Kefalos Apartments

Accommodation in Kefalos

David J           

We stayed at these apartments in 2003 (because we couldnt get Bel Passo which are just acoss the road) and I agree about the showers in fact  getting out one night  I slipped up and dislocated my finger, which cost me 50 euros to put back! (there was an excess of 65 euros on my insurance) Most apartments we have stayed in  in Greece are what we would call "Basic" but we only sleep there, its the place and people we go there for, they are so layed back and friendly. We went back to Bel Passo last year, but as Golden Sun have gone bust this year we are going with Manos staying at the Artemis apartments cant wait.

Jean E           

We were part of the May 14th 2004 wedding party . Had a brilliant time at the mayflower peros apartments. People ace wherever we went we hope to go back next year. Dimitri is top man !

Linda B           

perfectly situated.basic but clean. must go back.yep the dog does bark but so what, better than the noise of traffic

Dan M           

Kefalos studios were fine, quite new, so really clean. Shower was rubbish, little cooker gave electric shocks! The cleaning woman is very friendly, however she will try and do you for 30 euros to rent a fan you can actually buy for 20! All in all no grumbles!

Jacki H           

Kefalos Studios, well located in a quiet area, no traffic noise. studios in Kefalos are mostly all the same (with a few exceptions). The owners here are very nice people. Rooms cleans and quite spacious.

Gary D           

We were actually in Kefalos Studios, but i can't find an entry for them. They were bog standard: dodgy shower, some ants; but good door and windows, so no problem with mosquitos.

Jackie A           

the studios were fair, but the constant noise from the barking dogs drove us mad, along with all the other animals that were around, not for those who would like to be able to have a good nights sleep whilst on holiday, your more likely to have more peace and quiet at the zoo

Joe J           

Stayed there last summer, mike & his family (the owners)were so friendly. The resorts' bar owners were the best, friendly, helpful and stayed open late. What more could you ask for? A fabulous resort, a fantastic set of apartments.