep on playing pur wheels on the bus CD baby!

Emma C           

 just got bak from kos. was fab! got to say hi to the sheffield girls - lol n danni you know who u r! also got 2 say hi to the plastic scousers. we stopped in the elga from the 14th to the 28th of july. was brill. tho they do try n con u out of ur deposit. if u went then u will know scotty not too hotty n stu ie syd the sloth! funny reps if a little sleazy! get yourself down to the jolly rodger cocktails r 2 4 1 if u aint on a pub crawl! also if u go with escapades then the excursions r good for meeting every1 but the food they provide is s**t n the trips rnt great! we had a fab girly holiday n would def reccommend it! if u want 2 chat or know n e fin bout kardamena or the elga jusclick to enlarget email one of us!click to enlarge

Lleucu T           

elga is fab, only downer is that u gotta pay 80euro deposit on arrival n most ppl dont get it back, we did tho!! they try n charge u 4 evre thing like dirty towels which they only changed 3 times in the 2 weeks we were there! theyl charge u 12euros per towel.

the pool is the best, u get all the pr's goin there n butch the bar man is crazy!!go to crackers the other bar he works at n order a dogs bollocks, u'll b on ur a**e!! the reps r cool keep an eye out 4 scotty 2 hotty...!!! hope u av as much fun as wot we did!!

Laura H           

Hi guys, how u all doin? Missin u loads, wish we were still out there with u! Oh my god, Cheese omlettes are stunning!
Butch hope your keeping the Corona cold for us, and entertaing the guests with your Baywatch act(Awesome!!!!!) Luv u loads, will see u all in 2006!
   Luv, Taffy Girls(Laura & Sara)

Stacey C           

hi all,

Its the Scottish Sisters here, Stacey & Hayley.  Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for the best holiday we have had in a long time, all the staff were magic, cheers Butch for making us laugh all day every day Tongue  Scott, Stu & Jen, uz were magic, cheers for giving us some good nights & days out.  The hotel itself was good aswell.  We defo recommend it to anyone thats thinking bout going, its great.  Hello to everyone who was staying at the Elga the same week as us, we all had a laugh, didnt we....Great FUN!!!!  Clap Cant wait to see our picture in the Escapades brochure!!! How cool will we be ay!!! OI! OI!Smile

Corona B           

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Hey everyone, cant believe how much we are missing elga. We had a fantastic time getting corona'd at 10am every morning. The atmosphere was brilliant and we want to say hi to Jen, Stu, Butch and the rest of the gang. Cheers for a fab holiday, see ya 2006!!!!

Becx, Caz, Esther n Jen - The Corona Birds!!!!!!!!!!!

Claire K           


Me and my best mate are going to Kardamena on september the 8th for  two weeks as it is both of our 21st birthdays, was just wondering if any of you guys are going in september aswell.
Also we are staying at Elga and must admit im a bit worried from some of the comments that have been on here such as security, is it really as bad as people are making out and are there any safes available in the rooms.


Hey Carrie, me n 4 of my friends are stayin at the elga next month so i was just wonderin if theres any chance u have any photos of the hotel n kardamena n stuff u cud email me? its shuvz07@hotmail.com, or add me to msn hun, thanks  x x x

Carrie B           

what can i say great hotel very basic but what more do you need you only sleep in there.

pool area great esp butch the pool barman - watch out girls he always has plenty of ice to go round!!!!
hi to jen, stu and scott the reps we got there before escapades started but still very entertaining guys, thanks for the russian rullet game scott i slept well that night!!!!
we will be back early sept so make sure we get a good room jen, i'll email you soon hope you are having a great season so far???
carrie, jo and becky x

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