Manolis Studios

Accommodation in Kefalos

Erica B

just got back from three wonderful weeks at the manolis studios as usual we had an amazing time treated like part of the family, and what a lovely greek family they are. thank you. richard and janette are now in house entertainment! all the very best to zack and zoe for the future xxx. with our love den and erica.Smile

Babis K

Hi Everybody Babis here just to let you all know that you can now contact me on email  or you can telephone my landline number  0033 2242071973 or my mobile number  6944123524.  

Best wishes to everyone.

Erica B          10/10

just got back from manolis kefalos. thank you for yet another wonderful holiday.even though manchester managed to lose my suitcase, somehow bambis sorted that too.thank you all for another wonderful time dennis and i had a ball as always. see you next year.Tongue

Erica B

 could,nt book manolis for this sept, but booked a week at maritsa with flights and transfers,through hays travel.  hope bambis gets sorted for next year,as have no confidence in dream holidays whatsoever.  Looking forward to seeing manolis family, and relaxing by the pool in a few weeks time

Lisa M

 Hi Lee/ Richard

Can you update me, who can I book with? or is Bambis taking direct room bookings, and we just find our own flights? I completely agree with you Richard - it's not worth chancing these little travel firms. Not been for over two years and it would be great to see the family again.  Possibly looking for end of this season if not, def. next summer. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Lisa @ Manchester

Lee & dawn S

Just spoke to Bambis this morning, he & the family are fine, (95 degrees today!) Asked him if we could book for Sept, "no problem" Bambis said, "everything is fine at manolis". Flights to kos have gone up in price since the demise of  KISS FLIGHTS, but if you 'troll' the internet some flights are reasonable, i found two seats with Monarch for 400 return. When i meet up with Bambis i will ask if they are taking bookings for 2011. If anyone needs any information you can contact me on :- 01824702376.



Kevin D

  we visited bambis in may when we were staying at billys . we are very wary about using small travel companies for obvious reasons we were considering flight only and paying bambis for the room but this works out far too expensive and again is very dodgy after 2 hits with xl and libra so unless bambis signs up to one of the big guys we regretfully have to stay elsewhere which is a great shame after 6 years at manolis

Richard M

 Has anyone managed to book for next year yet (2011) we have been trying for a couple of weeks now, seriously hope we don't have the same fiasco we had this year, really hope Bambis gets his act together.

James P

Pat & me celibrated our 1st anniversary in Kefalos on the 5thJune2010. WE stayed at the Athinoula Hotel as we found it very difficult to book a room at Manolis Studio (we hope it gets sorted for next years holiday).

 Most of our days were spent around the pool at Manolis Studio where once again Babis  and his family made us very welcome.Next year it would be great to stay at Manolis Studio .
It was great to see Stella & as usual she was as helpful as always . Stella we will get the photos of you and your daughter developed & get them to you soon as we have family coming out soon for a short stay
  Love to you all
    James & Pat.

Richard M

 Just been on to Bambis, Manolis Studios can be booked on went on to have a look, i think people will be better off ringing the 0845 number, but you can see for yourselves, good luck, hope to see you all out there in June/July, take care, Richard & Jeanette.

Richard M

Lorraine, if you would like to give me or Jeanette a ring on 01761 433994, we will be glad to give you Bambis' number, I don't want to put it on the web site without Bambis' permission and I can't get hold of him these last couple of days, take care, Richard.

Lorraine F

could someone give me bambis telephone number PLEASE I want to book end of may


Erica B

we have had no luck in getting any sense out of mr vassils either no return of phone calls as promised nothing. not happy at all.not sure what we can now do.any ideas? den erica and family.

Tom T

  I have also spoken to mr vassalis and he said he would be in touch in early april whe the flights come on sale.  If i have not heard from him soon i will ring him again to see what is happening and hope that he can end the frustration! 

Richard M

 Has any body actually managed to book anything yet, spoke to Bambis the other day and he doesn't understand why Mr Vassilis would'nt let any of the brits book before April, Bambis seemed to be getting a little concerned, has anyone got any good news??????? I fear it could be a very quiet Kefalos this year!!

M D          8/10

Please can anyone give me the answers to the following:-

1)Do the studios have 24 hour hot water

2)Air con  if so what is the price in Studio or Apartment
3)Access to safe perferably in room although another hotel / apartment close by would be fine.

4)Not on any hillside as the other half not good going up slopes with or without alcohol.
5) Email address or phone number

Julie J          10/10

just phoned the telephone number that richard sent was told holiday will  be on sale next month they took my name and telephone number me and donald are booking for august manolis here we come

Richard M

 For all you Manolis Marauders, just been speaking to Bambis, 1930, 05 March 10, he has given me the following number which should enable us to book in the apartments, 02083442000, and ask for Mr Vassilis??, good luck, see you all out there, with luck!!!

Richard M

 Spoke to Bambis last night, they have been very busy trying to sort things out and I think! they have, he told me he is going to phone around every one in his book and let them know how to book up, if he hasn't got your number then he is going to send out letters and fingers crossed we will all get the much needed holiday we deserve.

Kevin D

spoke to bambis last night and he should know by the end of the month about a new contract

Richard M          10/10

Lisa, hi, me and Jeanette are doing fine thank you, mind you Jeanette had a bit of a scare back in September, spoke to Bambis the other day and although things are a bit in the air at the moment, he is quietly confident that they will get a contract with someone, but as soon as he let's me know, I'll drop you a line, Jeanette and I are going over for a whole month next year, but staying up in the village. All the best Richard.

Lisa M

Cry  Help !!! I believe Libra have ceased trading - does anyone know how I can book for the Manolis summer 2010?  Not been for a couple of years and would love to see the Manoli family again. Richard and Jeanette, not seen you for a couple of years - hope you're well and to see you in the summer.

Kevin D

  just been notified by my tavel agent allbury/libra gone bust will now have to find another route to revisit manolis we were booked to go in may as usual

Susan L

well i hope all you manolis marauders are wintering ok.all i can say is roll on june 2010.
hope you all have a good xmas,keep on the bricks!!!
dave&sue leese

Richard M          10/10

 Got to concur with Sue Leese, all booked up ready for our whole MONTH, yep, 28 days stay, really can't wait for the 9th June 2010 so we get to meet up again with all the old gang, and hopefully meet some new ones, see you all soon.

Rich & Nettie