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Kate H          10/10

Hi, i stayed in the Harrietts appartments in May 2005 on a girlie holiday on club 18-30 and we had the best holiday i have ever had!! the reps were brill especially Fran and Greg!!

The apartments were fab and although they were basic they were just what we needed for a day time napping and getting ready to party! i will never forget my holiday there and the people we met...
Nicos was so friendly and always was there if you wanted and burger and chips at 6am!! i was soo sad to leave i think i cried for a week. I highly recomend these apartments if you are going to Kos on 18-30 as these apartments seemed to be the meeting points for all the bar crawls so more time to get ready!!
We has a safety deposit box in reception to put all of our important things like passports etc but had no problems leaving our money and other belongings in the room...

Lucy W           

i went to harriets on the 23rd august with 4 of my mates ( myself - lucy karen shireen vic and shan ) the london girls! all 20

the apartments were shabby but we had a brill time the events with club 18-30s were a GREAT laugh especially the school disco and the caberet the reps were wicked sadie was r fav chris was cool as well the clubs and bars were all air conditioned and i wish i was still there we all made sooooooo many friends at harriets i wish i had got so many peoples numbers but unfortunatly i didnt get the chance its a great atmosphere there i will definately be returning dont no when though and we are all going to the reunion in dec cant wait. 

Samara A           

we went to harriets in may! room was crap, none of the windows locked and people climbed in in the night! we got robbed of a welsh man called craig, hes still there if u see him with a motorola v3i an a sony digital camera could you get them back!?!?!
i got spiked with horse tranquiliser and stopped breathing
overall wot a mint holiday"!!
booze cruise and 18 to 30 trips are well worth it!
reps were great spesh hayley!
you have to take loads of towels because they dont give you clean ones and no toilet roll you have to buy that aswell but the chip baguettes made up form papagallos!

Nikki H           

possibly the best reps ever!finch,vikki n tom[chris].id definatly recommend stayin here. im lookin 4 the manchester lads n the hartfordshire lads who stayed here 7th-14th june,u no who u r!so if any of u read this chuck me on a msg or email me nikkihallam84@yahoo.co.uk . luv u all. nikki.XX 

Vicky H           

  hi 2 anyone staying at the harriets, i stayed there with my friend Sonia at the beginning of june. The hotel is in a top location just 5 mins walk from the beach n the strip!!   Dont listen 2 the reps, they just tell u everythings really expensive so u'll book all the excursions, trust me its not expensive 5 euros for a pint of cheeky vimto!!!! well worth every penny!! The rooms are basic but u expect that but the cleaners are soo lazy they dont even change ur beddin or give u new toilet roll! how rude! Anyway Kos is fab wud go back 2moro!!!  And if u wanting music after 12 0'clock the place 2 b is METRO bar, its open till 3am ( say hi 2 J n Ben ) metro workers!! xxxx

Sonia P           

The rooms aer very basic but on a 18-30's your hardly ever there. Apperntly we had the best room (54) because it had a shower curtain! ha ha not like it made a difference - the floor was like a swimming pool after using the shower! we never had anything stolen from the room and nothing broke so it wasnt too bad.

The 24 hour bar is fab but because my friend and i were drunk and not getting in till stupid o clock (never before 6am!) we we not getting up till late so the cleaners never changed our beds or towels so that was a bit rank!!
They only give you 1 toilet roll to last u a week - if u run out u have to buy ur own, me and vicky kept forgetting so had to pinch it from clubs! ha ha
we thought the trips were a rip off to be honest, we only booked the bar crawl (30 euro's)because the reps told us that its 15 euro's just to get into status (club) but everytime we went we got in for free so not impressed and some of the reps got snotty because we wernt on all the trips!
Amazon is a good night - its 20 euros for a 3 course meal (the food is gorgeous) and all your drinks are then free all night  - even fishbowls which normally cost 20 euro's! after the meal they dress u up in silly clothes and do stupid dances - it was so funny.
metro kareoke bar is ace aswell.  J the dj is really funny and ben on the door is a little darling.

Ben G           

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hey me n 6 of ma m8s r going in july for 2 weeks could u let me knw what the bests clubs and bars to go to cheers

Celine D           

we stayed in the harriets 13th-27th july (hi to kate below!!!) and had a fantastic time.

our window was also a bit dodgy but we had no break ins (we hired a safety deposit box anyway for peace of mind,they were only 20 euros for the 2 weeks and just always made sure we had the key with us or hidden away safely) we did wake up 1 morning with the window wide open but nothing was disturbed. one of the girls we met(yes you vicky from birmingham) admitted she'd put her hand in and stole sweets off our window ledge! rascal.

like kate one of the beds was broken in our room but we told scott on our first day and it was fixed promptly.

the apartments are actually very nice inside. the toilets are a bit rank but suppose all greek ones are! maid was in every day sweeping about and removing vodka bottles. she only put on new sheets if she came in and you werent in bed. if you were in bed she didnt even go in the room, just cleaned kitchen area.

the 24 hour bar is great-good meeting point when everyone staggers home. the young barman is a bit of a dick, but the other guy is cool. gives wicked measures.

the reps are great. scott the cheeky p**v and wee leanne who is a darling. we didnt go on the booze cruise but she brought us all the stuff they gave away to people on the boat. she is so lovely and is always around if you need her. mark was a pain in the a**e. enough said!!

the trips are brilliant-well worth the cost. me and my pal were always wrecked at the free bar nights, guaranteed we'd be falling about gibbering. the school disco was the best.

all in all fantastic apartments would go back in a flash.

watch out for the wee smelly cat with the stumpy tail. bloody annoying.

oh, for hayley, the nikolios are supposed to be nice-bit bigger than harreits rooms but didnt actually see inside. sorry!

Hayley H           

Hello everybody,

If you have stayed in harriets before, then maybe you know what my apartment are like.  I'm staying in nikolios apartments in sept 05 and i cannot find any reviews on them. There next door to the harriets.
If anyone has any information, I would be really grateful to hear from you. 
Hayley X

Kate G           

Got back from Kos last week and wished we were back!! 

Harriets had a good atmosphere and god bless the 24 hour bar... I was usually one of the last to go to bed at 8am.  The atmosphere by the pool was good and there are plenty of sunbeds to go around.  Theres also good music to listen to during the day.
We had a maid but hardly ever saw her, she only changed my sheets about 3 times in 2 weeks!!
On first impressions, our room was horrible but it kind of grew on us.  Sadly, our window didn't lock so one morning we woke up and there were loads of boys in our room!!  My bed broke on the first night and wasn't fixed... ended up dragging my mattress into my cousins room cos the bed kept collapsing.  Get a safety deposit box tho cos we had a lot of stuff nicked from our room.....
All in all tho, I had a wicked holiday and the atmosphere makes it all better.....!!!!!!!

Elena P           

Harrietts was nutty, the reps were crazy especially fran who borrowed our hair straightners all the time. great atmosphere and friendly workers. nikos was always pleased to make me a toasted sandwish at 6 in the morning when i staggered in pissed! You'll have a great time if your lively and don't mind the 24hr pool bar!


Stayed there between 01/09/04 - 07/09/04, thought this was an excellent place to stay for young and lively people! the apartments were pretty basic but clean but the pool was a great place where everyone seemed to meet in the day after an amazing night out! The reps were a good laugh and loved using our room to chuck waterbombs out so sorry to everyone who got hit by one! A big Hello to everyone including Greg the randy rep ( Who snogged the whole island in the week that we were there for including men!!) Hi to the liverpool ladies / all the boro boys / sussex boys and chicken stu! Ricky J A from cambridge give me a call.
see you all next year Luv Lucy & Jenna xXx

Carly R           

for a 2* apartment it was fantastic. definitely recommend kardamena and these apartments to any young and lively people who are up for a cheap p**s up holiday! the reps were great especially frances who i thought was very fit! hope u read this frances!! i always said i would never go back to the same holiday resort twice but i will definitely go back to kardamena and stay in these apartments!!

Krissie S           

brilliant stayed there this summer definately stay there again!

Pamela R           

stayed here last year, nice apts. great location, nice pool.

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