Summer Palace Hotel

Accommodation in Kardamena

Unknown U

OMG, all you people are SNOBS. The Summer P is amazing, anyone wanting to go to Kos, I would strongly recommend it . Most of the rooms share a pool with about 10 others and also there are afew main pools and an indoor pool but you do need to go out and get a sunbed at 7am . Beware, the weather is HARSH . The lift down to the sea is a good idea, the beach is made up of pebbles. The food is good, although it is quite repetative, there is a wide choice . The Italian restraunt is VERY good . Amazing pizza . I would say though the SP is not for the unfit or disabled. Very Hilly. The disco bar at the bottom of the hill is very good . Doesnt look up to much on the outside but inside it is all english and very friendly . The bar has superb air con  very much needed . The fast food is good and non-expensive. It opens at midnight . The disco was also very good and plays all the best music . The bars/clubs in Kardamena are amazing ! As the Summer P is quite far out there are regular busses, some free. Taxi's too and from Kardamena cost 8euros50 . Our rep Kim was very helpfull . We went out with her most nights and met so many people, including another rep Tom, who was soooo nice . The PR's for the clubs are very pushy but promise them you'll go back and they'll leave you alone . All the locals are very friendly, just like all other foreign people wanting you to go into their restraunt .

We loved it so much were heading back out in October

Adam S          3/10

I have just returned from this hotel (26/06/2007)

Rating for this hotel should not exceed 3.5 star the most. Food is boring, poor variety and quality.
Restaurant staff is rude and unhelpfull. Hotel is located on very steep hill (lift does help a bit if it works).
Rooms are of acceptable quality , but tired. Prepare to book your sunbed at 7 am the latest especially near swimming pool, seaside is better - more beds
If I only read comments on this hotel before I went there...


Chantelle D           

Omg me and my friend abi are sat here right now yelling at the screen because of your insults of our favourite ever holiday. It was superb! the drinks especially were awesome so ill be hearing none of that thank you very much Maybe the problem is that your all a bunch of old people staying in a rather more hip hotel alright? Get wiv it! xXx

Chris S           

Don’t waste your money, go self catering! 



We arrived the at Summer Palace at about 1:30am and were greeted by a very unhelpful reception clerk. During check in any questions I asked were replied to with one word answers. At the end of being checked in I asked if there was anywhere around that we could still get a drink. The guy looked at me like I’d just asked him if I could sleep with his wife and barked that everywhere was closed!

We were then told a porter would take our bags to our room, out of our 2 cases and 2 bags he took the lightest case leaving me to carry the rest up a rather steep hill, he virtually run up this hill while I, loaded with luggage, tried to keep up with him as he kept darting off in between apartments. (The complex is a big place and a bit of a labyrinth until you’ve had a couple of days there) He then took us into our room, showed us the balcony and muttered something about the land you could see on the horizon and then stood waiting for his tip. (we later found out that the land was Turkey and the island of Nisyros) I thought the 2 Euros tip I gave him was a bargain for being made to run up a steep hill in the dark, laden with bags!


The room was nice, clean and had everything you’d expect. The one complaint was that the “double” bed was 2 singles pushed together but you seem to get that everywhere abroad. Double beds obviously don’t exist in Europe outside of the UK!! The view from the room was nice, but as the hotel slopes up the edge of a small mountain and is right on the beach, the balcony was always very windy.

The room was nicely air conditioned but the TV had no channels in English.


The next day we went down for lunch about 12 as we missed breakfast.

The restaurant was quite nice, you could sit on a terrace with the view of the sea and then island of Nisyros in the distance. The Dinning staff were quite polite and offered us some wine. Upon tasting the glass of wine they brought, I wondered if someone had mixed up a carton of white wine and a carton of paint stripper!! I never plucked up the courage to try the red!

I have to say the food they served at lunch time was of an extremely poor quality. There was a lot of salad type stuff which to be fair wasn’t bad, but to accompany the salad were “hot” trays of dishes e.g. spaghetti bolognaise, or some Greek stew type dish, or a selection of cold meats and cheese. Well the “hot” dishes were luke warm at best and the quality of some of the ingredients was appalling. The stew thing looked like someone had opened a bunch of pedigree chum tins, I was looking around to see if they had any dog biscuits to go with it and the spaghetti bolognaise was blatantly out of a tin, rather than having had a chef stand and make it.

The cold meat and cheese wasn’t much better, the ham & chicken etc was that kind of plastic, processed stuff you get in the Tesco’s value range and there was only ever 2 cheeses, feta and some other Greek cheese that was a bit like Edam but greasier. Remember this is supposed to be 5 star, where was the ham off the bone, the sliced chicken breast, the cheese board and a proper chef doing the cooking?!!


We then spent an afternoon by the pool which was quite pleasant although I later suffered an ear infection as the pools weren’t overly clean and had no smell of chlorine what so ever.


Later that evening we decided to go down for the evening meal, to our amazement, the food that was put out was identical to that of lunch, and I mean identical it literally was exactly the same. So we abandoned that and decided to eat out. However the hotel is quite out of the way so we had to order a cab to Kardemena. While we waited for that we though that now would be a good opportunity to sample a couple of the all inclusive drinks. There was only one bar and you had to queue for quite some time to get served. When you finally did the staff were grumpy and treated you like you’d just spat at them or something. I ordered a couple of cocktails which were served in 2 cheap glass tumblers with dry water marks all over them and the cocktail tasted nothing like it should have from when I’ve had it before in both England and other countries.

I later went up and ordered the same cocktail and got something completely different to the first one’s as a different barman made them. Later on in the holiday we got them again from another barman and again they were different. It’s obvious that when you ask for a cocktail, they really do just make them up as they go along depending on who’s working.

The bar’s terrace was nice though, again overlooking the views but is cheapened by the fact the glass topped tables are full of chips.


The next morning we attended the “American buffet” for breakfast, well I’ve been to America 3 times and I have never once been served up the sh*te they were offering at Summer Palace. The bacon was some tinned meat cut into rectangular strips, the eggs were only half cooked, the sausages were like hot dogs but not nice ones, and there were these potato things which actually would have been quite nice had they have been hot but as usual the whole lot was stone cold. I then had some cereal which looked a whole lot nicer than it tasted.


I’d say in general, when you first walk into the restaurant it doesn’t look bad, it’s only when you start eating it you find out how awful it is. Even the deserts were nasty, they all looked very attractive but all tasted exactly the same. After the first 2 days we did all of our eating and drinking out, away from the hotel, so we still had a good holiday but obviously we spent far more than we’d originally planned which kind of defeats the whole point of going all inclusive.


Oh we did have one more evening meal at the hotel, there is an Italian restaurant which you have to book the day before. This ended up being by far the worst meal of the holiday. When I ordered a salad for a starter which came with a mayonnaise dressing, the waiter said quite abruptly “We run out of mayonnaise, for you this is no problem” I replied “Excuse me?” to which he replied rather surly and unpleasantly ”we have no mayonnaise, you have salad without dressing, you eat, this is no problem, yes?” I then said “Well if you haven’t got the dressing, I’ll have something else” and then ordered a different salad. We then both ordered a pizza each and the waiter then snatched up the menus and said to me almost shouting “you love mayonnaise so much!” Anyway the salad was nothing special but the pizza was without a doubt the worst pizza I have ever had in my entire life anywhere. When it turned up it looked like something a 6 year old had made in cookery class. The cheese wasn’t mozzarella it was that greasy cheese from the main restaurant and mine was supposed to be ham or something and my girlfriend’s was supposed to be pepperoni but it was the same tinned meat they used for the bacon at breakfast cut into cubes on mine and circles on hers! Our pizzas tasted exactly the same even though they had completely different ingredients on the menu. We ate about 1/3 each before leaving but even that was a mistake as we both had upset stomachs for 24 hours starting at about 3am that night. I did actually complain to the hotel manager about how rude the waiter in the Italian restaurant was. I don’t know what the outcome was but we did witness the hotel manager shouting at this waiter in Greek and he didn’t look happy!!


On the whole the hotel was ok but the food, drink and service from the staff was awful. In fact the staff were just plain rude, especially the ones behind the reception desk. The staff in the main restaurant were the only ones we found to be polite.


One last thing, we went with Sunstar and our rep was this Scottish guy called Doug or Douggie. He was absolutely useless and he was just as rude and obnoxious as the hotel staff.

We hired a car through him which never turned up, fortunately I was able to get hold of the hire company’s number and get a car at short notice but it was some tin can as that’s all they had left, rather than the Jeep we’d originally booked.

Also we booked a trip to Turkey through this Douggie guy and we had to give him all our passport details etc. When we got to the Port everyone was issued with a boarding pass containing all their details except us and the other couples that had come from our hotel. Fortunately there was a long haired guy called Steve who was absolutely brilliant and he sorted everything out, but this Douggie had failed to arrange that properly as well.

By the way went to Nisyros and Turkey and this Steve was the guide on both and he was really nice, really helpful and friendly. Quite the opposite to his colleague Doug. On the last day I went up to Douggie to check with him if our return if our return flight time was still the same (which they say to do). Before answering me he finished reading the paragraph of his novel and then slowly lowered it and glared at me and told me to calm down and that I’d get home! Before then continuing to read his book. Also there was a whole other bunch of information he gave at the welcome meeting about Kos which we found to be incorrect but I can’t be bothered to list that as I think I’ve written more than enough!


On the whole we had a good holiday but would not recommend this place.

Summer Palace is supposed to be a 5 star deluxe but I would class the accommodation as 4 star and the food, drink and service as an extremely poor 3 star!

It wasn’t only us that thought it either, we met a few other couples of shared our view about how cr*p the food and service was and how useless that Douggie was.


Don’t waste your money, go self catering!

Nikki B           

Me and my boyfriend recently spent a week in Kos in the Mitsis Hotel of the Summer Palace. We booked through Sunstar, who classed this hotel as five star. Well although it is set in a very nice, quiet remote area, I would not call the facilities that it offers 5 star. The room itself was nice, clean and spacious, but 5 star, there were no pictures on the walls, the double bed was actually two double beds pushed together and the television only occasionally offered 5 channels with most of them being German. There were about 8 different pools scattered around the hotel which was good, because although the main pool got pretty busy, you could always find a couple of spare sun beds at one of the other pools. From our room we could easily get to four different pools.There is a free bus to the town, Kardamena, and back again, approximately every hour, it picks you up from outside the hotel and a public bus that fills in the gaps and runs later. There are also plenty of taxis, costing approximately £5 from the hotel to the town, although, make sure you confirm the price before setting off.


The food was defiantly not 5 star food, it was all inclusive, so it is understandable that they have to cater to a wide range of tastes, but that is no excuse for serving luke warm food, which is both the same for the lunch and evening meals.


There was one time when the food was fairly hot, but that was when we went for lunch at the beginning of the sitting, if you went half an hour after it had started then it was getting cold. There was a good selection of food, although vegetarians will have little more choice than a salad, and the deserts all tasted the same just in different colours, i.e. pink for strawberry and brown for chocolate etc. We chose not to eat the buffet for dinner, but decided to give the Italian restaurant a go instead one night. That was a mistake, you had to book for it, although it was included in the all inclusive package, so we thought it would be quite nice, but the cheese on the pizzas was greasy and not mozzarella and even though we had different meat on our pizza, one was supposed to be pepperoni and the other ham, they were both the same meat, which was the same as the meat that was served at the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The waiting staff in the restaurant were also not particularly welcoming, one told us that there was no mayonnaise to go with a salad, but that was ok, because we didn't need mayonnaise with a salad, he actually told us what we liked and disliked, the other waiter had a bit of B.O. problem, which frankly put me off my meal even more.


The Staff in the hotel were not all that polite, when we arrived in the middle of the night, the man on reception didn't want to answer any of our questions, just kept saying they'll be able to tell you tomorrow and the day staff on the reception weren't much better, they never smiled and answered in the minimum amount of words to any question that you asked them. The waiting staff in the restaurant were a bit better though, greeting you with sort of smile and getting your drinks as soon as you sat down, but apart from that they didn't do an awful lot. Overall we found the locals not very accommodating or friendly.


The hotel drinks were not all that good either, they were served in barely dry tumbler glasses, even the cocktails and there was only one main bar, so in the evening you had to queue for your drinks and this was not even in high season. The actual seating area to enjoy your drinks was pretty nice, there are balconies with comfy seats with little tables and tables and chairs in the restaurant area looking out onto the sea and the surrounding islands, although there were lots of birds that flew down if you left any food on the tables.


The rep was not really that helpful. We had a welcome meeting on the first afternoon that we arrived and he told what was available to do on the island and took us through the trips that were detailed in our welcome pack, but if you asked him a question he didn't really answer, just sort of shrugged you off and told you not to worry or he'd sort it all out for you. He didn't though. We booked a hire car through him, we gave him the details and then he said that when he got back to the office that he would book it all up for us. Well we thought that we'd check the day before, just to confirm that the car was coming the next day, they had no record that we wanted a car, so he obviously hadn't done his job. Luckily the rental company, Katarina, had the car that we wanted available and we were able to book it. Although, if you do use this company keep on eye on the fuel, they wanted it returned with a fuel tank, but only gave it to you with a tank that was about 7/8 full. We also booked two trips through him, one worked out no problem, the trip to Nysorros and the other a trip to Turkey meant that the tour company needed our passport details to get our boarding passes, so once again, we gave the rep our details for him to pass on, and he didn't. It wasn't a problem, as our guide for the day was able to sort it all out at the port, but it wasn't surprising that the other couple from our hotel that had booked through the same rep had to give their details again to the guide at the port. So all in all we were not very impressed with the rep at all.


The two trips that we did we're both through the same company and on both we had the same guide, Steve, who was really good. On the Nysorros trip he explained everything really well to us and came round on the boat on the way home to check that we had all had a good time and answered any questions in great detail. He spoke to us for a good half an hour. The second trip to Turkey, we were actually supposed to do on the Tuesday we were there, but due to us both feeling ill and consequently missing the bus to the port, we didn't manage to make it, but we were able to rearrange for the Friday with no extra charge. Again we had Steve as our guide, who again was really good and advised us on what we could do in Turkey, either stay with him for a guided tour with one of the locals or go off on our own, making sure that we were back in time for the boat. We went on the tour, which was ok. It was only around Bodrum and the local area, ending up in a gold and diamond factory outlet store. Well that was ok, except if you looked at anything it was thought that you wanted to buy it and got pounced on by the sales staff, but a polite no thank you, and they sort of left you alone for a while. Also the local guide was quite relaxed about getting us back to the town for a bit of shopping, so it ended up with the majority of the tour waiting in the gift shop of the factory for the few who wanted to buy something. But eventually Steve hurried the guide along and we got back to the town in time for a look around the shops and a quick look around the castle too.


We defiantly had a good holiday, but I wouldn't recommend more than a week on the island unless you really like doing nothing but lying on a beach or around the pool.


Sorry its so long, I had a lot to say.

Lorien B           

I dont know what people are compaining about, I went there in October 2005 and it was fabulous!! We had rubbish flights but were checked in with no hassle, our room was lovely and big overlooking the sea, the hotel itself is placed in its own little village with the Family Village and Sovereign Beach and it is set up a hill, it looks very Beverley Hills & extremely different from the rest of Kardamena which is your average touristy toilet. The food was lovely, there is a little italian by the Main pool overlooking the sea if you wanted somewhere a bit private of the main restaurant serves loads of different dishes and the desserts- oh my goodness, if you have a sweet tooth you will be in heaven. The Staff were the best I have come across in 28 years of holidays, they were so friendly and funny and nice I cant fault the place at all. We are going back in 3 weeks, I expect it can get a little fraught and busy in the peak months but it is a truly stunning place.

Kirsty L

My firend and i have just booked to stay at this hotel on the 14th july for one week. It looks and sounds great in the brochure however some of the comments..well they're not the best!is it really that bad??? can anyone help????

Jo P           

We travelled with Sunstar,  although there was no problems with flight going out to the resort,  when we got there the check in (at 4am) was long winded and very slow the que was massive with no attempt to try and move things along (little did we know, that queing was going to be a common thing here!!) I strongly believe that if you go into a restaurant for a meal with your family, you should be able to sit down as a family unit and eat together, not que up for at least 15minutes individually just to get meal from the grill, or even a small helping of chips for the children (our daughter hated the food and so is not fussy, she could not wait to get home for a proper meal, what does that tell you!) If you wanted a drink for the bar, you had best que, ask for 3 and start queing again for the next, by which time your mouth will be a dry as gandi's flipflop (no joke!)   Now, on the the rooms! great if you like the wind sailing through your hair whilst you sleep, the doors have gaps the size of at least 1/4 inch around, so please do not forget yout tube of "no gaps" rooms are not of a standard of a 5* a travel lodge in the UK offers a great deal more... no iron, the hair dryer is as useless..... and burns your hand...  also it probably is a good idea to pack ant repellant as there is a problem all over with them....  the rooms are cleaned every day, but not cleaned if you know what I am saying.... the reps for sunstar were not very good at all, did not care, very poor attitude, and we didn't even complain at the resort... this was to other people who had more serious complaints than us..... the hotel staff treat you like a 2nd class citizen, mainly I think because you are there as an all inclusive guest ...very poor!!!  I would class this hotel as a 3* and not a 5* delux, we tried hard for week to find the delux part of it and are still puzzled!!! if you are going here, then take your poo pills, dried food supplies, and patience of a saint, you will need them, oh... and hope that you do not book with sunstar... our 3.30 hour flight turned into 8 hours on the aircraft, going via vienna with only a half warmed up breakie and 3 drinks offered during this time....... happy vacation, i'm happy to be home!!!  Sunstar changed the flights home 3 times, leaving us 1 day short of our holiday.... not a bad thought when you have had enough of the place.. but you really should get what you pay for, shouldn't you??????  

Sue E           

We have just returned from our holiday at the Summer Palace Hotel and found our stay very enjoyable. It was quiet and out of the way of the mainland Kos but found the food repetative but enjoyable and the cleanliness was spot on. Although it wouldn't suit the lively crowd, with children it is ideal if they enjoy swimming, although on a steep incline.

Mark I           

we arrived in kos on the 6th october having booked the summer palace only to find they had over booked and had to moved us and other guests to another hotel in kos town, we have since heard that it has been shut due to food posioning and health problems is this true??????

Karen M           

We got back this morning from one of the hotels in the group of three, Norida Beach, Family Village and Summer Palace Hotel.

We only went into the reception of the Summer Palace but it seemed lovely. We were told that we could use the facilities of the three hotels, they are all in one area although the roads are very steep pushing a buggy.

Everyone staying there with children seemed very happy. So much so we are going with our children next time. There is a fantastic play galleon there and just up the hill is a playground. Just down the hill are the flumes - 3 for different aged children that was never busy when we passed by. Alcohol isn't served at that bar so it tends to be just families.

The sea can be very deep very quickly, that is the only comment there.

Rochine S           

We have a 2 week holiday booked at this hotel on the 11th August 2004 but are worrying a bit after reading these reviews. We are a family of 6 (4 adults 2 children).2 of are group are out of the country at present do we tell them of these reviews or go ahead and try to change or take a chance and go. HELP!

Aimee M           

Of course I meant we were at the hotel from 19th JUNE– 26th JUNE! (see below)

Aimee M           

A beautiful hotel, with beautiful surroundings – we could see Turkey in the distance from our beds! However, it is most definitely not a family resort – it is very hilly with a large amount of steps – okay for us (a group of 7 girls – there for the bars in Kardamena but wanting decent accommodation and not the flea pits they give you in the town centre) but certainly not for families with young children, disabled people and people with walking difficulties.

If you don’t mind the steep hills (we didn’t) then its lovely! Our only other problem was 6 out of 7 of us came down with chronic sickness and diarrhoea one after the other. We thought it was the food at the hotel so we avoided eating there and ate out in the town (which was nice and not too expensive), on our last day we thought we had just better make them aware of this, only to be told they were aware of it – a lot of people had been ill and they didn’t know why – ensuring us it couldn’t be the food as the staff eat there and they were not ill – we later found out it was Gastric Interitus – the hotel was full of it and worse of all they knew about it and had inspectors in before we even left for our holiday! As you can imagine, we were not too impressed!!

The food was nothing to shout about – all buffet – mainly salad – boring after a couple of days! The drinks were a bit minging as well – that’s if you got a cup that didn’t taste of washing up liquid! Our rep advised us it was okay to have ice in our drinks as they used filtered water but someone else advised us not to, so we didn’t!

Kardamena its self was good – there are lots of bars but only 2 main clubs to go to – which got a bit repetitive and we were only there for 1 week! If you have been to somewhere like Ayia Napa, it just doesn’t compare!

Although it probably sounds really bad and I have probably put you off as long as the bug is cleared up, I think you will be fine and have a great holiday, (did I mention your fridge is re-stocked every day with water, pepsi, beer etc!). The staff are all very friendly, some male waitors maybe a bit too much!! It might be worth checking with your rep about the bug before you go though!

We were at the hotel from 19th July – 26th July

Delyth E

Going to Summer Palace Hotel next Saturday - Help! Is it as bad as i'v just read?

Mark A           

This is certainly not a family resort as described in some holiday companies literature. We stayed at the Summer Palace 29/05/2004 - 19/06/2004 with another family (4 adults 4 children ages 6, 6, 2.5 and 1.5) all inclusive. We were quite pleased when we first arrived with the location right by the sea with great views of Turkey and surrounding Islands. We were allocated our rooms which were accessible from the main reception, dining, bar ice-cream, shop, pool, (I think you get the picture) area by means of a steep hill or through a labyrinth of villas and many many steps. We opted for the hill having two large cases, a buggy and 2 young children however, you need to beware of coaches if you walk in the road as the tiled pavements are slippy to say the least. This didn't seem so bad on the first day but after 2 weeks at least 8 times a day in 40 degree heat, you soon get a little bit disheartened to say the least. There are smaller quieter pools by the rooms however, there are no bars, ice creams or dining facilities. In fact it is at least a quarter of a mile trek down through reception, then down a steep flight of steps (unless you are lucky enough to happen upon the lift when it is working) to an area where there is a 12 foot deep pool and limited beds (Marvellous place to put the ice cream area).
Now then lets see, entertainment? kids disco 21:00 to 21:30...
This consisted of a few records, sat down on plastic patio furniture which had a tendency to collapse by another pool (great for the toddlers!!!) maybe a game of bingo which we played on the first night. 20 euros for 4 tickets and we won hooray!!! a 2 euro 30 cent bottle of plonk from the local supermarket. The game itself was hosted by a guy who loved his self, had to announce each number in about 5 different languages (my isn't he talented) which made it as exciting as the Eurovision song contest, and would get a right snotty on if the children made a noise. His stage name was mario or something and he made out he was Italian to get the girls however we found out he was really Tunisian or something. I suspect his name was really Juan Kerr...
Now then, the food. Nice I suppose if you are Belgian, German or Italian. 4 out of 4 adults with food poisoning within 3 days, you do the maths.

We actually moved to the Norida beach the second week upon our request and met quite a few other people who had been moved due to an outbreak of Gastric Flu!!! which was news to us. Naturally we had the 85 euro transfer admin fee waived.
The Norida Beach was much better for families however we still had to climb that hill! The children's entertainment was slightly better until mario (Juan) decided for each of his "sketches" (I use the term sketches lightly) consisted in him taking his clothes off to his underpants (great for the kids).

The beach is OK if you like gravel.

Check out the Chinese in the Norida Beach, its lovely grub and a great alternative to the monotony of the dining room cuisine.

Sorry to bore you all but I feel that families need to be warned as you work all year to take your kids away and the travel companies cannot always be relied on to give you the full picture.

We did make the best of a bad situation, it was just hard. Back to Florida next year.

My scores out of 10:-
Staff friendliness 8
Entertainment 1
Facilities 5
Location of services a big zero!
Leg muscle workout 10
Mosquito infestation 10

Alwyn D           

We spent two weeks in September 2003 at the hotel. First impressions were good, until we went down with food poisoning on the second night. In general the quality and choice of the food for a 5 star was appalling. Everybody we talked to was unhappy with both the food and the cost of the drinks. Having to watch everything you eat is not very relaxing, sharing it with the flies was another problem. We have complained to both the holiday company we booked with and the Mitsis Hotel group but they were disinterested.

Rota M

Costo di una settimana di soggiorno in camera doppia periodo fine maggio primi giugno.
Se possibile vorrei anche i prezzi dei voli dall'Italia e sapere da quali aereoporti
Mita Rota

Karen P           

just come back from summer palace 2nd oct 03 stayed for 2 weeks i agree with one comment about it been like a flee pit it was didnt want to eat anyting know entertainment nothing for my 3year old to do at all distgusting for a hotel that size beach was like walking on cat litter it cut you feet to pieces my daughter couldnt even make a sand castle out of that we will go back to kardamena but not back to summer palace never been 5 star



I was in the summer palace on holiday and i've meet the "maître d'hôtel" but i don't know how to join him. If you can help me, could you write a message here? Thanks a lot. Bye

Liz D

the same as everybody else ive booked to go to the summer palace in 3 weeks but am a bit concerned about the bad reports, is it really that bad?
i'm hoping for a relaxing holiday not a stinky flea pit, that everybody is saying
kind regards

John W

Has anyone else have any further comments on this hotel (The Summer Palace, Kos)? Thanks

Julie D

My friend and i are due to travel to the Summer Palace Hotel in less than three weeks. Having read some rather disturbing reviews, i am becoming rather worried. We booked through teletext and were told that this is a 5 star hotel. 5 star with who?Having looked in two brochures, they both rate as only 4 star. This is not such a problem, if the hotel is o.k. If anyone else has been recently and give me their opinion i would be most grateful. Can anyone put my mind at ease??

Annette P           

I spent the first week of May 2002 at the Summer Palace staying in the main part of the hotel. I had an enormous double room all to myself with a sea view. The hotel is very stylish and is lavishly decorated and furnished even my balacony had wicker furniture. The food was very good with a wide selection. The evening entertainment was poor although I would recommend the Greek Evening which was good fun. On the minus side I felt the hotel was rather isolated. There was a bus several times a day to Kardamena it was an hours walk otherwise. If you drive I would recommend hiring a car. The beach was horrid, like walking on cat litter but did have free sunbeds and parasols. I have read some bad reviews on other websites about this hotel which all seem to refer to problems later in the season. I always go to Greece in early May as it is cheap and bikini weather without it being too hot.


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