Angelika Studios

Accommodation in Kardamena

Suzanne W           

me n 4 other girlies stopped in these appartments 4 2 weeks this summer. we found the rooms 2 be ok n not as dirty as i thought they were gunna b n fact they were quite clean! the maid seemed to c*m every other day n sheets n towls were changed then, we playd r music as loud as we wantd n neva got wrong. the only thing is tht we got charged 4 damages we neva done n it cost us 100 euros! so make sure u report any damages b4 u move in! and u get charged 4 bringin 'friends' back 2 ur room so b careful 2 sneek thm in!  other than tht i thought kos was a brilliant place n am def bookin up nxt year just myt try sumwhere else 2 stop! x

Zoe F           

stayed in the angelika for what was ment to be my first two weeks in kos, hated it and found new accomadation and left after 10days. wouldnt reccomend it to anyone!!! there was bugs in the rooms the sofa in the one room which was ment to be a spare bed was covered in dirt and dust. luckly it wasnt used. bathroom was Discusting, dreaded having a shower, the shower curtin looked about 100 years old n there was loads a spiders webs every where. we went self-catering and so we thought we would be able to cook for our selves had we wanted, but NO,all the cooking facilitys we had was a hob which seams ok but not when it takes over an hour to cook some pasta. the cutlery was rank, all odd bits and bobs that had been colected from resturants over the years and the plates didnt look fit to eat off. and finally the appartments are sittuated near a nightclub, thats what the hol broshures say, by this they mean right next to the busyist nightclub on the island which is garanteed t keep you awake all night. ok if your out but when you want a night in its horrible. definatly wouldnt stay there again or advise it to anyone.

Daniella P           

Quite worried when we first knew we were living in these appartments as we had heard many horror stories on net. app is in excellent location but very basic. The only time when you can sleep is if you are drunk because of the flip flop crew who insisted on running up and down the stair at all hours. Only go to these appartment if you will be out every night drinking and sunbathing all day as we were. There is no view or pool and music must be off by half nine or mike will be up, he also charges an extra 20 euros to keep your room on to 8pm if you have an early morning flight and charges for hire of fan. maid service is awful. We had our sheets changed only once you need to buy your own toilet roll and the self catering equiptment is minimal. Also worth while taking your own towel to get dried after shower{or should i say leak in the wall}. But who cares it was only for a week and the night life more that made up for these app.

Amy H           

Me and two other girls (aged 18-20) stayed in these apartments for one week. We had two large bedrooms with 2 single beds in each, a basic kitchen area and shower room and a balcony.

The rooms were basic but we were extremely happy with them, mainly we just slept and showered there.
The cleaners appeared to come every other day.
They dont have there own pool but there are plenty of public ones to choose from and the beach is very close!
The apartments are opposite Status nightclub and the clubs there are sound proof so you dont get woken by the music but the majority of people dont arrive home till around 6am (like us) so the noise of the people coming home is what will wake you!!!!!! 
I recommend these apartments if you are young and you are going to be sunbathing during the day and partying at the night!!
Wish i was still there!!

Amy H           


Me and a few girls (aged between 18-10) are heading to Kardamena on the 13th July 2005 for a week!!!! yey!!

Can anyone tell me what these apartments are like!??

And advise anywhere to go!! Thanks!! Wooooo!!!

Sophie W

Me & my mates are going to Kardemena, Kos on the 10th August and are staying in the Angeliki Apartments. Can anyone tell us whats it like there?

Sharlene S           

       Very basic but all you do is sleep and shower, beach is about 2mins walk one club across the road i went last year and i had a great time.

Shell C           

Me and a few mates stayed in this apartment 4 a week, great location there r 2 main night clubs in kardamena and one's right on the other side of the road!!! also right by the beech and because this apartment hasnt got its own pool u had a choice of 3 surrounding pools which i think is even better!!

Nicola W

HOW TO GO ABOUT BOOKING APPARTMENTS/STUDIOs in Kardamena for 19th May for 10 nights,as no luck as yet.four adults self catering,1 appartment 2 bedrooms if poss.

Julian H           

This place is fantastic considering all the studios are very basic and you get what you pay for. We saw a few others and you can do a lot worse. The cleaners came every day and would leave you alone if you had either a hangover or 'company'. Make sure you leave towels on the floor though to get them changed and keep the loo roll on the window ledge as there are no shower curtains.

Jill H           

'really!' we loved this place, it may have been a bit s**tty but when you're minging (like us every night), you don't notice! make sure to visit michalos down in the basement. you might even be lucky to get an extra bed and make it into 'ben's big bed' - remember it's for everybody!

Mart B           

ok for the lads to crash in and smuggle your mates in who only paid for flights.exerlent location.a bit of a s**t hole.nothing to brake in the rooms when your pissed.not a place to take a lady to.just the odd slag

Rex B           

We stayed in the Angeliki Studios for a week and the rooms are very basic but absolutely fine if you are just using them to crash in between 4.00am and 12.00pm every night as we did. Very close to both Status nightclub and the excellent Blue Lagoon swimming pool. You cannot flush paper down the toilet so the phrase "never s*** on your own door step" has never been more apt.

Steven M           

this place is absoloutly w**k we hated it we got a friendly goodbye off the one cleaner and the only person who was occasionally there who was shouting that we were finished again and again just tell em to f'off it worked for us just dont go there. we ended up on the roof for 2 weeks it was better than in the crap rooms there

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