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Laura B           

We JUST got back from kerdemena and we were staying in Arkadia Apartments.  The rooms were ok but a wee bit smelly.  Balcony was pretty huge.  George (the man who is apparantly crazy) was ok and his wife was alright too (she gave me and my boyfriend stupid hats and laughed at us everytime she saw us wearing them)

Well Billy the bar man is an absolute legend.  His wife andrea is an absolute star aswel (she makes a pretty mean saugase sandwich) their little boy nodas is the sweetest little boy you'll eva meet, he'll have you knackered by the time time you leave.
We had an absolute wicked holiday and are going back in may.
Laura (wooohooo) xxx

Yvonne L           

all 12 of my boy mates stayed ere i never went as they came to our hotel pool but i did see theres it was the size of my bath, the staff were rude and again another cleaner came in a cleaned around my sleeping friends and picked up there clothes off the floor and through them at them while sleepin how rude is dat.

Cat G           

Got back from staying in the arkadia on June 9th, had a wicked time!  Billy the bar man is great, so funny, pool is nice, rooms are basic but clean and the balcony is lovely and big.  George the manager is ok, sounds like he's got better over the past yr, maybe he's realised he has to with all the crazy 18-30 club lot!  Reps 4 here are great 2, Yo and Steve!  Have a wicked time whoever goes!  Can't wait to go back

Lauren O           

Hey... We are goin to the Arkadia on the 6th-13th July!

There will be 10 of us girls!
See ya there!

Sam B           

Anyone staying in these apartments from the 6th-21st july that is f*****g crazy
like us london boys?
Hope you can handle us!!!!!!!!!!!

Cassie R           

Just come back from two weeks in Kos and I LOVED it! Didnt wanna come home! As for the apartments.......well they aint bad, the balcony is HUGE, but the manager shall i put this? a sandwich short of a picnic??? NO NOISE after 12 and if you do, expect a phone call to the police! And if you pull, expect a knock on the door and that your new lover will be chased out by a broom wielding old woman! Pool aint to bad and Billy the barman is great! Might not be the ritz but we had a f*cking fantastic holiday!

Tommy P           

i enjoyed these appartments had some very funny times there! enjoyed winding geroge the grumpy owner up!!!!! haha billy was an absolute geezer and saviour with breakfast! haha much needed! we broke enough of the stuff in our room! oops! big hello to the scottish guys and lasies that stayed next to us room 304 i think? if you read this thanks for taking care of my drunken friend (one with the crazy hair!) haha also hi to the girls from wigan on the ground floor!

Laura D           

ive just got bk from kos, arkadia is ok especially if u hav gd neighbours! lol! if any1 from 103 or 104 reads this can u reply to me, me kirsty, and nic all a bit dissapointed that we never really said gd bye properly! well hope 2 hear from u xxxx

Dan L           

Right, then. Just spent two weeks inthe Arkadia apartments and Im torn between two opinions. The apartments themselves are pretty decent,clean and roomy. Its out of the centre but only a short walk to the bars and beach so no problems there. Sadly the guy running the hotel is a bit of a psychopath. The clientele of the Arkadia is almost entirely young people and this guy sems to despise them, appearing at the first sign of any noise and threatening to throw you out andcall the police at even the smallest disturbance. On spending a quiet evening in on the balcony I watched him scream at several guests on their way in, shining his ever present industrial sized torch right in their faces and even pushing one guy quite hard. I never fell foul of George but I dont expect this sort of agressive behaviour when I pay for a holiday and especially in a resort such as Kardemenas which is, lets face it, a noisy place.
On the flip side, the pool and bar are run by Billy who is the most accommodating Greek man I have ever met. Billy was a absolut star and really made our holiday great. Starting the night off in Billys Bar was the best way to get into the swing of things and the pol area, while by no means amazing, was really clean and looked after.
So the only thing wrong with the Arkadia is the owner. If you can avoid him or can keep the volume REALLY low after a few beers then the Arkadia is spot on. I personally had a great time there.

Darrell P

Hope you can help as im staying there in october 2004.Its been a while since we have been and i carnt remember this place so any pics or info would be appreciated.
Last rtime we stayed we were by the crossroads bar end of town.

Cerrie W           

Great little place, far enough out of the resort centre for a night's sleep but only takes approx 8 mins to walk into the centre though. Billy's bar is ace and serves great food - big up to ya Billy!! Mark the rep was a top guy aswell. Best holiday ever, would definitely go back.


Really fab place, definitly go back there. Really good location, billys bar is wicked!

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