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Kirsty H           

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we just came bk from kos last nite! really enjoyed it! the hotel was really nice the food was up 2 its standard! the only downfall was the entertainment was TERRIBLE and wasnt really spoken in english, it was mainly italian! it was full of them! the majority of them r very rude! but apart from that the grekk people r sooooooooooooo sweet!

Leah B           

well its 4 weeks until i go away! yey! or is it, i'm reading all these comments saying the hotel is geared mostly towards the italians and half of the resturant is resevered for the italians and the entainment is again mostly for italians! also the staff hardly talk to the 'british holiday people' and just talk to the... yes you guessed it the italians!! WHAT IS GOING ON? oh well i'm only using the hotel to sleep and eat, you make the holiday and i suppose you deal with whatever is thrown at you, so i'm hoping i'll have a good time.................................................................................................................................

Maggs H           

Brilliant Hotel - no regrets - well only that we had to go home.  Hotel staff excellent.  Room perfect and very clean.  Food great - remember the country you are staying in - why should they have bacon on the menue each morning?  Bar staff very freindly and helpful.  All in all a fantastic place to stay.  We will be back

Leah B           

could anyone please tell me whether a dress code applies for meal times? some websites that i have been on to state this but others don't, i'm a bit confused!!!!!!!! thanks

Maggs H           

Fantastic Hotel all staff, accomodation, food, local perfect  Excellent holiday venue - you must go to experience it for yourself.

Bruce T           

Food was good, sweets were very good

Staff were happy and cheerful.
Go here if you want a peaceful break
Like most Greek Hotels evening entertainments drives you to an early night.
If you are used to 4 star Spanish Hotels with professional entertainment every night then whats on offer here will bore you to death. I suggest management goes to a Spanish hotel to view their entertainment.
You are in a very competitive market.
Nice views, goat herd bells in the afternoon. Half an hour walk into town
Tours were up to 300% of the same tours booked in town.

Bruce T           

I'm going on 15th October 2005 and after reading the comments I'm worried. If it's no good you & the world will soon know.

The pool had better be clean and the entertainment OK.

Michelle G           

we have just come back from soveriegn beach hotel its our 2nd time to stay there,1st time we enjoyed it soooo much we just had to go back!this time was has brill has the 1st time.The hotel is is beautiful and is very clean our room was cleaned every day,the food was lovely with a good variety of choice,the staff were all friendly and chatty,we had a day trip to turkey which if you go to kos its something i recommend you do it is a fab experience and very cheap take english money as they love it!!!!!!!!the entertainment all day was great ARTHUR who was the entertainer was brill and so was Hannah they work very hard.We will definatly be going back for a 3rd time.My children who are 10 and 13 loved it and are already nagging to go back!

Jill E           

We have just returned from one week at this hotel and were thoroughly disappointed. In almost 40 years of foreign travel this, by far, was the noisest hotel we have ever stayed in. Reception and the restaurant had very high ceilings amplifying the noise of the hundreds of children (of all ages) staying there. The air conditioning was totally inadequate, cleanliness of cutlery and glasses extremely poor with lipstick marks on most of the glasses. Food was adequate but breakfasts, in particular, were very poor with bacon only on the menu twice in the week. Service at the bars was very slow with long queues forming. The water in the pool was very cloudy with the bottom barely visible. I was assured by the hotel staff that the pool was treated with chemicals each night but this was not apparent. There was a lot of noise from the 'clubbers' returning to the hotel in the early hours and guests arriving on night flights who found great pleasure in jumping in the pool or throwing sun beds and parasols into it. There was quite a list of Hotel rules posted on the noticeboard but there was no information folder provided in individual rooms. However the rules were not policed in any way with people being allowed to flout the suggested dress code in the dining room, children to use the jacuzzi and jump and dive into the pool. We were assured that any reports of such behaviour would be dealt with appropriately and that some guests had been evicted from the hotel for jumping in the pool at night. While the selection of music around the pool was good the sound could have been improved by a few adjustments to the graphic equalizer. For a hotel of this size it was surprising that there were no security staff nor life guards. However having said all this the staff were very friendly and helpful and very concerned that their guests should enjoy their stay in the hotel. The beach very pleasant and quiet with some shingle at the water's edge making getting in the sea a bit painful but swim shoes, readily available in Kardamena, helped. This is our third, unsucessful, holiday in Greece where four-star in no way matches the standards set by, and experienced in, many other countries. Very family orientated - definitely not a choice for couples. Eating out was very expensive - changing to the Euro seems to have adversely affected Greece. Sadly, while the Greek people are lovely and the local food and Ouzo excellent, I don't think we will be staying in Greece again!

John H           

Stayed at the Hotel on All Inclusive in May 2004 and found it great. The room was clean, big enough and the view of the sea and hills was fantastic. The hotel is a little isolated but you can walk into Kardemena in about 15 minutes along the quiet road/path next to the sea. We rarely left the hotel as the pool was perfect for kids and you can get a sun bed and brolley as close or far away from the pool/s as you like. The pool bar was handy and snack bar always stocked up. My 8 year old son loved the kids club which is very rare, it was great as it allowed us a bit of free time in the day and occasional evenings.

Overall we thought it was a great place to have a pool based relaxing holiday. The All Inclusive drinks were of a good quality and the food although a little samey over the week was always hot and the deserts were varied.

We'd definately go again.

Sally T           

We have just come back from 1 week at Sovereign Beach. We found the Hotel to be very quiet but thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The food was consistent and there was a good variety, although they did not seem to cater for children. The manager was hands on and there to take on board your comments whether they were good or bad. The staff where very friendly and informative of the island. My only bad comment on this hotel would be that it was a bit isolated from the town of Kardamena and possibly could do with laying on a few more courtesy trips to the town. Finally to Angelo "Au Revoir mon ami, bon chance'you were fab, oh yes "shaky shaky".


After reading all the wonderful comments published on this web page we were really looking forward to our two week stay at Sovereign Beach Hotel in July/August this year (2003). Unfortunately we were thoroughly disappointed. The food was awful. When food ran out (ie bacon which was only on the menu every other day) you had to wait ages for more to be brought out. Therefore, the eggs you had on your plate went cold before you had bacon to go with it. If you waited for the bacon before putting your eggs on your plate, there were then no eggs! (Actually there were eggs: fried, scrambled, boiled & omelette every day). There was no variety in the food either. What was presented for lunch was also available for dinner. Plates ran out very quickly and it was not unusual to have to wait 15 minutes for some more to arrive.
The snack bar closed for lunch! Which although was inconvenient, was also a blessing, because the smell of drains there was appalling.
It was not unusual for a long queue to form at the pool bar because the bar maid was collecting the plastic cups from around the pool. As she was on her own, the queue waited while she washed the plastic cups! Not really satisfactory.
The pool water was very cloudy - you couldn't see the bottom. This was apparently because it had been 'overfilled' the day before we got there. The same notice was still up on the day we left.
The sheets on our beds were not changed for over a week! When I complained though, they were changed by the Manager!
All in all, we had a lovely holiday in Kos. We hired a car for 2 weeks and 'toured the island'. We ate out on various occasions - not really the thing to do on an ALL INCLUSIVE holiday.
Our children enjoyed the freedom of the hotel, ie running around in the night time, but neither of them ate very much.

Paul J           

We had a excellent time at the Sovereign Beach Hotel. For further details on this Hotel go to

Carly B           

i came home from kos 6 days ago and i thought it was absolutley fab. the rooms were big, clean and had every thing we possibly needed! the entertainment was wicked i really liked karl the rep he was brill! i cried when i went home!!

Carmel B           

I took my 3 children, aged 10, 8 and 2 here at the end of September. We all really enjoyed it. The room was clean and tidy and big enough for all of us. Food was excellent with lots of choice (even my fussy 10 year old ate). The children's entertainment was brilliant, lots to do including football, water polo and mini disco. Although there was no creche for the baby she enjoyed the beach, which is 2 mins away and the pool. Staff were all friendly and helpful. DEFINATELY BOOKING AGAIN FOR NEXT YEAR.

Karen D           

My friend and I booked a last minute all-inclusive holiday to Kos at the end of August 2002 and stayed at the Sovereign Beach. We definitely got value for money, in fact I'd quite happily pay more to go back again next year! The appartment was more than adequate (the bathroom was gorgeous and the shower was verging on a power shower!) We only minor problem was that we had visitors in the form of an ants nest outside the door, but as soon as we told the cleaner we were given ant spray. The hotel itself is fantastic: very clean, spacious and the staff were all lovely: very friendly and helpful. The food was much better than expected: there was at least one veggie option each meal time, and the salad bar was huge. There were also chips, potatoes, pasta, rice - basically something for everyone. The drink was free until 11pm, which is good in a way because then you can visit other bars later without feeling like you could be saving money by drinking free in the hotel! The drinks were mainly local spirits, wine, beer, and lemonade/coke etc. There were even 4 cocktails on the all inclusive menu, athough you could always create your own... we discovered schnapps with bacardi and lemonade was a good combination! Oh, and there are several flavours of ice-cream too. The swimming pool was good and hosted activities such as water-polo and water-aerobics.. a fun way to start the day! Water activities only use half the pool so if you don't want to take part you can still swim. There was also kiddies water-polo in the children's pool. (NB. There were loads of kids staying at this hotel when we were there so if you've got kids they'll love it!) The entertainment was ok, there was good entertainment like 'battle of the sexes' and 'pop idol' (which my friend won!) and ok-ish entertainment like bingo every night.. some nights the reps were begging people to get a line so they could stop(!) and ridiculous dances.. Altogether now... "around the old camp-fire, where the mushrooms used to grow and the muscles used to show..." "Now the boys who put the powder on the noses on the faces of the ladies of the harem of the court of King Catactacus, were just passing by.." Location-wise the Sovereign Beach is ideal. It's about a 15 min walk into Kardamena so if you want quiet relaxation it's far enough away from town, but if you want bars and shops they're within easy walking distance. There's also a free shuttle bus between the hotel and the resort centre, the first bus is about 9am and the last at 10.15pm, and the last bus back leaves town at 11.15. You could also book a taxi from the reception or the taxi rank in town for approx. 5 euros (about 3). I would advise going on a few trips while in Kos. We went on 2 trips with Airtours: The Greek night is worth a visit.. before you go into the venue you spend some time in Zia (a little village in the mountains) where there are lots of shops and you can buy souvenirs and presents. You also get a really good view of a stunning sunset. On your way into the Greek night you get a shot of oozo, and all wine or orange juice is free. When your jug is empty you hold it in the air and the reps fill it up for you. Beware, there is a charge of 80 euros if you're sick on the coach on the way back!! The food is good (there are veggie options) and it's typically Greek. We also went on a day trip to Turkey. Tuesday is market day so practise your haggling skills and you'll come back with loads of bargains! It's also very picturesque so take your camera but keep hold of it. If you go to the harbour in Kardamena there are several boats offering different trips. We went on a 3 bay cruise which included Kefalos (lovely place), Paradise Beach and Bubble beach. There's also a champagne dive (I got the bottle but my friend put it in the freezer, forgot about it and it exploded!!) It cost 10 euros (a lot cheaper than a similar trip offered by the reps) and was a great day out. If you want cheap drink pop into a bar in Kardamena called 'Memories', where you can get 'sex on the beach' for 1 euro 25 cents. There's also a bar called the Sportman which is worth a visit (if you go late enough there's no sport on!) The staff are really friendly and they do a great cocktail called a 'pink pecker' (like strawberry milkshake). On that street there are also several bars that do 2 cocktails for 5 euros. We only went to one club 'Downtown', and that was good, and free to get in too. Summary: Fantastic hotel, wonderful people, great cocktails, lots of sun, fab beaches and I can't wait to go back!

Sian J           

we havent actually been there but it was near our hotel every time we went past it seemed very lively and we were very tempted to go in it looks very nice from the outside a friend of mine visited there and said he had a great time but there were a few people who stayed there who came to our hotel a couple of nights because i think it was a bit too noisy for them have a nice holiday

Charley A

I booked a holiday to this hotel yesterday, but am unable to find a picture of it on the internet at all. Would you be able to send it to me, or tell me where I would be able to find a picture and the details of this hotel, as I am going on Saturday!!

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