Therme (hot springs)

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Debbie S

Just got back today from a holiday in Kos Town. We went to the hot springs on our hire bikes ( not reccomended unless very fit! ) The water was lovely and hot but it was very smelly and unfortunately i hadnt read the reports beforehand about not wearing jewelry and wasnt warned by our rep who reccomended we visit and my wedding, engagement and eternity rings are now ruined - gutted!!!! Apart from that though it was a nice day and well worth visiting.

Kay H

  After the last bend before you get to the spring, is a cantina ran by the lovely family of Theo. They have a fast food bar and ice cream trailer and their food and ambience is second to none: some of their produce is from their own smalholding when  available. When we return to Kos (3 x annually); our first ports of call are to Theo's cantina; Jumbo's Taverna (in the square by the big church) and our good friends at Yiannis apartments & Iris apartments in Psalithi - not necessarily in that order. All of these aforementioned are highly recommended.

Bill H          9/10

Just back from Kos.  The thermal springs are worth a visit, but remember that the water can tarnish your jewellery.  We walked down from the road side which for anyone with walking difficulties would be problematic.  Several people also drove their cars and scooters to a short distance from the springs.  We also saw some people cycling but there are several hills to overcome!

The springs are alot warmer than the sea but pleasantly relaxing.  We arrived at 10.30ish by hire car and managed to beat all the tour buses.  There are plenty of cafes at the road side and beside the springs.  The journey to the springs is very scenic with excellent places to take pictures of the nearby islands and coastline.

Caroline F          10/10

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We took ourselves to the springs by ourselves in a hired jeep.  Well worth the visit.  The water was unbelievably warm and of course the bubbles too!!!  We too were advised not to wear silver into the water as the sulphur spoils it.  It was a bit stoney here compared to other beaches.  Again, we found fish swimming in the lovely clear waters(obviously not in the hot parts!!!)  The car on the side of the cliffs was a bit of a surprise to see.  Was worried about parking beneath it incase it fell down!!!  We stopped at the little cafe at the top after our warm jacuzzi and found the guy up there very friendly and helpful.  The snacks (hot dogs) were huge and tasty. 

Alexander M           

Hi everyone!

Don't listen to any of the bad comments, the water is lovely and warm and the locals have erected a barrier of rocks to keep the hot water contained.
If you want to have a nice warm relaxing time, i would reccomend just outside the ring of  rocks, but if you want what you came for - a hot bath - I would go  inside the ring of rocks, because the water is boiling, but it is easy to adjust to.
    THERE ARE NO CHEMICALS ADDED INTO THE WATER, IT IS PURELY SULPHUR COMING OUT OF THE VENTS!! So I would not reccomend wearing gold or silver jewellery in the springs. Otherwise, enjoy your time there and after the long walk up the hill, get an ice-cream in one of the snack bars at the top.
You will regret it if you don't go!


Im going back to kardamena this year and interested in visiting the hot springs where abouts is it? any more info ppl?

James B

hi emma L, have been to Kos past two years now and am going back this summer. If you are in Kos town then go to jacksons pub! Its awesome and the people there know how to have a laugh. Definitely visit bar street but if your looking for beach by day and bars at night then jacksons is the place to head to first. say hi to nico, he's a legend!!!!

Michael D

Hi went to Therme (hot springs) in year 2000. Somebody said it is now comletely ruined by landslide. Any body any information please?

Mike C           

visited thermae in october 04 (again!).
the locals have just put some car sized rocks around it to keep the sea swells down. spoils it a bit really, you don't get knocked over into the lovely sulphurous water anymore!

best time to go is after 5pm - tourists go back to get ready for the extensive night lifc(?) and the locals come down so the route down the hill gets a bit like a drag strip.

i looked it up on a pollution index site as well: you might like to know it's the 3rd most naturally polluted place on the planet. full of cadmium and mercury apparently. so i won't be needing to buy any more batteries this year then, just stick a finger in the socket...

see y'all there in 2005 :-))

Lisa S           

I had read about Therme hot springs on here but was sceptic, until I got there, we went in and it was just like normal sea water (cold) but aftyer a few steps it got warmer and as you got closer to the entrance were the water was coming in it got soooo hot. There was a local laid in the water with his head in it, i couldn't even put my toe in it, it was that hot. I wore jewellry and it was fine but that is up to you. definately worth a visit.


to:Albert,, Just follow the main road out of Kos town heading south,,it is literally at the end of that main road,,just keep going until the road comes to an end, there's a little cafe/hut on the side of the road on the left, that's where u need to turn off and down a little track. Thermes is on the southeast part of the island.

Samantha P           

we visited these springs in the middle of the night. went in a taxi as our rep sed this was best way, only to realise we couldnt get back as we didnt take our mobiles, & had to interrupt some huge family gathering in the cafe to ask for a phone. it was scary, the walk down was scary & dangerous as there are no lights & you are on the side of a cliff! there were lots of people down there, including some drunk locals who were very insulting & rude to us which really spoiled our experience as it was amazing in the pool. the mixture of hot & cold as you move about is bizarre! dont worry, they dont put chemicals in the pool, its the sulphur that ruins your jewellery, our rep told us not to wear ours. it does smell a bit but all adds to the occasion. definitely worth a visit but during the day or with a good torch!


Fab place to go, we got in at the edge of the spa first and thought 'what's all the fuss about?', then as we moved towards the centre we realized why,,,HOT,,,it got so hot at times we had to move back out to the edge, there's quite a strong smell of sulphur when u first get in, but you soon get used to it, there's also little bubbles in places that spring up from the pebbles below. Be careful if u drive there, we looked at the map first and saw it was at the end of the road, and that couldn't be more true, the road just stops, you should turn off at the little roadside cafe on the left and down a dusty track b4 the end of the road. Well worth a visit.

Tracy A           

all i can say about the Therme (hot springs) is take a gas mask as the smell is awfull smells of rotten eggs. The water is very hot far to hot for small children. Some kind of chemical is put into the water this we are sure of as it turned all our quality gold jewlery silver so make sure you take it all off befor you enter the water.


Definitely worth a visit, the water is always very hot at the spring's source and the immediate area, and usually warm within the rest of the pool. You will smell of sulpher till you wash but this is a small price to pay for enjoying this natural bath. I recommend the late afternoon and early evening (and very early morning if you don't want to sleep!) as you appreciate the water temperature more. I spent two summers in Kos and was at therma three or four times a week...and apparently it's good for your skin: any excuse!

Tony A           

Therma, with regard to the last comment it did not fully open until after the 27th of May after the winter. The access road is now quite good.
I took a few people down to see it and without exception they all enjoyed their visit and could not believe how hot the water was, try lying with your feet stuck up the tunnel where it comes up from underground, it is HOT.
The number 5 bus leaves every hour from the harbour in KOS TOWN, and it is about a 5 minute walk down a steep hill. Not for the less mobile, if you are less mobile you will need a jeep but drive very slowly as you pass the snack bars at the top or they will shout at you for making a lot of dust.

Cheryl P           

It probably would of been nice if it was there, they had a landslide not so long ago and its covered so its not worth the long long walk down to it, they have a quiet beach but thats it


Hire a moped and ride over to therma, it's usually hotter than my baths and probably yours unless you bathe in boiling water. It is however smelly, but exuding sulphur till you wash is a small price to pay. If the main area is not hot enough then you can always lie in the spring's source, which is too hot for most to consider (good if you want to show off!). Do be wary of what locals tell you, they are ruthless in their pursuit of your hard-earned euros, respect but don't trust.

H P           

Its really not worth the time getting there. Its not very hot in the water. Colder than a bath! Its also very smelly. There is a cafe at the top with a great saleswoman who informs you theres nowhere else to eat before you walk down to the springs. Then when you get to the bottom you see there is one, much nicer, restaurant overlooking the springs. Good for parents watching their kids in the sea i imagine. It was very crowded in the springs and because of the cold and the smell, i didn't enjoy it much.

Anne S           

visited the springs in Sept 2003 and hated it - completely jam packed and tacky - would suggest that you give it a miss!!

Danielle P           

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Stuart /           

Worth a visit!! - Bus service around the Island is cheap and efficient. We stayed in Kos Town and had a bus to the Hot Springs every hour. The journey took about 15 mins. The springs were different and very warm. Try it yourself

Angela M

Are the Therme hot springs easy to get to by Bus ?
I am staying at Tingaki and we're not planning to hire a car.

Are the buses in the area fairly good?

Any info woulc be great...


Ruth O           

This is just like the biggest jacuzzi you could go in. Lovely and hot...have to try it for the experience!

Louise W           

the water was lovely and hot but it did smell