Aussie Steak House

Restaurants in Kefalos

Peter Clinton          9/10

My wife and I were greeted warmly by Madeline on arrival.I had Spag bol at only 4 euros and my wife had Mousaka which were superb.We were given complimentary wine and for value and quality the meal could not be bettered.

Just B          7/10

The pasta arabiata was very good: really spicy!  Hubby was impressed with his mixed grill.  V nice garlic bread too.

Andy S

Superb freshly cooked food at great prices.
Well done to all......The T-bone was the dog's

Kathy E          10/10

Have been going back to Kefalos for years and the food is unbeatable.... You may complain that you pay to much but fresh meat is not served in many restaurants so you pay for what you eat.

The staff are just great with great wit and humour, Madeline, Joyce and Kristina do an amazing job and sould be congratulated.

Caroline M          9/10

Great food if you fancy a change from Greek. Buzzing atmosphere, great girls and always busy !

Sophie N          9/10

the special is a must... to die for!! some ppl have their opinions on the place but personally they tlking out of their a***s!! the service and food is fantastic value for money- n the chicken ppl complainign bout- well its greece not england so chickens gna b different!!! duh!!!!


Tony H          10/10

Did not have an evening meal here, but the full English breakfast is excellent!!!

Sandra S          10/10

i cant wait to go back to kefalos in the summer as i think it is a wonderful place to take the family. when we are we are most frequent visitors to the aussie bbq with my husband always having the new yorker t-bone and myself having swordfish with my two kids having fish'n'chips and the aussie burger! so i was pretty dissappointed by the ratings on this site because it is a really good restaurant so you should give it a try the next time you are in kefalos!

Gerry T          10/10

i have bein goin 2 kefalos for a few years know with my wife altho we missed out last year we will be goin bk this summer and the aussie bbq is our most favourite restaraunt and feel the ratings on this are ridicolous and unjustified, ok mite be a little more expensive but its better value from money that u get in other of the restaraunts on the resort, and is that not what u pay for! on our last visit we had the surf and turf and oh my god it was increddible! ill say u should try it out if u go back this year i know we will be!

Kathy H           

Was just reading some of the comments on this page and now I know why they call you lot the WINGING POMS. We have been going back to Kos (Kefalos) every 2 years and The Great Aussie BBQ is our favourite restaurant.  Quality Food, service and at the end of the day you get what you pay for.  If some of you wingers saw past the price and enjoyed quality meals then you wouldnt be rating some of the other restaurants on this web site as great. (Look beyond the dining room into their kitchens (OMG)

Madeline lived in Australia for 30 years so I could say that makes her an Aussie and for the staff well you are visiting Greece dont forget.
For those of you for havent yet tried it........ Give it a try and see for yourselves.

Michaela W           

My family and I just have to say the rating for this eaterie is totally undeserved. We have been to the restaurant  3 years on a trot. The service is always friendly, you are greeted warmly. My kids always want to go here and they are partic ular teenagers! The cheese saganaki and chicken goujons are their faves. Myself  I like the calamari, it's delicious! The steaks are very generous and the sword fish is excellent. In fact we have tried most dishes and they are really great. A more generous host than the owner, Magdalena you will be hard to find! Also this year they have a really cheeky waiter called Elias , he's great!Go eat here it's fab!

Kim B           

Food quality below average, service poor and not an australian in sight ! Bland, tasteless and uninteresting 


Poor meal.

not sure what I ate but didnt taste like any chicken I'd ever had before...poorly cooked too
had to leave the meal, and we didnt return during rest of the hol

Brian W           

We ate at the Aussies BBQ in July, we had been before in 2002, we enjoyed the meals both times and quite honestly thought the zero rating was not deserved. The food was of a high standard and service  although attentive was not intrusive. We will go again if we re-visit Kefalos.

I had the Rib eye steak it was cooked as I like steak to be cooked, my wife had chicken.

Jude M           

My fiancÚ and I ate here once at the beginning of June 2006. Although it was more expensive than other places the food and staff were very nice. It's definitely worth a try if you're wondering where to eat one night.

Ebba R           

     we were in kefalos in 2002 and enjoyed all the restanrants but the great aussie barbie as it was then was our particular favourite   we found the food to be good quality, value for money and the atmosphere and service were top rate

my father has finally managed to get back to kefalos and will be enjoying himself  at the aussie barbie this june

Linda C           

young lady very pleasant and happy to assist.  meal although not the best we had while in Kefalos it was not the worst.

Wendy F           

I had the pork Slouvaki and it really wasnt that nice, in fact it was still pink in the middle. Service was rubbish, some people have walked out of there before.

Maria K           

I visted the Aussie Steak House while travelling Greece during the Olympics. I can honestly say that it was the best meal I had during my 2 months stay in Greece. The price was excellent - value for money PLUS!!!! I am going back again next year and dining in this restaurant every evening. WELL DONE!!!

Jamie N           

Best In Kefalos, ate there nearly every night, meals a little over the price i would av payed.. but very nice meals.. Staff are superb

Paul L           

Best meal in Kefalos, great service and the steak was great

Chris W           

Quality of food was fine but there are a lot better in Kefalos than this on average a meal for 4 adults was costing around 60euros in here it was 100 euros and the food was no better.Been to Kefalos nine times now and only went back here as our friends were in resort for first time,will not be going back to Aussie Steak House(RIP OFF)

Patricia W           

long time to wait, small meals, quite expensive not recommended unless u like to wait a long time for ur meal and u like steak.

Suzy & dan            

Not cheap and not quick if busy but the food is excellent. The best Fillet Steak I've ever eaten in my life and to be honest was quite happy to pay the price. The house wine really not good though, have something else! Waitresses all lovely

Graham E           

Was quite quiet when we arrived, service was superb to begin with. Starter arrived (Combo for 2) Very Nice. Steaks arrived (2 x Sirloin)....No Steak Knives !!!...Its a bleeding steak house !!! Steaks not very nice, restaraunt got busier as we ate, finished main course, waitress swept plates from the table with neither a 'would you like to see the dessert menu' or 'was the meal ok ??', waited twenty minutes to order some coffee. Got pretty pissed at being ignored, put money on table and left. Both my partner and I have waited tables before and I do appreciate how busy it was but no excuses for ignoring customers. Didn't / Wouldn't go there again