Vasiliki Studios

Accommodation in Kefalos

Paul W           

The comments about the Themis studios ( fit our experiences at the Vasiliki exactly! Since the Themis are immediately behind the Vasiliki, either the previous correspondent has them mixed up, or Libra specialise in apartments with smashed doors and flooded bathrooms! We also had problems with lights not working, and ended up buying a new bulb ourselves as there's no caretaker, and as previously remarked, the Libra reps are useless. In addition, we only had one visit from the cleaners in the week we were there!
On the other hand, the Vasiliki studios are in a great location, if you like peace and quiet, as they are about 5 minutes walk up the road from the harbour (towards Kefalos village) - practically the furtherest from the coastal resort centre (which is actually Kamari) you can get. Not so good if you like to have everything nearby. There's a great view over Kamari Bay if you get a balcony (and not the end apartment which is obscured by trees). If you like a view, I wouldn't recommend the Themis studios, as they are mainly behind Vasiliki, so the view from all but the end studio is just the rear of the Vasiliki!
Perhaps because we missed the 'welcome' meeting (due to poor directions), the Libra rep was unfriendly and unhelpful, culminating in them not picking us up for the return to the airport! This required a frantic phone call to the emergency line, but to give them their due, they sent a minibus specially and did get us to the airport in time!