Angelina Apartments

Accommodation in Kardamena

The M          7/10

woohoo!! Just got back from staying at the angelina and it was pretty damn good! i was cacking my pants after reading some bad reviews of the place, but it turned out to be nothing like i expected. The pool was a good size, really clean, and there were enough people to make it a lively hang out without being too busy. The pool bar was good and the food was dirt cheap. We spent 3 euros on a tin of soup with a roll  in the supermarket, but only 2.50 for hamburger and chips in the bar! Also nikos dishes out free shots of hardcore greek booze, and all shots are 1 euro in happy hour, so take full advantage!, Theres quite a high standard of bikini action to eyeball from the sun loungers, although they never went topless!boooo!


John H           

The Angelina apartments is an excellent place to stay. It is located 5 minutes out of the hustle of the main street and is perfectly positioned for a young lively holiday. The apartments are basic but well kept. The pool is a good size and the poolside bar provides excellent food and drink at very good prices.

Nikos really is a legend. He is friendly, sociable and extremely hard working. He is a genuinely nice guy.
The same however cannot be said for club 18-30. They will try and sell you a package deal. A week's activities for 190 euros. DON'T DO IT! Complete rip off. Our Rep Lee, Fed us a pack of lies to try and get us to agree. Resist at all costs!!

Scots B           

me and my mates had a great time there nikos was well sound we made lots of noise through the night and he didnt moan once. we gt back om the 6th of august . the food was also very good its only a 5 min walk to the main party area . i cant understand how anyone could not like staying at this place it couldnt be any better nikos is a good man hr takes good care of the people there and will only be annoyed if you do something to p**s him of.


yes yes yes..we like ur style nikos!!

got back from kos last week, and had the best time ever!!the angelina studios was amazing 2 stay at, despite what reviews alot of people say about it, it really is lush there!!
its really chilled out in the day, u can jus chill at the side of the pool all day with a few drinks!!and nikos makes it fun as hes so cool!!
i would deffo recommend this place, but i wil tell u, try not 2 get the sheets dirty, coz u will  b charged!
its also not that far from the town, people say its like 15 mins walk...they're lying, its like 5 mins!!its a nice walk, but girls dont walk home on ur own at night, coz cars always stop!scary stuff!!
kos is a relly cool place 2 go 2, starlight is the best club 2 go 2!!an all the bars are cool!the PRs are soooo annoying!they will literally rugby tackle u into their bars!!
anywooo..hope this has helped u!...angelina ballerina studios is the place 2 b at in kos!!

Vicky O           

i hate everyone that chopsed nikos he is yhe nicest man i have ever met.... u all need to get a life he is the best man in greece only reason he charges is cus he gets poxy cash for us to stay there ............i h8 everyone who chopses nikos..........he qualified lifeguard in 2o min he changd our broken shpwer. ppl who chopse im i h8 cus e is the best man ever.... i love im...i like your style nd youll like his style...he is tye best ///////////////////kos is cool tooo...lee, 180-30 rep is cool  and lynsey pool attendant also from  walles is the best....nikos is my number one whoever chopses hims beter be up a chopse

George W           

angelina studios is a wicked place to stay. after reading the reviews from last year i reckon they must have made an extra effort this year because all our rooms were clean, tidy, and well presented.
nikos is an absolute legend and will make your holiday even better. he helped me and my mates out many times and we all think he is a legend. dont p**s the bed or bleed on your sheets or you will be charged but that is only fair.
his food is great value and saved me a lot of money, the kitchen is no dirtier than you would see at any ofg the restaurants in kos. people that complain about the noise are just lazy. being a way from the nightlife means you can have a peaceful sleep if you want it!
all in all i recoommend angelina studios to anyone who wants a good time.
yes yes yes i like your style nikos!

Vicky O           

All of you that chopse Nikos need to grow`ll never meet a nicer man and he is so hard working...the only reason he charges for sheets etc is because he gets so little from the holiday company for us to stay there that he he cant just go out and buy new sheets every week... if u dnt wana get charged then treat your rms with respect... him and his family run the place by themselves ....... they are great people. Nikos is a great person he is a lifeguard, he build some of the buildings with his father in law.... if your shower brakes etc hes up there like a shot making sure it is fixed for you...... you respect him he will respect you.... ....... his food is great especially his chicken mayo......... the pool is  great........there is a homly atmosphere about the place and it is so easy to make friends there... the rooms have all the essentials no bath but a shower....... very basic but lovely once you make it your own....... no safe needed as it is a very safe place........ bit of a walk to town but it is a nice walk, its fun when your goin on bar crawls with lee the 18-30 rep and he gets stressed because no one will keep in cus its a main road haha!! Lynsey my friend works by the pool she is a hell of a laugh and will make your stay at the angelina more fun also lee the rep when hes not tired.......... hes cool...... I like your style!!!!  Youll hear that saying all the time but youll soon like it and be sayin it yourself....... and the best tune is your my lover......its funny as.... I 100% recommend this place, i am definately goin back in the future...... dont listen to the horrible people that chopse Nikos!! there wrong!!

Steve O           

it was alrite, nice relaxing pool. bar was good. free shots before you went out!

sex on the pool and mythos went dwn.
i like your style!!!

Tristy M           

Angelina Studios is the best place to stay with club 18 - 30.  Nikos is brillant, you treat him right and he'll do the same.  He so nice to talk too and gives you great advice.  It's a mad place to stay and a great place to meet other people.

If your looking for a fun, lively holiday then Angelina Studios is the best place to stay!
I like your style!!

Lisa J           

Nikos is a star!! I like his style!!
Bit out the way but quieter than the other hotels which is good just dont walk back on ya own!
He makes really good food.
Reps were ace-dobo-sound lad!!
Ive just come back from there-take loadsa sun cream!! Nikos will always say when ya there thats its raining in England (dont listen to him-but he's sound) make sure everything in ya room is there and clean-20 euros for a new sheet, 30 euros for a new saucepan-luckily i didnt have to pay for anything!
If ya want any more info b4 u leave send us an email-if not have a good time!!
x x x x

Amy L

Hey im heading out on the 19th june with my b/f any1 heading out at this time? theres a few bad reports tho :-S leave a msg on this my email add dnt work!!!!


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Hey Hey Hey yeah thats you! 

Heres a pic from good old skool disco night in starlight
Are you lot going to the Big Reunion?

Scott N           

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Yeah thats me "Scotty 2 Hotty".

The 2nd week was good thanks.
I didnt manage to fall in the sea again.

Rachel E           

yes yes i lke your style raining in england today!

really enjoyed my holiday the apartments are fine and altho people say nikos wants money its only if you pis him off n make tons of noise at nights then he can be an a**e back. id say treat him as u want to be treated!
made loads of friends at these apartments gud lace to chiill during day!u get to no the workers as they all chill u here.
girls u wil feel safe as nikos is upstairs n any troulbe wil b dwn fast as lightenin no that there was ne!
have fun


We stayed here for 1week (27th jul-3rd Aug) 4 girlies Beckenham Beenies

Slightly far out from all the other apartments but we coped
Clean pool and nice atmosphere but be careful you dont get robbed when leaving, you'll prob get charged for your towels!!

Scott N           

Yes Yes Yes, I like your style !!!

Just got back last night. I stayed at the Angelina for 2 weeks.
Nikos is a legend.
Great set of studios in a quiet area.

Bill B           

yeh i am one of brenda's friends,the one who got wiv lori, he's hating us calling him brenda since we got back, hope ur all havin fum up in hartlepool, depressing back in ipswich, defo going back again next year

Maria R           

Kos 2005 - The Angelina Apartments were quite basic but when your on a Club 18-30 holiday you don't expect to be in them for any longer then jus to sleep for a few hours.  Nikos the owner was wicked and such a laugh.  His snacks were very yummy and if you stay there you'll be aware of his sayings such as "I like your style" and "Smashing" which always made us laugh.  The apartments are a short 10 min walk away from the centre of it all which was good as it was quiet during the day when u wanted to relax. Would definitely go there again and would recommend anyone to stay there.

Amiee L           

Me and 14 of our mates stayed here for 2 weeks (june 29th - july 13th) and thought it was fab! Its basic but u have everything u need, its clean and tidy! The pool is good and its only a 5-10 minute walk to the town! Nikos the owner is cool as! Be careful tho, if you wake him up on a night when ur coming in, he wakes u up early on a morning with loud music! Not that we complained, it gave us more time to sunbathe! All in all, i'd say that we would stay here again! U cant really expect much more from an apartment in greece!

P.S. Bill are you one of Brenda's friends??

Bill B           

Perfect place for lazing around the pool during the day when your trying to clear a hangover, but Kardamena really kicks off at night. Check out the Stone Roses bar (plays the best indie rock n roll). Nikos is a legend but he plays the worst song ever at bout half 10 to get everyone outta bed. If you get a good crowd of people staying with you there's a really close atmosphere during the day.

Rachel E           

im heading out there in aug had to change my date to go. not looking that gud then if it was crap. just av to c.

Gillian P

hiya! Me and 14 of my friends are heading out to kos and stayin in angelina apartments on the 29th June! just wonderin if its gonna suit 15 girls aged 18-22! heard good reports just wanting a second opinion really! cheers ;)

Rachel E           

hey heading out to these apartments in july 6th any one heading out this time??

Caroline F

Can anyone please help me to find out how to contact the Angelina apartments - phone number/e-mail etc. I was due to stay there with a friend last year (her daughter was working there for the summer) and unfortunately I was unable to go at the last minute. My friend raved about the apartments and I would so love to go there during May but I cannot find any info about how to reach them.

H2o M           

having some great times at the pool, niko is a legend and ill contiue to go there everyday!

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