Restaurants in Kefalos

Terry A

As per my original post I did not Realise tha Suzzane was the Manager, If you look at my post it said the Waitress i.e Suzzane was ok infact she was very pleasant and did a good job my Beef was not with her it was the extremely cold Tatties and the young lady on the cash register who threatened me with a visit from the police . I have done what i said I would and told the www. so I had a bad meal all I can do is say very sorry Suzzane for my mistaking you as the waitress and i shall vote with my feet and wallet in future visits .

Tracey B          10/10

My husband and I visited Scorpios restaurant many times during our stay in Kefalos from 7.7.11 to 21.7.11 and sampled many different dishes. All of which were of excellent quality , everything from Chilli to Indian to English food . The excellent standard of the meals was only surpassed by the fantastic staff , Suzanne was lovely ,helpful and explained and even apologised if food may take a while as it was being cooked to order . Maria was a fantastic hostess always took the time to have a conversation and even all her family chatted to us and made us feel very welcome ,almost like being at home.

We have visited Kefalos on many occassions and also eaten in Scorpios many times over the years and have never encountered either a bad meal nor bad staff.
I would like recommend this restaurant to everyone and we can't wait to come back next year.
Well Done Maria and Suzanne .... keep up the good work .... see you soon
Tracey and Dennis

Alexander E          10/10

 Well what can I say other than well done you lot! You all really made our holiday! Great food the stifado and chicken souvlaki were amazing and the kids loved the play area you have. Only problem is we put on far too many kilos back to reality again. Thank you for everything we will be back to Kefalos next year. Keep up the good work!!!! Can we borrow your chefs for our sons engagement. lol

Rosanna M          10/10

I must disagree with Mr. Angell. The Scorpios that my husband and I ate at was just perfect. I can't complain about anything. We ordered Chinese and Thai food which was delicious. The service we received was first class. The manager, Maria, looked after us and her staff were extremely helpful and attentive. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone staying in Kefalos.

Terry A

A few years ago the meals were nice but just back this weekend from kos and scorpios food was a dire dissapoint ment. the waitress was ex olympic rep who was fine. our starters were ok but then the main arrived my wifes food luke warm my food on the face of it looked okay until i cut into the potatoes and wow frozen to the core. unfit to consume so I returned it to the woman Manager who informed me the meal was okay because there was nothing wrong with the steak. i was willing to pay for my wifes food starter and drinks but not my food. which she replied with I will call the police to you then not wishing to scare my wife I payed up and left the premises . I would advise folks who do not want food poisoning to stay well away from there. Rating minus any number you like nasty food and nasty woman manager

Just B

This was always very busy but am not entirely sure why.  Although the bhajis, poppadoms etc were good, the curries themselves were tasteless, seeming to consist of frozen vege and pataks-type sauces.  V disappointing.  The apple pie was fab though.

Nick G          10/10

Scorpios...... Well what can i say the food is out of this world and there is lots of choice on the menu. The staff are wonderful and so friendly. With out doubt the best resturant in keflos. Cant wait to go back there next year.


Angela C

Is there a restaurant next to Scorpio's?  If so, does anyone know the name of it?

Am going to Kefalos in August, staying at Athinoula Hotel, any comments about this place?

Terry A          10/10

Must say enjoyed my greek mezze was such a pity to eat it because it was a work of art and also enjoyed the ouzo to wash down the octopus  Bravo will visit again next trip out

Neil J          10/10

Scorpios is our chosen restaurant for the first and last night of every holiday as well as several nights in between. Choice of food is excellent and we have never had a bad meal in the last dozen or so years that we have been going to this resort. I would recommend it to anyone.

Robert J

Scorpios came with good recommendation, so we had high hopes for the evening.
45 mins after ordering our drinks we got them, another 25 for our first course, when the first course arrived
we were told that one of the meals was off. They could have said at the start there was a problem.
when my curry arrived the rice was cold and the sauce was boiling hot, I complained they took it away and microwaved it.
we had 4 people eating different courses at different times, disaster
Several other parties arrived after us and were all seated and served before us.
Bad service, indifferent staff and cold food, expensive as well, next time we'll stick to Hub.
wouldn't recommend this at all

John A          1/10

Having read the reviews before going to Kefalos we were really looking forward to enjoying a meal in Scorpios, but sadly it turned out to be the most expensive and the poorest meal that we had during our 2 weeks in Kos. We both regularly eat Indian food and thought that it would be a change from the Greek food that we both enjoy. Really though we have never before been to an Indian resturant that does not have, Popadums, Nan bread, Chapati's or Parata and to offer Pitta bread (which is from the Middle East) is an insult to true Indian cuisine. The Indian menu was also very limited in its choice of dishes and the dish which I asked for, that was on the menu they no longer did. The basic curry that my wife had was glutinous and tasteless. Would not recommend this restuarant to anyone who appreciates Indian food. 

Martin H          10/10

 2nd time in Kefalos and once again ate most evenings in Scorpios simply because it's the best restaurant in the resort. The food is always excellent and always freshly prepared. The menu has loads of choice and nothing is too much trouble for the friendly staff and the 2 chefs who work tirelessly all day/night long. Portions are generous and they're not piled high with food that you don't want as is the case in most restaurants.  Prices are not as expensive as people make out, there's not many places where 2 people can eat out  for 20 including drinks.
I can assure you once you've eaten at Scorpio's, you will go back!
Enjoy !!
  Martin & Claire

Debs&judy B          10/10

 Since coming to kefalos for the last 10yrs

I have tryed most of the resturants & taverns
There is only 1 that i can say" is best place to go for an evening meal
& that is SCORPIOS
Staff are welcoming & very polite & also smartly dressed
FOOD Variety of dishes on the menu to many to name
Hope to try most of the dishes
Dont know how to pronounce names of dishes on menu
BUT I must say" Food tastes 3,000 times better than my pronouciation
If you want Quality go to SCORPIOS & YOU WILL GET QUALITY
Hope to see you soon 
     P.S. Its raining.WELL DONE 
  The Terrible two

Sandra S          7/10

hi there bein to greece for a few years and will be visitng again this summer and cant wait for it there is a few good restaurants to visit including scorpios and aussie bbq altho slightly expensive u get great value for money and the food is great u should try them out!

Jim C           

Ate here 4 times after trying Captain John , Stamatis and Rainbow . True this was the most expensive but had such a great variety of food we just came back to try something different from greek food since Kefalos is nothing like Greece ( Wind blown dusty and not finished the worse resort I've been in in 20yrs of Greece). The Curries were the best outside of the UK and better than some  were I live and the 2 Indian chefs do a fantastic job of turning out the food . Were else you find a resteraunt with only 2 chefs that offered so much variety , certainly no where else on Kos . Saved the holiday .

Kim B           

Food was good quality, service was slow ( even worse when the place was busy ) - the two indian chefs were excellent. However, do not expect any classic sauces from this establishment - The Pepper sauce and Diane sauce served with the steaks were nothing but the same watery brown gravy which covered the meal. The facile australian manager claims these are variations on a theme ! check the prices of the drinks before you order - they are very expensive compared to other restaurants................

Gren T           

absolutely no complaints with standard or quality of food although at times you are mislead when chosing your food as sauces vary from what you may be accustomed to.maybe i am being a little too finnicky.
the service could however be improved as at times they struggle when restaurant gets full. still when on holiday your not in any hurry other than maybe suffering from hunger.
we will however be back soon.

Karen & paul J           

Food was good but thought it was a bit expensive compared to other places in the resort.

Charles F           

Had a last night meal there with new friends. Everyone was very satisfied with the food, just a bit above avererage pricewise

Terry M           


Linda C           

on our first night in Kefalos we visited the restaurant and was more than happy with the meal and service.  decided to go back later in the holiday and were very disappointed.  after being given our drink we sat for 25 minutes were upon a number of other people were coming into the restaurant and being given drink and having food order taken.  when i approached a member of staff re this they did not seem at all bother i offered to pay for the dring before leaving.  they did not take pay.

Sara C           

We ate at Scorpios twice during the week that we stayed in Kefalos and you never go back if it isn't goo the first time!!  Very good food.

Gerry F           

We tried a variety of dishes from the menu when we visited Nov 2004.Each was delicious and it was obvious they used fresh ingredients. the meals were subtley flavoured and did not overpor the tastebuds. It was near the end of the season but they made us very welcome,

Phil K           

This place is quite nice, with freindly staff, but is possibly the
most overpriced restaurant on the whole Island! The food was
nice, but in my opinion no better than other places.