Skoufezis Studios

Accommodation in Kardamena

Kay R           

I totally disagree with the comment about Yiannis was rude and would not give loo rolls. MAY BE they we equally rude to him, he is one of the nicest people you could know. Our friends came for the first time in June 2006  and would go back  again.His apartments are clean and well looked after and it is onlly toss pots  that would not enjoy it. Because it spoils it for people who enjoy a good holiday. So Sod off you moaners

Bee M           

the accomodation is actually ok, pretty basic but you get what you pay for. Big advantage is that its so close to the beach and bar strip. Rooms are 'cleaned' every other day, but bedsheets are not changed. The major disadvantage for this place is YANNIS. On our arrival he was grumpy and plain rude, and tried to insist that all females slept in one room, and men in the other (even though i was there with my boyfriend and our mates). He also refused to give us toilet paper once we ran out (on the second day!). He shouted at us when he realised the rooms were missing things like chairs and ashtrays and accused us of stealing them, when actually the rooms never had them.

Overall we had a good holiday, just watch out for Yannis and his quick temper if you go to skoufezis studios.

Lee L           

Could someone please confirm if their is a safe in either reception, or your rooms in Skoufezis Studios.

Kay R           

 My husband & myself as well as other numerous friends have stayed with Yiannis on at least eight visits of the 14 we times we have been to Kardamena he has always been friendly and pleasant and will do anything to assist .
He like any one else who go on holiday do not want drunken yobs spoiling peoples holidays..
If folks want to go to Kardemena for the drunken nights then they should stay at the rowdy end of the resort and not spoil other folks holidays.
His apartments are in a good location and if they need cleaning Yiannis will oblidge, if you require clean linen again he will help. If you have soiled them through your own fault then you should be made to pay for the laundry.
He is a good pal, and all the gang in Darlington think Yiannis is great. We are all looking forward to seeing him in 2006

Elaine C

does any one know the e mail ad for skoufezis studios would love to get in touch with yanni lost address

Sam H           

It such a brill holiday,apartment near to beach and bars, was allowed in any other hotels pool, ect!!!

Had a fab time! Also met the love of my life out there!
Sam xx

Amy M           

hey there - just got back from kardamena and frankly i have been in a depressed state ever since....the weather, the people, the accomodation, the beer and most of all Yannis (the apartment owner) was absolutley brilliant! this is my 2nd time back to kardamena and ill always go back to Skoufezis studios - excellent! thank you Yannis - rememeber the birthday orange!! 'I am not a fat orange!' - ok??!!! until next year - yassoo! definately recommend these apartments to 'virgin kardamena holiday makers'!!

Adam P           

Was appenin Yannis!! We had a great time in the skoufezis......clean, big rooms, helpful owner...Yannis! We had no problems at all!. Would deffinitely come back, perfect location and use of a number of pools nearby. Have a drink in Yannis bar downstairs before you go out.... cheap drinks!! Yannis also drove us to the airport to save us gettin 2 cabs.

Lisa B           

hey wayne!! - your neighbours from number 8 here!!!!
just thought i would back you up on the wonderful yannis!! what a bloody pain!! me and my mate got in one night at about 4 ish, and yannis was near enough waiting for us to some and have a go at us, silly a**e!! he was making more noise then the whole damn place put together!! overall though, i haven;t got too many complaints at all, the studios were ok, bigger then some others we visited. however, the cleaner never came in everyday as we were advsied, so i thought it was a tad unhygenic (what with loo roll in bins and whatever!!) they are situated close the main area so thats really good, not too far to get home in a stupidly drunken state!!! sure there are places better and worse then skoufezis, but what the hell we had a good time!! hey wayne, hope your flight home was ok. we absolutely hated the bloody cuing at the airport!!

Wayne W           

Just got back from Kardamena. Argo Tours give these apartments a Class A Grade, frankly the place is in need of some serious care and attention and a change of management. Yannis, the owner is not what you would call "user friendly" and wont hesitate to yell at guests who get back late even if this means waking guests who were already sleeping. The rooms are spacious enough, ours (No9) had a single and a double bed. You'll get the bare essentials in the kitchen area, but no kettle. The bathroom was horrible, not dirty but not entirely clean, the shower curtain looks like it's been there for years - unwashed. Oh and ALL sink and bath plugs are missing!

The surrounding apartments make for a voyeurs paradise. Practicaly all of Skoufezis apartments are overlooked - so if you like to wander around naked, just remember there could be a dozen pairs of eyes on you!

Jimmy F           

A Party of 10 of us have just returned from Holiday in Kardemena,we stayed at the Skoufezis Studios and the guy who owns the studios,Yannis was his name was a brilliant host.The rooms were immaculate and cleaned daily.Yannis made us all very welcome and nothing was too much for him to do
All 10 of us agreed he made our holiday

Mark S           

the man who owns this place is needs sum anger management classes. all he does is moan u cant talk, walk or breath after midnight. even when you roll in at eight in the morning hes waiting for you to shout about you talking. he came close to a smack in the souvlakis!!!!!

Darren C           

The manager, Davo, was slightly threatening and didn't seem interested in any personal needs that we had and was generally abnoxious to us throughout our stay. However he did make us laugh as he came out with some diamond quotes such as "why are u laughing" and "you make a lot of bloody noise for sleeping." This is an establishment that shouldn't be visted unless you are the owmer of a very tolerant sense of humour!

Darren C

This is to Davo at Skoufezis, Hi Davo how r u did you have any more tennants making too much bloody noise after we left, your place is diamond! From The Boysh

Rishi K


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