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Kate S

Chris Wow I stayed there back in OMG I don't even know when, I'd just become old enough for an 18-30's. And this is really cheeky but you are possibly the only person that might know something that I really want to know, so if you can please give me a heads up that you are willing to help it would be great - you have no idea what it would mean to me and my fella. Back then I was 19 and he was pushing the 30 - now he's in his 40's and we have 5 kids, but the mystery of Kos remains :-) I hope business is going well, and please do get in touch, you have no idea how much it would be appreciated - seriously it's driving me mad like crazy. Thank you!!! Kate

Lesley A          9/10

My friend and I have stayed at these apartments 3 times and have booked them again this year. The rooms are a decent size, and have the standard facilities for greek s/c apartments. The rooms are basic but clean - perfect for a s/c holiday.

We always pay the extra to keep our room until later in the day on the day of checkout so that we can make the most of our last day. All hotels/apartments require you to check out at 12 noon on your day of departure, therefore the option to keep the room longer for a fee is ideal.
We also have no objections to paying for the air con either. We have been going to Kos for many years and in the past have opted for a fan - useless in that heat! We now always find somewhere with air con as it makes your stay far more comfortable. We find the air con is very reasonably priced as well in comparison to other places.
We had an issue with the air con one leaking one year, we contacted Chris the owner who came to fix this straight away. I cannot fault his service at all.
Looking forward to our week there on 2nd July 2011.

Catherine B

i will be coming to the apartments in august with my friend i have been to kardemna many times will people stop moaning you always have to pay for air con and your extra night. and greece is greece its basic but clean no matter where you stay.Hopefully chris you won.t let us down when we come in august 25th  2010 for a week.see you sooooooooon. catherine and Hazel

Frank W          10/10


Marcus N

just to say

I stayed at the apartments and found nothing wrong with them at all!!
they are just like any aparements in greece very simple but clean and very freindly!
If you dont want basic dont go to Greece

John B          3/10

Well things are looking pretty bleak for our good friend Chris!!!

Expect what you pay for with regard to the appartments, as with others we just wanted a base.
No aircon unless you pay for it per day, gets really hot over night without it as we found out.
Paper notes stuck around the walls with warnings about breakages, loud noises, police and impending eviction if not followed, incorrect inventory of the items in the room (our room was 27 and we had 23's inventory)
All this aside would have been ok if it wasn't for the hotelier (Chris) stinging us for extra money on the day we were due to leave.
BEWARE: Your room is only yours until midday, Our coach was due to pick us up at 1.30 in the morning
On my contract with Olympic I had paid for 14 nights and only had 13.
I will add more later when I have more time. 

Keith P          10/10


Sandi P          10/10

I have stayed with these people 3 times in the past and will be doing so again this year 2009 i found it a very nice place to stay all the staff are very helpfull at all times

Clare W          1/10

not a very good hotel so think twice 

Chris G          10/10

. - Re Kardamena Holiday Appartments.

 I am the owner of these apartments and have been suprised and dissapointed by some of the comments which seem to be historical as they refer to peoples visit as far back as 2002-2006.
The appartments are now fully refurbished by myself and have new bathrooms, air conditioning, colour tv, and new beds. In addition I have opened a rooftop bar with internet facilities and large screen tv where we also serve snacks.
There seems to be some confusion with some contributors with apartments with a similar name as my accomodation has no pool, although guests are free to use the pool at the hotel Cleopatra opposite.
I have taken these comments up with Olympic holidays who advise me that they have no outstanding issues with my accomodation and are pleased to continue with our relationship.
I would welcome anyone to visit me at the appartments and see for themselves what my appartments and the facilities are like.
Thank you

Barry K          3/10

Cry Stayed in these apartments from 24th sept 7th oct 2007. We must have got one of the broom cupboards, wardrobe was only big enough for the wifes clothes, I had to put mine under the sink as there was nowhere else. It was tiny, if you had the wardrobe door open you could'nt open the bathroom door,and speaking of the bathroom they only provided hand towels NO shower towels, and they were like sandpaper. The bathroom was like the rest of the apartment, tiny, now Im not a big lad in the trouser department, but if Id got a H**D on I'd have had to back out.And someone on our flight moved out after one night said his apartment was like a garage, and he got no joy from the Olympic rep. Weve been to Kos ( Kardamena ) on several ocasions and these were the worst we've stayed in. obiosly there will be worse, there will be better, But we would'nt go back to them. But as the saying goe's You pays your money you takes your chance....

Peter K          1/10

Don't you think it's a little conincidental that he has had a refurb after all the complaints he had over the last couple of years. I wouldn't be surprised if he made some money in conjunction with Olympic out of all the transfers that were made from his s@#thole!

We were originally allocated one of the top rooms but as someone who previously complained about the broom cupboard and got moved into our room couple of days before we arrived, we then got put into the broom cupboard. Still got the card showing the original room number we were given which the manager duly crossed out & changed. When we booked the holiday we had requested a high room and would have had it if he had done his job properly in the first place!
No amount of changing or refurb will change how rude the manager is and how incompetent Olympic are to get this resolved or even offer us any compensation for the inconvenience. We had to do everything ourselves out of our own pockets. And there is a lovely hotel & manager not 1 minute away from this shower of s$%t called the Mamouzelas who is wondering why his is empty and the Kardamena Apartments are always full. Some back hands going on somewhere I think! 

Claire S

looking at peters pictures their room looks like a bad one! but ppl dont get worried not all the rooms r like this! clare and peter unluckyily got the worse room in the hotel, however i look at the rooms downstairs and chris has refubished then all now! they all have air con etc. everything looks new now! i came back from this apartment 4th july 2007! so its not as bad as it was back in 2005 or 2006! promise


Claire S

i no exactly where ya room was seein the pictures now clare! its in the back part of the hotel!!! by where the main living room was there werent meant 2b rooms! they were orginally storage! they r tiny!!! we had a living room, kitchen bedroom and a bathroom! our room was on the top floor! always ask for top floor!!! they always the best rooms! our room was massive! and we had the perfect balcony!

for anyone that gets rooms 12, 13 or 14! unlucky man!!! they are the ones that u go down the steps! your room is right next to chris (the manager) and he always tels ya to be quiet!!! i was in room 25!! the best room! according to chris and by the sound of it he was right!!! hopely ppl who go to this hotel get either room 24, 25, 17 or 18 - these are the rooms that r biggest and face out to a nice view from the balcony!
claire x

Peter K

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge 

bathroom window lock was on the wrong way and did not shut safe we were on the ground floor and anyone could push window in,
walkway had no lights and at night was very dark and not safe
the room looks ok but was hot and had a terrible smell from the bathroom. at back of hotel almost like staff room.

Peter K          1/10

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this was the bathroom lock you could not shut or lock door from inside door did not close.
the bath towel was small and yellow
tile was dirty and had a big chip i hurt my foot

Peter K          1/10

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picture 1 old food from last guests did the cleaner clean?
picture 2 bed missing slates.
picture 3 light not working manager shouted that all we had to do was turn bulb would you touch it?

Clare W          1/10

if you are lucky to get one of the rooms in the block then it may be ok but like us if you happen to get the same room as us belive me you are in for a rough time.  the shower was just a toilet to the person who made the last comment we did not have a cubical look at the pictures i have put on it's a room the size of a loo.  the hotel should not be used we should not be giving money to such a horrible man no matter how much of a deal it seems at the time.  kos is great and  we had a nice time once we were moved but this place should be closed.

Claire S          10/10

i have just come back from the kardamena holiday apartments in kos came back friday!! wanna b back so bad!!!

the room is nice! if u get the right one! the balcony on some r facing a white building which isnt such a nice view! but the ones facing inbound are lovely! (rooms 17, 18, 24, and 25) i had room 25! and was lovely!!!
the rooms come with a fridge which is in the kitchen area!
have left photos on here for the apartments just gotta wait for them to be approved! im sure u wil have a really good holiday here! the only bad thing i can think of aboout this apartment is u need to buy ya own toliet paper! but 2 rolls from the supermarket next door is only 1 euro! no problems! xx

Kymberlei M

  has anyone recently been to the kardamena holiday apartments in kos?

me and my friend are going on 4th Aug 07 and wondered what it was like. do the rooms come with a fridge at all?
and are any fit lads going?? me and my mate are well up for a brill time if you get what i mean!!
any comments or pictures would be apreciated. contact me direct on   kymberlei3197@msn.com

Claire S

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge  thats all the pics!!! hope ya enjoy ya holiday as much as we did!!!! wohooo

Claire S

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge more pics ppl for the apartments

sorry bout the mess!! lol we was packing!!!

Claire S          10/10


click to enlargeright! 1st off there are alot of wrong reviews about this hotel! i came back from holiday last night and there was no chicken farm next to our apartment, no starlight nihgt club! star light was bout 5 min walk from us! so dont listen to some of the ppl on here!

there is a place to shower witha  cubrical! you have air con in the bedroom! which is very cold believe me!!! you have plenty of stuff to cook with! but coz food is so cheap out there me and lauren eat breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday!
chris the owner is very friendly and always made an effort to speak to us!
click to enlargethe pool you can use is opposite the apartments (which is the cleopatra hotel's pool) which is really nice and plenty of sunbeds for everyone!
my review gonna b so long so gona post pics up instead! if ya have any questions ya can ask me! i was in room 25!!!! (one fof the best rooms coz it was an inbound view) if you are unlucky to get rooms 17, 16, 18 u are right next to chris's bedroom and have to b very quiet hahaha! the best rooms to have are 17, 18, 24, and 25!!!
click to enlargethe hotel has changed alot since the ppl who went in 2005! so dont read old reviews
love claire

Nikki           1/10

I stayed in these apartments in 2005 & I am shocked to see that Olympic Holidays are still selling this accomodation at these apartments as they are a total shi*e hole & not fit!!! They are UNSAFE and UNCLEAN!!!
I totally agree with Claire that DO NOT STAY AT THESE APARTMENTS!!! I have stayed in various places in greece and most of the accomodation is basic, but these are 100 % less than basic. 
We paid approx. 600 for 11 days and I couldn't wait to get home. When I complained to the rep I was told "I know what room you are in without you having to mention"  I asked if it would be possible to be moved & I was told that it wouldn't be possible as everywhere was full.
The bathroom (if you could call it a bathroom) was not big enough to swing a cat (same pictures as shown by Claire below), the main light in the studio was just a bulb wired in & fastened with tape.  The was a fridge in the room which must be at least 30 years old & I would not want to put food in as all rusty which kept us awake most nights as very noisy.  The step to the kitchenette area was missing tiles which could damage to your feet.
The bedding which was provided wasn't clean, we asked for an additional pillow & did some changing around as after removing the pillowcases the pillows were all covered in blood!!

Leoni W          8/10

It's weird reading these reviews. Me and my friend stayed here in June 2002 and unless it now has different owners something has gone very wrong.

The apartments were very basic but thats to be expected in Greece especially for 2 star accomadation. I only met the manager twice and that was to rent a fan and then return it. We had no problems with the rooms and even the shower was basic again this was expected, I thought I be sat on the loo to shower but we had a "proper" area to shower.
Loved it and would have reccomended it back in the day.

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