Sunshine Apartments

Accommodation in Kefalos

Bex G           

stayed here in august 04 and think its a real waste that it hasnt opened this year. loved the location, basically it was just great.

Sally C           

Accommodation adequate (tho' would have liked a double bed) - we wouldn't have gone self-catering in Greece if we were looking for luxury. However, the Studio did not appear to have been cleaned when we arrived, the floor was dirty (and didn't improve whilst we were there) and we had to defrost the fridge before we could get anything in the ice box, although we were glad we did as there was a 12-hour power cut in Kefalos and would otherwise have had a flood. Another time I think I would look for accommodation where the owners live on site and have more of an incentive in taking pride in keeping things clean. Otherwise the location is good, nice and quiet - although I think this is dependent on all guests valuing the peace.

Tony H

I know Kefalos quite well but cannot place these apartments. We are staying there in August and I would like to be able to place them in my own mind before we go. Can anyone help with the location of these apartments using the roundabout on the seafront as a reference? Also, the comment on this property states it is air conditioned, is this correct?
Thanks Tony.

Michael R           

absolutely brilliant accomodation, nice family run apartments.

i have been to nearly all of the greek islands and stayed in some right dives but this is something special
air conditioned its got the lot huge rooms, like those in america.