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Harriet S          7/10

myself and 5 others stayed in the varkas apartments in june09.

we knew it would be basic and i was actually happy with it. it had a bed and a shower...that's all i needed.
unfortunatly the shower did leak as they don't have curtains but you get used to it after a while. but seriously don't put your toilet roll down the toilet after you go for a poo. my friend staying in the room opposite did it every time and their whole room ended up stinking of sewage!
obviously we didn't have a pool so we used the one at seva, which is literally 200yards down the road. and everyone was a good laugh. don't let the reps rope you into any excursions unless you have loads of money with you !
the night life of kardamena is amazing and we met some really nice people.
beware of the security guard at varkas...he's scarey s**t. don't get on the wrong side of him and don't flirt with him cause he will pin you up against the wall !
and go to the sunset bar. it's right at the end of bar street and the people who work there were amazing. we got on well with everyone.
if you do stay in the varkas apartments request not to have the basement stank..our friends roof started leaking in the bathroom becase of the shower above.

Ollie P          10/10

I went in august 2007! It had no ants/cockroaches or blood. It was a very nice hotel and we had  agreat time! The lack of air conditioning wasn't a problem. Good nightlife and beach. Had a great time.

Nikki S          8/10

look i just come bak from a week at varkas, n der were 8 girls n we shared 2 rooms. wat the hell r u on bout ant-infested n cockroches??? the hotel was fine, u get wat u paid for! ok it werent exactly the seva down the road but its only rated as 2* so wat u expect? we had 2 balconys n 2 bedrooms in each appartment which made up 4 the lack of AC, we didnt get the safe n nothing got nicked. kos was wicked n had an amazing hols

Andrew D          5/10

weeeeeelll.... i think everyone that says this place is the worst place in the world must be princesses in the making.. this place is perfectly fine if ur expecting to party hard and have a couple hours sleep a night... it can be noisy around 4-6 as people come back from night out... but if your going for the right reasons (to party).. you will be one of them... we had no cockroaches... no ant infestations... it was fine... only one cockroach was found there at the time in someones room.... and that was jus cause it had flown in or sumin...

we wer worried about the room being broken into just because of the reviews... but often most of our friends left doors unlocked.. and we wer still fine.. and not one story of a breaking in when we wer there occured.. and you can put all your valuables in a 24 hour accessible safe... all in all ... was an awesome holiday.. and varkas is simple, cheap and practical... we even had two balconeys...
to sum up.... stop moaning everyone...

Lucy K

sorry meant kos was really nice at the end of my last comment!...not Varkas

Lucy K          1/10


me and 4 others satyed at Varkas for 2 weeks last August (2006)
first impressions wernt good, stairway was covered in ants-our room seemed ok tho-(at first)
then we started noticing things...such as the balcony door being a nightmare to lock!, our shower flooded and the plug hole was filled with hair (and not ours! eugh)......floor was drenched and leaked out into the bedroom which was really dangerous....
my bed was broken and the sheets had blood stains on them!...this was the first night we go there....
and we had 1 key between 3 of us in our room!.....
we were lucky but people we made friends with there were saying that their rooms were robbed and money stolen during the day-so it seems like the cleaners were up2 no good-they certainly wernt cleaning our rooms...
we also had cockroaches in our room...which were disgustin-massive and black!
also the nutty owner (a rare sighting) of the hotel banged down our door one night saying she was calling the police as her car had been smashed by some boy ...she decided to drag us into it as our room faced her car-we were fast asleep when it happened but they wernt having any of that!....was a f'cking joke to be honest...-repeorted it to our reps who washed their hands of it...wouldnt stay there again
but varkas was really nice and the clubs/people excellent-made loads of friends while we were there...just a pity we had to head back to that place at the end of the night!

Gemma M

Well I really dont know what to think im going there on June 13th for a week with 2 friends!  Hopefully not 2 disapionted !!!!!!!!!  Some of u are saying its ok and some not? Well whats the truth??? Will find out for myself!!!!!!!      will let u all know soon xxxx


Hey guys...

I just got bak from Kardamena and stayed in Varkas, first impressions were pretty gd actualli considerin the pictures in the 2wentys brochure looked pretty basic. The room was a gd size with seperate bedroom n kitchenette and the balcony was quite big aswel. The maid service however was pretty much none existant and for the first 4 days we didnt see any sign of anyone who was supposed to be cleaning so things got pretty bad as u can imagine.
The kitchens r pretty basic too, with a fridge a hob n a sink and kettle so dont rely on cookin ur own meals at all.. it wud be impossible. The bathroom freaked me out a lot wen i first got there as it has no window n the showers dont hav curtains, and of course it gets a bit grose as ur not allowed to flush ur toilet roll down the loo.
But for a recommendation..... u will enjoy varkas. It is literalli on the same road as seva and u still benefit from all the amenities that seva offers but is obviously a little quieter which can b nice. And as i saw a couple of rooms in the seva too it is just as nice but basic as them, which realli if u think about it all u need. Overall i give Varkas a ...7/10.. marked down for poor maid service.
Oooooh by the way i do suggest that anyone who is planning on going in large groups of girls or guys that wen u first check into ur rooms u make a note of what is missing in ur rooms or wot is damaged because a load of r mates got charged at the end for 'dirty sheets and towels' and broken cupboard doors wich had been damaged b4 they got there!-this applies for seva aswel!!
Good luck and have a load of fun :) x

Kay W           

People, whatever you do - DO NOT stay here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went with 2 girl friends and when we booked up we werent too fussed about where we stayed, as at the end of the day it is only somewhere to sleep. But the Varkas was unbarable! The room smelt, it was never cleaned and the towles and sheets never changed (even after we complained), there was no staff or security around, no kettle, hobbs, toaster - nothing! And to top it off, there was a red ant and cockroach infestation !!!! Trust me, if you stay here you will regret it!!!

Kelly M           

hi ya to everyone at the varkas, we stayed there for a week from 17.06.2006 to 25.06.2006 and had a blinding time, thanks to everyone we met!!!!!

don't turn up thinking your gonna get a palace coz you will be dissapointed. but the the hotel is so much better than the reviews we read. we went there thinking that the place would be falling apart and everythign will be dirty but it's not like that at all!!!
i stayed there with me best mate kelly and me sister leanne and we had a wicked time there, on par with the other hotels we have stayed at in kos and if you've stayed in greece before you'll know what to expect. we were in the basement flat (a3) which has two big bedrooms, both rooms had two beds in and wardrobes with plenty of hangers (we all know how important that is don't we girls!!!)
one bedroom opened out to a terrace which lead to the main road which came in very handy when we came back in the early hours and the blokes from our hotel all seemed to come thru our room ha ha ha but they was always welcome!!!! the doors and windows have very good locks on them so we never felt anything but safe in there!!!!!!
we had a great time in this hotel and would go back again but the boys next door to us made it a blinding time, pete nathan and keith you guys are the nuts!!! thanks for making us laugh so much.... love you......
enjoy your time here guys, wish we could be there to
kelly xxx

Lozzy B           

hey im off to varkas in august, really wanna no what da basement room is like?? all i wanna no is if we get a balcony or terrace? thanks lozzy .b.

Chris P           

Went here last year... about 27th July i fink we turned up n stayed for 2 weeks.

The location we thought was quite good, it was kinda out of the way of all the other hotels and a fair walk to the bars and clubs, but once ya get 2 know the back streets it aint that bad and you dont notice the distance wen ya been down bar street any way!
I cant say it was quiet but wen you had so much to drink you can sleep thru most of the noises and the cleaniness was not great to say the least.
I feel sorry for the other people that where there the same time as us because us being a group of 20 essex lads did kinda terrorise the place when we came back drunk at 7 in the morning each nite and with there being no secruity we did go a bit far.  The only other thing i would say is watch out for the stupid racist women living accross the street because she called the police about us every night i think
All in all thou had a great time, suited us fine for a first time away with the lads, just wouldnt stay there again... ever...

Sam G           

I loved this place. It was the best fun iv had in years. Great people, great location and good hotel, well for the price anyway. I felt safe there and the staff where helpfull. It was July when i went there so i cant speak for the rest of the year but the hotel was hiving and with nice people as well. The rooms where of a ok standard nd the balconies where definatly a hit. I recommend this place 2 all and maybe il c ya out ther next year!

Georgie S           


Joanna B           

it was ok in location, but rooms were barely basic at most, there was an ant colony in our room and kitchen!!!  there were loads of fights breaking out, smashed glass and blood everywhere,  which was made even worse by the fact there was no security personel let alone anyone at reception!!! we were given 3 chairs at the beginning of the week and charged for there not being a forth!!! hmmmmm

had a wikid week though, but wouldn't go back to those apartments!!!


forgot to say some rooms (like room 2, our room) have two balconys!!! they are the best, except maybe the ones with the roof terrace. either way they r good to sunbathe on wen your mates are hogging the bathroom!


Its basic but clean. Its good that there is no receptionist coz everyone just came home at night sat in the lobby and talked. Everyone was really nice. I had the best hol ever!! the apartments are really near status and starlight so its easy to get home when your hammered!!!

Jimmy S           

was ok to come back to f***ed out of your head, lady who owns it is a b***h but still, full of noisy idiots so if your one u will be ok, if your there look for the blue lagoon pool just round the corner best in the area, rooms are ok lots of space but very basic but isnt everything in greece

Lucy B

I need to know what the basement apartment is like, so if u have stayed there. please let me know if its ok!!

Sarah C           

You cannot beat the Varkas for location it is very central but not necessarily noisy. You have got the Seva round the corner which is the best pool in Kardamena and they have a 24hr bar which is rammed at 4 in the morning!

The basement rooms are a bit smelly so try and request an upper floor! The apartments are very spacious. Other problems apart from smellyness in the basement included electric cutting out and the lock breaking on the door.
I would stay there again defo but not in the basement!!

Russ W           

varkas!went in 2000 august.not bad.nice cypriot girl(maria)on reception-supposedly s**gging all the english lads but i did,nt see any evidence of this.we had top right hand room(yes great big balconey).you could do alot worse than stay here.

Neil M           

well, what can i say. it's a perfectly adequate place to come back to at six in the morning f**ked off your head. however, if you are in search of a quiet series of early nights during your stay in kardamena, don't stay here. the main bus route is indeed right outside some of the rooms, and some of the back-facing rooms look out onto a pool which is pretty noisy. these factors coupled with the incredibly noisy scooters and mopeds that incessantly pass the building would make it pretty hard to get to sleep if you were sober. luckily i was wasted every night and i slept like a log. one morning in the throes of a hangover i though somebody was chainsawing my door down, but it was only a passing scooter. that's how loud they are. you have been warned. it's probably exactly the same everywhere else though. beware the owner. she isn't very nice at all, and tried with all her power to evict my party. she and her colleagues are thieves as well (read my comment on kosmar). oh, and the safety deposit boxes weren't working when we were there, so we had to go to another place.
it's not all bad though, because these apartments are in a great location really close to bar street and the beachfront. it's pretty close to starlight and status too, but who'd want to go there?

Ian B           

ask for room 13 biggest balcony i have ever seen

Paul D           

the bus route has been rerouted to pass the apartments with the main stop outside,the new louis supermarket is opposite with added noise from deliveries and extra traffic of lorries/vans etc.if you want a quiet night dont bother as in peak season it is on the road back to town from the clubs -which close at 6am!!so only good if you like an early wake up call

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