Cleopatra Classic Hotel

Accommodation in Kardamena

Keith H          10/10

Been coming to the Classic for some years now and have always had a great time. The staff always friendly and helpful. The apartments are clean and very well maintained. Have made a few friends in Kardamena over the years and would recommend the Classic to anyone. See you in 2010.

Sophie M          10/10

 hello x

me my mum and dad are coming back this year on the 4th till the 18th of june and we cant wait x
we have missed u all and hope u all had a good easter x
does any body no wat the weather is like????
im 12 years old and i love the games room and we are hoping to get the family room when we come
cant wait to see garethh thank you please  x

Jason P           

We stayed at the cleopatra Apartments in Kardamena for the 2nd year running and we love it. The cleaniness is of a high standard yes the apartments are basic but very clean. location is 1st class a few minutes and your at the beach and all the shops bars etc are only 5mins away if that. The staff at the cleopatra are great so friendly. we will be back next year again.

Benn O           

Room was small, no air con, but the staff, food and people at hotel were top

Gary M           

Went to Kardamena 6-20th July, was expecting this hotel to be about the same level of quality as the one we stayed in malia last year. we got to the apartments in 5 minutes from the airport and was impressed by the entrance to the hotel. when we got upto the rooms i wasnt overly impressed. the rooms seemed extremely small compared to last year and after we unpacked it looked even smaller. but after we realised that all we were going to use the rooms for was sleeping for a few hours every drunken night we realised that the rooms werent so bad. the staff were class, always up for a laugh, stavros is a legend 'LIKE A MOUSE!' we realised that we had actually scored a really good hotel/apartments. every one round the pool were sound as anything (apart from 1 scottish family, who didnt approve of us coming in every morning @ about 5 and making noise) but to be fair there was no other families there and we had to put up with their kids noise during the day when we were hungova, so it was only fair lol but overall after the 2 weeks were up we all didnt wanna come back because it was that good. everything about the hotel was much better than that of last year apart from size but that didnt bother us!! cleanliness was really good and would recomend it to anyone (apart from families!) tryin to book up for next year here!!

Danielle M           

I just got back from stayin in the cleopatra superior in Kardamena! i had the best holiday of my life! the location was really good only 5 min walk to main bar street where i spent most of my time in bar 1960 which was ace, and the cleanliness was also really good cleaners came in everyday apart from sundays. The bar staff at the hotel were amazin stam.... love ya also dan was amazin as well and alex :D no u dont work there but still love ya! always had smiles on their faces and looked after us well! The reception staff were lovely and George the security man looks after everybody really well and wont take any crap! hehe sorry George. Well if u wana go to Kardamena then stay in this hotel cuz it is the best around and lovely people i am defo goin back! :D  i miss it already

Gill H           

I have stayed in Kardemena 4 times now, and these are by far the nicest apartments I have stayed in. The rooms are basic, but the level of cleanliness was very good. The location is brilliant. They are only a 5 minute walk to the main nightlife, yet far enough away for it to be nice and peaceful. The pool facilities were excellent. We never had a problem getting a sun-lounger, the pool was very well kept, and the bar served a nice selection of food.
For good nightlife I would recommend The Stone Roses bar (great music) and Bar1960 which are both located in the centre of the square. For a more chilled out drink move to the outskirts of the main strip.
For good food try Ariadni and Camelot.
For a nice day out take a boat trip to Nissiros and see the volcano. Its a really quaint island, with some great views, expecially if  you visit the monastry too.

Kate A           

this hotel is boss. i stayed in captain sun ova the road but woz allowed to use cleopatras pool wenever we wanted. i woz in kardamena for two weeks. i used the pool everyday and got to no the staff well. lynne and stam the bar staff at the pool bar are boss, lynne is boss an dead sound, an stam is a boss laff and dead sound, been out a few times with them. they were boss round the pool i had a pure laff. defo goin there next year. i had a pure buzz see yous soon love kate x 

Angie A           

Me and my sister (21 and 19) stayed on a bed and breakfast basis in the Cleopatra. The hotel was average, although the shared amenties were clean and safe, our room was to be desired! You had to time the flushing of the toilet with washing of hands as if you turned the tap on immediately after, wee would come up the plug hole..eeeewwwwww! The shower also stank when you turned the shower on and we would have to wait a few minutes for the sewage pong to waft out the window. The 'breakfast' consisted of two bread rolls, a slice of madera cake and a cup of tea/coffee and not worth getting up before 930 for, so I would definitely go for room only or self catering.

Other than that the hotel staff were friendly and considerate with change overs and checking out. The location is the best thing about the hotel as it is 2 min walk to the small beach and shops/tavernas and only a 5 min walk to the business of bar street, also the walk home from Status isnt too long or scary.

Rebecca S           

 we stayed at the cleopatra hotel for a week it july!! the hotel staff are ok but are very strict on large groups and dont take any s**t but it is a good hotel for entertaining groups!! families dont tend to stay at this hotel as it is more aimed at younger people!!! the rooms are nice request rooms on the top floor as they are a lot larger and offer air conditioning ask for room 355 as this room is the best in the hotel and has a massive balcony!!
the hotel is very close to all the night life about 5 min walk to bar street!!
i would recommend bar 1960's liquid and expose for bars to drink in they also play good music but all the bars turn their music off at 12!!!
as for clubs down town plays all cheesy music and you dont get no attitude in there!!! then there are two other clubs status and starlight all quite a walk from the bar stretch but are ok and play decent music!!!
hope this information has been helpful xx

Tinker B           

Me and my mate just got back this morning.Had a fantastic time.We stopped inthe hotel part,which was great.The cleaners came everyday and the staff were super.As for the location,what can i say.The bars are just round the corner,and a 5 minute walk to bar street.However i must just add that the hotel maybe out of the hustle and bustle,but it is also one of the walk ways home for many of the clubbers,so those who want an early quiet night may have trouble.The beach is a 2 minute walk with plenty of free beds and snack bars locally.I would recomend this hotel to anybody wanting the night life of Kardamena.One last thing,dont try and sneak lads in your room as you will get found out!!!!! (as i did) Oh and another thing,Amazon restaurant is round the corner.Go there for the all inclusive menu deal,this includes drinks.This will give you a good start to a good evening.Its well worth the dosh.

Liz B           

I am going here in a month exactly and i cant wait! going to be so good! going with my best mates and my sister so should be a laugh just hope its sunny so i can get a tan and hope the nighlife is good as they are the  main reasons im going!!!

Andy T           

Myself and 7 mates are heading out to the Cleopatra in the middle of August 2005, all aged 20 - 25.

Just had a few questions was hoping someone could help answer??
1. Is this a good hotel for a groups of people going holiday for the nightlife?
2. Is it close to the nightlife?
3. any recommendations on  the best bars/clubs?


Thanks for that Alix, looking forward to it now. Going a 2 weeks on Saturday. Cheers

Alix C           

Hello there! I don't think I know the sportsman bar unfortunately......The Cleopatra Apartments are not far from the Cleopatra Superior Hotel - if that is where you are staying it looks lovely and I heard good reports of it during my stay  - much better than the apartments! They aren't far, I reckon only a 5-10 minute walk from Stone Roses, 1960, etc.


I was out in Kos this time 2 years ago, but cant seem to remember this place or the Cleopatra Superior hotel. I understand they are close to each other but where are they in comparison to a few places I can remember....i.e. Rok bar, 1960's, Stone Roses? The reason i'm asking is, 8 of us (4 couples) are coming out for a fortnight on 16th July and im just trying to re-familiarize myself with the place (In other words im too excited to just sit here and think about it) I stayed quite a way out from the centre last time, place called Nikos II, and our local was the Sportsmans Bar. If your familiar with the Sportsmans Bar, how far is it from the apartments?


Alix C           

Hello there. I have just come back from a week in Kardemena with my fiance staying at the Cleopatra Apartments. We had a great holiday and would definately go back.

The apartments are very basic (especially the bathroom) but clean and tidy. The pool is nice and we always managed to get a sunbed although it isn't peak season yet. The bar serves drinks all day and food from 10am-5.30pm. The menu is quite varied and we enjoyed the food a lot, nothing at all to complain about. The staff are also nice and friendly.
Bars to go to - we used to go to a bar called The Two Johnnies which wasn't far from the apartments. They had an entertainer on 3 days out of 5 and he happened to be from my home town, Jarrow! He was very good, doing stuff like Chubby Brown, Allie G, Freddie Mercury, etc so I defo recommend going to that bar on one of his evenings if you fancy a laugh. Other bars we went to a lot were Bar 1960 (which is owned by the Cleopatra apartments' owner) which is on the square and you can just sit chilling outside watching everyone go by which which is next door to the Stone Roses Bar, the music here was good and as you would imagine from the name, playing stuff like Paul Weller, Keane, etc. Crackers is defo one for the young ones and groups of lads/lasses which we used to go to all the time. There are loads of pubs down bar street too but we didn't venture there much as the PRs get right on your nerves, esepcially with us being a couple, I suppose groups of lads and lasses would be OK as you just want to get minging! As far as clubs are concerned we tried Sugar, Status, and Starlight. I DO NOT recommend Sugar at all , it reminded us of some seedy brothel and it is tiny, Status was like a proper nightclub but more RnB and we didn't know hardly any songs that were played..........but Starlight...................which just opened for the season on our third last day was absolutely brilliant...........I would tell you not to waste your time going anywhere else, it was fantastic, lots of dance music and old skool dance music. We really did love that place!
What can honestly say that the food in Kos is superb (providing you go to the right places). I can definately recommend Yianni, Ariani, Nemo (they specialise in seafood as well as the other stuff they servce) and our favourite..Scala which is just before you come to McDonalds round from the square. The food really is top qualitiy and we ate here about 3 nights out of 7. However if you want your normal burgers and chips I do not recommend going to any of the above places!
And that is all I can think about at the moment..........if you are due to go to Kos for the first time this year I can guarantee you will have a great time...........if you are prone to get bit off the mossies don't forget to take plenty of insect repellant as I got bit 6 times within my first few hours there!....
If you have any questions I will try and answer them for you......bye!

Jessica J           

 Rachel, I'm heading back to Kardamena on the 16th July this year for a fortnight, and i can't wait!! It will be my 4th year back and it is brilliant - weather, food, accommodation & of course a glass or 2 or 3 or 4 of Mythos!!!

There is so much to do, and the nightlife is brill - all of the bars around the square are great, with a range of bars to suit all tastes.
As far as eating out goes, there are so many restaurants it is hard to choose. I cannot say that there is one bad restaurant - however perhaps the best meal is Dimitris @ the bottom end of the strip.
I've have stayed in different apartments each time i have been and all have been good - I've stayed in Nissia & Kamares, Elga & Nikos II.
Hope this info helps and you have a fantastic holiday, if you want any more info just ask!!!

Lorraine D           

me and my boyfriend are goin to Kardemena this year in july could anyone tell me if it is good? looking for lively, fun holiday both only 21 and 22 if anyone could tell me anythin would be great heard it is a lively place, and good for drinking. Cheers

Paul T           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge myself partner two kids and inlaws went last year going back next year.Brill staff and apartments.This is two of the staff and my son.And bodrum in turkey

Andy S           

My mate and i are going in September and was wondering if anybody had been at that time of the year and could tell me what the weather was like.


hi me and some friends are going here next year dont know what to expect can you tell me about the hotel the pool area its a mixed group 18-22 year olds there are 20 of us is this the hotel for us

Matt T           

In response to your post Rachel, the NightLife in Kardamena is great. Theres something for everyone aswell. If your staying in the Cleo then, just down the road is Cocktails & Dreams which is a good place to start your night, good priced drinks, Kareoke, and a couple of big screens if you want to chill out and watch a movie.
I recommend that you hit the square and go to Stone Roses bar and Bar 1960 both worth a visit. Take a wander down bar street, you will be acosted by literally hundreds of PR's but take advantage of it and visit every bar you can!! LiquidBar which is on Bar street is decent bar worth a visit, and if you make it through Bar Street and get to the other end go to Sunset Bar really good bar, great staff and when you go in ask to see Manilos's English Phrase Book, very enjoyable reading!
The only downfall about Kos nightlife is that ALL the bars turn there music of at midnight. Although, when they do the atmosphere within the bars is still really good..and besides the clubs down get going til about 1am.
If, sorry when, your gonna hit the clubs it all depends on you musical taste. If you like R&B and Hip-Hop then head to Status, Dance then go to Starlight, if your up for a bit of cheese the Downtown is the place to go and finally if your an Indie fan then Mad Club is for you. We didn't think much of Starlight but go there for the Foam Party on a tuesday, top Night!
Hope that helps!
Matt x

Bethan H           

dont worry i am still as white as anything as well-usually sat in the shade if i managed to get out of bed -was usually by the pool about lunch time then went back to bed - i was more of a night person to tell u the truth although i did manage to go on the tour of Kos

Bethan H           

we looked out for you claire -but never met -did u go on any of the Kosmar trips or nights out?? as for the Fan know what u mean think they were dodgy in every room-but they dod their job!!

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