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Accommodation in Kefalos

Kevin and beverly H


Tom K

Hi Donna, I would book my car in the village there are a few along the street and they are the same companies in nearly all the villages. Also you can contact Janet on 22420071900 or fax 2242071900 and e-mail Enjoy your stay we did and are back again in April

Donna T

Hi.. Me and my family have booked to stay at the Pantheon Hotel in Kos from 29th July - 8th August 2012.. we're all very excited. Please can anyone help me out with any suggestions on cheap car hire, is it worth waiting to just hire one from the airport when we get there or cheaper to hire one from here? If so can anyone recommend any good companies? Also has anyone got the hotel's email address as I have had to book two rooms for my family and would like to request for them to be next door to each other if possible? And a high floor to take advantage of the fabulous views. Many Thanks Donna

Phillip M

Sorry, Tim, we get in at 9.10 p.m.!  Perhaps at the airport!  Lucky to be going there actually with the strike and all!  Only finally confirmed this afternoon our flight is leaving on 20th!

I trust you had a good holiday, as usual, at the Pantheon.  After our heatwave a few weeks ago, be assured tis cold 'ere at the moment.  Just to get you in the mood to book the next one!

Tim B          10/10

Hi Phillip...

We go home on the 20th..might meet you in passing..

Phillip M

When are you there?  I am coming on the 20th for a week.



Tim B          10/10

Hi all..

Well thats done it ... just paid for the holiday, booked the wheels, cringed at the Euro exchange rate .... Just the spends to get together and we'll be there in October....
Sue & Tim B

Phillip M

Hello Nick

Directions to Pantheon.

1.  As you drive out of the airport, there is a petrol station on your right.  Immediately turn left - you pass the Carrefour/Marinopoulos supermarket on your right but steer on the left as you do so!  This is a two-way road.

2.  At the immediate junction, turn left towards Kefalos.  Mind the bends.

3.  After about 8 kilometres, the road straightens and you go past the famous beaches on your left - Paradise beach and Camel beaches being the last.

4.  There is a petrol station on your right as you go up a slight hill:  immediately you will see a sign for "Trust" cars.  Turn right straight away just after the sign and continue on this slip road to the Pantheon apartments, bearing left as you approach them.  Take care of the small crossroads.

The main road has now been developed and Carrefour have taken over Dia at the airport.  Kalo taxidi!  Still the best place to stay, in my opinion.

Phillip Morgan

Phillip M

click to enlarge click to enlarge Hello Kate and Neil

Just got back (again).  Try:

This is the direct e-mail address.  They now seem to have settled with Thomas Cook, Via Mare  and Easy Jet for block bookings.  From what I gather, it will be more difficult to book separately and privately, though just contact Janet direct and ask.

Also, if you just google cheap holidays to Kos or last minute holidays to Kos, info should appear.  I have stayed at the Pantheon since 2005 so please do not hesitate to mention my name as we are friends.

Some people also rely upon cancellations, as a few did whom I met last week.

Phillip Morgan

Kate A

We stayed at the Pantheon studios in Kefalos last year and want to go again this year however we cannot find any sites to book through. Does anyone know if it is only private bookings now and how we can book?

Kate and Neil

Tim B          9/10

Woo hoo... booked for a week in October ..can't wait already...

Tim & Sue

Nick M

Hi, i will be going to the pantheon studios in september 15 from Kos airport by car. Does anyone have address of Pantheon studios, or how to get there. Thanks!

Ceee C

Hi, can anyone tell me if there is air conditioning at these apartments please?

Sue B

Hi never been th Kefalos before and booked to go 13th May - staying at Pantheon. Just wondered how far it is to walk to bars/retuarants etc

Sara B          10/10

Woo Hoo, good news all you pantheon lovers, the pantheon is now available to book through thomas cook once again !!!!! Hope you all have a lovely summer....

Phillip M

I am so looking forward to returning to the Pantheon, Kefalos, Platia Elefteria and Kartoulis Fast Food Specialist, Magic Beach, Nissiros and a day trip to Turkey.  Oops, almost forgot the peacocks at Plaka.  And the sponges in Kalymnos!

Having just experienced the sad fires of Attiki on the mainland, and the mad island of Myconos, I feel rather more comfortable on Kos.  Sure, you will get fined for not wearing a helmet or seatbelt here, but at least the Police care!  On Myconos, it is total anarchia!

Those views from the Pantheon have spiked my heart and memory:  only Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland has a similar effect.  Viva the Pantheon and inhabitants.  See you soon, but not in Sounion!

Phillip, Will, Helen and Mick - not from Mick Ornos:  get it?  Ornos is a town on Myconos!  Never again.  Only the Pelican loved my music!  I am joking, somewhat. 

O Kos, why do I love you so much?
Because you are such!

Phillip Morgan

Tim B

Hi all...

Well after a late night arrival home from the Pantheon I had to just drop a line to all of you.
Once again we have had a wonderful time and felt really bad to leave... again.. however we have had a great time.
This time we stayed for two weeks which was just right, we hired a scooter from Trust and had a great time zipping around the island and seeing things we didn't get chance to see before, beaches, Mastihari, and Kalymnos. Had lovely meal at Limionis on our wedding anniversary ( all that was on the menu was shrimps and grilled fish but god it was good ) which we wouldn't have been able to do unless we had transport
And to all at the Pantheon, THANK YOU we will see you again as soon as we possibly can !!
Best Wishes
Sue & Tim Bickerdike

Keith K          9/10

click to enlarge

You can now book the Pantheon Studios in Kos direct with Thank you

Phillip M          10/10

Hello fellow readers.  I have lived in Greece from 1978 to 1980 as a musician and teacher and have travelled around many of the islands.  I have visited Kos several times since 1988, and often play my violin in Kos town.  I have always chosen to stay in Kefalos since it seems to have a timeless quality and, as the Greeks say, it has "eesichia" - it is peaceful!

Since 2005 I have enjoyed staying at the Pantheon:  the hospitality is par excellence, as are the views.  I always cry whenever I leave and, believe me, I have made many friends on this island over the years.  I can recommend Manolis at the Fast Food Specialist in Kefalos old Town, as a good friend and cook, for example.

It somewhat saddens me to read the occasional, derogatory review with the usual nit-picking about this or that, when most of my fellow British citizens know full well that they would not obtain such a holiday, at such a price, in our own land, or with the amazing blue sky, sea and starry nights with their associated philosophical effects on the soul and, indeed, body!  The people in Kefalos are, simply, great:  my Greek is not perfect, but they love you for trying! 

Having digested some of these reviews, it would seem that some people go to Greece for the wrong reasons.  Kos, for example, like all the islands, possesses its own charm and idiosyncratic character, as well as the historical ruins etc.  Kefallinia, for example, is the complete antithesis of this island in all kinds of ways!  Kos is fantastic, Kefalos is one of the most beautiful places and has, contrary to some reviewers, some fantastic beaches - but dare I not tell you all where they are!

Last but not least, Janet and Panos, Maria and Babis, and the cleaning staff are fantastic, too.  Like all of us, we are only human!  As Shakespeare said:  "Life is not a walk through a garden of roses."  However, whenever I go to, or come back from Kos, I feel totally invigorated and replenished and good to be alive!  So do my two offspring, too!

Phillip Morgan

Sara B          10/10

hi, just for anybody wanting to book the pantheon apartments after this year they are no longer using travel agents as it will be all private bookings, janets email address is if you have never been here before i highly recommend it, its a home away from home.

Allison C


You can book a late check out at the Pantheon but you will have to do it when you get there. It's 20 euros to keep the room till 8pm

Cheryl O

Hi, I will be going to the Pantheon Apartments in August 08 and wish to book a late check out room. Does anyone have a contact number or email address?


Allison C


Some apartments have air con, some don't. You can hire a fan at a small charge but because the Pantheon is on a hill there is always a good breeze. The only time I have ever need a fan there was last year when we arrived in the middle of a heat wave. When I was there in June this year it was quite hot but still didn't need a fan for the apartment.

Helen A

hello just wondered if anyone can help, I'm hoping to go here in august - is there any air conditioning in these apartments?

Allison C

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The Pantheon is about 1 1/2 miles from the centre of the resort. They run a little green bus to the centre of the resort at 10am, 1:30pm, 6pm, 10pm and the last one coming  back 10:30pm.
I have walked to the centre of the resort several times and going down the hill is fine, coming back up is a little harder but not so bad if it's night time and cool.
By the way, you will love the Pantheon. I've been 4 times. Was there in June this year and going back for my 5th visit in September
I've added a picture I took this year from my apartment.