Jennys Studios

Accommodation in Kardamena

Colin W           

Jennys Apartments are OK for groups of youngsters but totally unacceptable for families. They are basic, even by Greek standards and hot water is rare. It's situated next door to an 18-30s hotel. The clubers have to pass  Jenny's after closing time so you are woken up at 2am continuing to dawn. The Starlight Club is only 200yds away but you cannot hear any noise from the club.The apartments are not well maintained, dirty and there is no reception so nobody to deal with any complaints.The Libra reps are of little use and according to them there is nobody senior to them on the island. The cleaners let themselves in by 10am so if you are still in bed, hard luck and don't speak any English. We did ask the Rep when the apartments were last inspected and was told about 9 years ago.
I would avoid this place like the plague. 

Claire N

hi im going to jenny's on 26/08 want to know if its a dump or not been to kardemena before so know what to expect but dont fancy living in squalor for a week!

Chad T           

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this place is the don!!!!  just got back this morning and seriously i am missing the f**k out of this place cry  fact is its fairly basic and has no real special features, but what it has is character and it creates wicked crack.  big up to the watford boys, the mancs, yorkshire girls, the sheffield lads and the new london girls!!!  all you guys made our geordie group have an amazing holiday :)  go to jennys everyone its well sweet for parties! 

guys please keep in touch, i miss you already cry
add me on msn:
add me on myspace:
cheers guys ur sweet as f**k
chad xo

Melissa B           

Me and 2 mates are going here on the 28th June for 1 week! seriously cant wait! only a week to go!

Mel xxx

Kat H           

me and my boyf r off 2 jennys on sat 17th june - only booked it today an dont really kno wat to xpect. were both young so from reviews should b ok!! does ne1 kno how far it is to the beach, major clubs and pool? please let me kno asap as i think i may have made the wrong decision!!! :(


We are visitng these wonderful apartments in late june (think the 28th) to the 5th of july should be mint!

I look forward to it greatly!

Adele J           

i stayed in jenny's 4 2 wks in aug last yr with 4 m8s n we found it great. its not that far a walk 2 bars n nightclubs if ure not lazy! we had use of 2 nearby pools. we have bookd 2 go bak this aug. i can recommend a bar called club one n a nightclub called downtown (cheesy music). the cleaners were friendly. the chickens didnt bother us!! id recommend the apartments 2 young people!! we loved it!!!!

Nicola C           

Stayed at Jenny Studio's with 6 other girls from the 29th June to the 6th July 2005 had a wicked holiday. The appartments are basic but what do you expect in a country where a shower curtain is a luxury. The cleaner Maria came in everyday and cleaned with or without us in the room making it smell sorta nice and making our beds and tidying our clothes.

It is really close to a chicken farm and they do wake you every mornin at first but after a couple of nights drinking and sleep deprivation you can sleep through there cocka-doo-daloo. Really fab nightlife and it's only a short walk away from bar street and starlight's right next door. Would recommend anyone to go to Kos and the appartment's aint as bad as everyone makes out and lets face it with what they charge you shouldnt expect the Ritz!

Rebecca C           

I have just got bac from greece like a day ago and i wish i was still there it was the best holiday i have ever had. the appartment was amazing really clean and tidy  the best i have ever stayed. the maids where great really friendly. we made some really nice friends we i hope we stay in touch with. kardamena has the best nite life and the apaartment is only a 3 minuite walk from the square and a 1 minute walk from starlite nite clud which throws an amazing foam party   the weather was great to if you go out at nite go to the corner bar down town crackers and point one. 11 out of 10

Amy H           

My 2 friends stayed here (13-20july) and one of them went home early and as i walked my mate back to her apartment i realised exaclty how far away they were!! (we were staying near status)

she had to walk down an alley surounded by chicken farms!!! the apartments were in the middle of nowhere!

They were VERY basic (especially as 2 people shared and there was only one bedroom!) they smelt wierd and they were tiny! she endded up crashing at ours as we had a spare bed in our 2 bedroomed apartment (ageleki??) but when we had to walk her home it wasnt pleasant!

I dont recommend it but if its a last minute thing then you will prob be ok!!!

Lleucu T           

i went to these apartments coz we met sum ppl staying there, i didnt like em myself very very basic n they r out of the way! uv gotta walk past a chicken farm to get into town, its got its advantages as its close to starlight, but i wud never stay there!!

Jenny B           


Just got back from Jenny's.  Me and my cousins were very sad to leave (19, 19, 20).  Had an excellent holiday.  The appartments were very basic but nothing to complain about.  We were only in to sleep.  Spent alot of time at Kool Pool - good atmosphere there and not far either.  If your up for a challenge try and walk straight down bar street without being grabbed by a PR! Buddies bar and Black Magic are legendery!  Great indie bar - Mad Club.  Best resturants are along the beach.  Everyone is extremely friendly. I wana go back next year.


5 lads going to be staying here for 2 weeks from 6th july. Is it that bad? sounds like a real dump. Any1 else going to be out there? let us know

Evie C           

ERM.....Excuse me, but can someone please reply to to that last msg.  We are going on the 20th July and by reading this, I feel we have to be very afraid of this cleaner Maria!

Is it really that bad?
Can anyone recommend the best bars/clubs?

Chelsey R

is this place really as bad as every one makes out?

Scouse L           

we weent jo jennies apparments aka jenny gaf and we a d a f**kin scream 1 of me mates ad a 3sum wid tha bird next door and another 1 fell off the balconey we smashed tha rooms up and giv tha cleaners s**t bit overall we a d a f**kin laugh any of the birds tha was next door to us see this msg they know who they are add me on hotmail lol were goin agian next yaer and if u get a quad dont leave it in a filed like us lol

Macca M           

What aireport are you going on? A few of my mates are going on the same day and then we join them three days later were stopping at JENNYS to. Heared nothing good about it, but hey iam good-looking

Leanne M           

i am going to jenny's appartments on the 10 july with my 2 m8s hayley and danielle we were just wondering are any fit lads gong at the same time. i cant believe how s**t some ppl are saying it is but hay its up 2 u how good the holiday is we are gonna make it a wild one.

Bruce O           

wel there's 9 lads coming to the sound of a s**t hole, on the 17th
of july if theres any sexy ladies that want to email us, share you
views or are goin to b there the same time then feel free to email
us on

n feel free to anyone who has been there n wants to warn us
about anything thanks

James S           

is kardamena the sort of place u want to go with your mum??? sounds a bit manic, do ya rekon shed b pisd off at all the noise??? ta

Guildford G           

We have just returned from Jennys studios and we were really impressed. Expected the worst but were pleasently surprised. 7 of us went and all of us had the time of our lives. The only downside was that Maria the cleaner woke us early every morning! The accomodation is basic but had everything that we needed and the town certainly made up for it; the bars and clubs are brilliant we really liked the Kings Arms and buddies some of the girls are thinking about working over there next year

Sara H           

when we went the fridge didn't work and then there was a fire it was the best thing that happened to us all holiday cause we got moved to a better hotel

Raonull r           

There are five boys from harpenden going to jenny's studios in the summer from 16th to 30th of july and i've heard that it is the biggest dump, apparently some girl got her feet crushed by the sink as it collapsed when she leant on it. We are going to get so pissed and hopefully indulge in a rare satch and some ladies.

Sam S           

Sam Smith meant good looking ladies

Sam S           

6 lads going to jennys studios july 19th is there any good looking going around the same date as us or anyone with any info then e-mail it us at

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