Therma Beach - (Beaches on Kos)

Anne K          8/10

The visit to Therna is well worth it.  One euro each way on the bus from Kos Town.  The bus is the no.5 and goes from outside the bus ticket office by the harbour at a quarter to every hour.  It's cheaper to buy tickets direct from the office as you will be charged more on the bus.  Once you get there the road down is fairly steep and dusty with dramatic cliffs so save the refreshments for when you get back to the top and are waiting for the bus back.  The water is boiling where it comes out of the rocks and warmer than a normal bath in the rest of the pool.  We went on 17th October and the weather was gorgeous but you could visit when its cloudy as the water will warm you up if the wind blows (as it sometimes does).  The beach is not good, small gritty sand (?) and if you want to go into the sea take some flipflops as everyone was groaning in agony trying to walk on the sand and the bigger, sometimes slippery rocks, under the water.  The view from the beach is fabulous.  The cafes at the top provide good, reasonable snacks and drinks (along with residents goats) and the staff are great, as are all the wonderful people we met on Kos, nearly everyone speaks English and are very friendly and helpful.  Just one great outing of many!

Kos Town - (Resorts on Kos)

Anne K          9/10

Just returned this morning from a week at Psalidi which is a 45 minute walk along the seafront from Kos Town.  Absolutely fantastic holiday, the place, the weather and the people were brilliant. You can spend a whole week wondering around the town discovering new little streets and sights each time.  The journey on the little blue train from the waterfront is great, it runs every hour from 10.00 a.m. and costs 4 euros.  It goes through the streets of the town and climbs up to the Roman ruins where Hippocrates studied medicine.  The views from here over the bay to Turkey are fantastic.
You can wonder along by the harbour where very persuasive people will try and sell you trips on their boats.  We went on one to Bodrum and also the ones to three islands, both excellent days out.  Beware they leave at Greek time (in other words never on time).  The boat to Bodrum was supposed to leave at 9.30, we set sail at 11.00 a.m. but the wait was well worth it.  The three islands trip was the most relaxing experience I have ever had, sunbathing on the deck between islands, barbeque lunch was included. There are great cafes everywhere and all food and drink is very reasonable, the waiters speak English and are very polite and helpful.
It was quieter because it was October and this was good and just the right temperature (28-30 degrees) for wondering around.  Give it a try!

3 Island Cruise - (Kos Excursions)

Anne K          10/10

The three island cruise was the most relaxing experience of my life.  What better way to see the Greek islands than sunbathing on the deck of a boat, stopping for a bbq lunch.  Totally amazing day, we went on the Aprodite but the Katrina does sound good having read the reviews now we've got back.  The weather has been great this past week so the trips were still availabe and we went on Friday, 19th October. What a lovely place Greece is and the people are wonderful.

Kipriotis Panorama - (Accommodation in Psalidi)

Anne K          10/10

Absolutely unbelievable, the best hotel I've ever stayed in.  When we drew up outside on the minibus from the airport there were gasps of envy from the other people on board.  It is like something from a film set.  The rooms was enormous, about 11 feet x 30 feet I'd guess, with two beds, one king size and one large single, fridge, sofa, more wardrobes and drawers than you'll ever need, large bathroom, brilliant, easy to operate shower, dining room table with four chairs, balcony with table and chairs and lovely view.  The bar is lovely, loads of comfortable seating and good, reasonable waitress service.  Loads of comfy seating in the massive reception area.  Restaurant is lovely, staff very friendly and helpful.  Quite a good choice of dishes, let's remember it's difficult to cater for and please everyone. We only got back this morning but our experience was that the nationalities at the hotel were mixed, British and German mostly.  It is a 45 minutes walk along the front to Kos Town but we like walking.  The bus stop is handy anyway and buses are frequent.  If you want to be in the middle of the action then go in summer and stay in Kos Town but we just loved every minute at this hotel.

Kos Airport - (Places to Visit on Kos)

Anne K          7/10

I agree with Pam, but then I didn't go in the height of the season.  Just got back this morning, the flight was delayed nearly 2 hours so we spent 5 hours in the airport. Make sure you get a seat when you go through to departures and don't lose it, there were people trying to sleep on the floor as we took off at 3.45 a.m. eventually.  If you don't like smoking be aware that there are smoking areas, mostly near the food bits (!) which you will want to avoid if you're there for hours.  The toilets were fine but again it was October.  If you've read the bit about luggage weight scams it's true.  Weigh your luggage before you set off from home and take note of what it weighs at the airport in Britain.  The scales at Kos Airport don't appear to be set to 0 and I was waiting for them to catch me out but I knew I was taking less back than I came with so I was ready for them.  Actually no-one said anything to us but the couple behind were moaning that they'd had to pay 28 euros (7 euros per kilo over limit).  They were unaware of  the situation and paid up but were adamant they weren't over as they had weighed the luggage at home too. Stand your ground if you're convinced you're in the right.  By the way if you want a cup of tea in the airport the milk is evaporated - beware it's vile.