Stop In

Restaurants in Kefalos

Terry A

we wish you a good season Irene and family from the man with no hair.

Val S          10/10

Our first time at the Stop Inn, waitress lovely and friendly, food and service was excellent.

Just B

Lovely hostess, with the biggest smile on the island!  The bread was the best we tasted anywhere and the homemade chessecake was excellent.  The mixed vegetarian plate was excellent value and this was one of the few places that offered anything other than pasta or pizza for veggies.  Husband thought the rabbit stifado was the best meal all holiday. 

Terry A          10/10

Another place we like good food great chef and a very lovelly lady host and her son we always look forward to seeing you are so bubbly and sweet bless the hands of your husband the cook.

John A

Absolutely brilliant, everything here is just so good.  Please try the liver and onions, it is so, so tasty

Sophie S          6/10

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loved your food:)

Wayne S

loved the food great barstaff and great hostess

Brett D          3/10

Friendly staff baddly let down by the food and location.

Set back off the road, meat very fatty and swimming in oil and chicken so tough you could bounce it off the floor. May have caught them on a bad day but most people we spoke to in the resort when we were there had the same view.

Terry A

As always good food good price and a very pleasant hostess

Bryan S           

Makes up for its (relatively) poor location with excellent cooking at cheap prices.  Had the best aubergine I have ever eaten (fried eggplant starter), and then superb baked pork in orange sauce special, served with roasted and steamed vegetables.  Lisa, equally excellent cheese sganaki and meatballs.  Complimentary liquers to finish - a very good find.


Karen & paul J           

Ate here on the 3rd night of our recent two week holiday and then ate there every night after as it was fantastic - would reccommend all of the specials, moussaka, gyros plate, souvlaki, carbonara, spinach pie and lamb kleftiko.

Diana & neil E           

Fantastic food , made with really fresh local ingredients. We highly recommend the Chick pea croquettes and the best Moussaka in Kefalos!

Linda C           

we visited the restaurant on a quiet night, this did not seem to give any differant kind of service given to other people we spoke to on a busy night.  the staff were very friendly and pleasant.  meal very appertising and well presented.

Pen D           

Great food, excellent service. May not have the sea views, but with first class food and atmosphere, who needs the sea???? 

Heather W           

Have visited Stop Inn at least twice during each of our ten years to Kefalos and always found it to be very good. However, this year we were all a little disappointed, starters were fine - Prawn Saganaki is still first rate,as was the other starters we had, but all of our main courses were not very good at all. And we found service slow which is most unusual. I will say in their defence however that the lights were out due to power cuts for a time and they were relying on emergency generators but a fair amount of tables seemed to be getting served before us.
This will not stop us going again though next year!

Monty M           

Good food. Excellent value for money and the only place we ate two nights running during our week. Irini was the consumate hostess and we would recommend this place without hesitation. Complimentary drinks were appreciated and seen as a nice way to end the meal (Stamatia should learn from this)!
Not the best of locations but well worth a visit and seemed very popular by eight pm - early by Greek standards to eat.

Martin & esther S           

The ‘Stop In’ is set back further from the main road than others, which gives the advantage of reducing road noise, but the disadvantage of not capitalising on the sea views. We might not have chosen this unassuming restraint had it not been for recommendations on this web site, but we were glad that we did. Not least because they had one of the most extensive vegetarian sections of any menu we saw in the resort.
The owner, Irini, is really delightful and so genuinely friendly. She kept referring to us as the ‘lovely family’ as she took our order and delivered our food. She went out of her way to speak to our daughters and nothing was too much trouble. Someone else said that she made them feel like a special customer, and I think that is her way. It’s another family run place and when her son returned home from music practice she made a big fuss of him in the middle of the restaurant before going through his homework – there is no artificial cut off point between work and home life in this sort of place. You almost feel part of the family, eating in their front room some times.
We ate a vegetarian mixed Greek plate and vegetarian Moussaka, and both were excellent. At the end of the meal we were presented with complimentary liqueurs and our daughters were each given a handful of sweets to take away. More like visiting a friend for dinner than a commercial transaction! Visit the Stop In and get the Irini treatment yourself.

Tom H           

We ate at this restaurant every night for two weeks and I never ordered the same dish twice. If I could rate the service offered higher than excellent I would certainly do so. The servce offered by Irini and Toni is wonderful. We will be back in 2005.

Karen P           

Lovely food and the great thing is you can get potatoes instead of the standard chips that you get most places.

Heather W           

John - what is Beef Stamna, not heard of this one before? Know what you mean with Irini - she's lovely.

John A           

i'm adding a comment 'cos i'm going to Kefalos again in June, and know this place well. Its the only taverna open all year and the owner Irini we welcome you with a great big Heeelllloooo.Treat yourself to a delightful beef stamna which hubby Tony cooks, its great.You always get a little drinkie when you pay the bill and you don't always want leave. Go there and enjoy.

Natalie S           

I would thoroughly reccomend this taverna! Very tasty food, extensive menu and cheap prices. The main lady, did not catch her name but she was very professional, made you feel like a special customer and was very pleasant. Had the pork keebabs and that went down a treat. It was very busy though. She gave us free liquers at the end of the meal. If anyone goes there, I am sure they will not be dissappointed. Another good one is Stamatia!

Heather W           

Anyone going next year to Kef - try this place and try the Prawn Saganaki as a starter - it's to die for!!

John N           

forgot to add that this restaurant along with maria and aphrodite seemed to be the busiest.

John N           

ate here first night and loved it so we went again on the last night lovely service and one of the best kleftico`s i`ve had.