Jimmys Studios

Accommodation in Kefalos

Sally B           

Jimmy's Studios were excellent. They are ideally situated in Kefalos. I am 17 and i stayed here with my parents july 2004. The rooms were very clean and ideal for 2/3 people sharing, the beds were fine and there was extra rugs if you wanted them. There was a balcony with every studio- with nice views. There was a sink, fridge with a freezer compartment, cupboards with all cutlery and a wardrobe. There was also a dressing table with a mirror and 2 bed-side cabinets. Considering there wasn't any air conditioning, the room was still quite cool! Kos has a nice, warm breeze and it swept through the balcony doors and into the room. We didnt have any problems with insects, other than the old mozis! The cleaning lady came and changed the towels and the beds and mopped the floor and bathroom- which we thought was excellent!

The studios are on top of the owner's super market. The shop was excellent and the staff were so polite and friendly! and that goes for all people in Kos - especially the lady who works in 'better than asda' on the seafront. There are many places to eat and its cheap too. The bars are cool, i met a lot of young people too, Kefalos suited all ages! me and my friends used to get a taxi up to Kardemena- thats where its really happening! we all stuck together- it was brilliant. There are plenty of places to hire cars and that. Try and go to Kos Town! its a lovely town and it has a fabulous harbour. If you fancy it, go to Turkey for the day by boat. The weather was very very hot! it was 43 C almost everyday!

Well thats all i can think to say at the moment, but if you want to ask any questions, email me sally_hairdresser@hotmail.com

Stuart T           

my brother stayed at these apartments .they are very small.they sleep 3 people there are 3 beds in 1 room,which includes the kitchen area as well.then there is the bathroom.my brother stayed there with his wife and my 17 year old niece.they are not the ideal apartments when there are 3 adults sharing.they are really only for 2 adults but they have put another bed in the room.the location is good but you are on the main road.wouldn`t stay there if i was offered it.these rooms are with libra holidays.

David M

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