The Asclepeion

Places to Visit on Kos

Gillian S

We enjoyed a lovely morn in ASklepeion on the blue train from kos.worth a visit. Unfotunately our Jvc Camcorder and holder and mans watch, more importantly the two memory cards in the camcorder and a loose one was lost between getting off the train and getting a taxi from the 3 dolphin square last saturday 19th july,2014.really upset about video footage lost. Can anyone help? Please......

Julie W          10/10

 The blue train is often full at busy times you can try to walk towards the tourist info office to collect a more empty spot but be carefull and don't go walking all the way up the beach road thinking like the 'Green' train that does the tour of Kos town it goes the same way as it doesn't!!  it comes from a side street earlier. If you don't want to walk then you just have to wait and it is only hourly even though the timetable says half hourly!!   Well worth a visit though, has a small charge but kids  go free. Beware the man selling the Fresh orangeat the cafe when you get to the top, it's only fresh orange water and ice and costs 4.5 euro each!!  he'll tell you it's the best orange in Greece!! We walked up and though it was hot it was fantastic, a good way to see things and Platani a little village just on the edge of Kos town has lovely cafe's and so cheap, shops too.

Les K          10/10

Just to bring this topic up to date.  As Lisa said, you take the Blue Noddy Train which goes from the bus stop through the arch at the castle, near the Tourism Office and opposite two restaurants.  The train now departs on the hour and returns at 15 mins past the hour.  The cost is now 4 Euros return and there is an additional entrance fee to the site which is also 4 Euros.  It is well worth the visit, especially for the view from the very top, looking out over Kos Town and beyond to Turkey.  Anyone who is into ancient history/ruins will enjoy this.

Lisa S           

If you do not have a car/bike during your stay I recommend that you ride the blue noddy train up to the Asklepieon, as its a 4km walk up a steep hill.  It is situated on the right of the harbour, under the castle bridge and opposite the police station.  It costs 3euros, takes about 15mins and is a pleasant way to view some of the town on the way up.  It leaves every hour from 9.15am to 1.15pm and the price includes drop off and pick up an hour later.  Be aware the train stand saying the last trip up is 2.15pm as this does not have a return trip and its a long walk back!  My partner and I thought the site was really interesting to walk around and we took some good photos.  Again, like the other historical sites, its a shame they dont have any info or guides as you have to guess what each section was.  Still, it was an hour well spent in our opinion.  Dont forget to wear tops and take your own drinks as the one shop up there is a rip off.   

Chris M           

Cost only 4 euros and you can roam at you leisure! No mini Hitlers telling you not to touch! This is a must wheather you like historical sites or not! Be aware of the orange juice stall on the way in they do not advertise how much they charge for 1 glass for good reason! There were many cheesed off faces supping OJ at a very high price! Ask first or take your own!

Barbara R

Are ther any guided walking tours on Kos?

Mike C           

worth a visit if you like your history, or if you're a medico i suppose.

lots of steep steps and it's very open to the sun in peak season so take a hat and some water.

great views across to turkey from the upper levels and you can walk amongst the trees at the back, u might meet the ghost of old hippocrates there, who knows.

Lisa S           

We drove up there and it cost 4 euros good for photos and if you like history/archealogy. Girls you have to wear a top because there are 2 temple ruins! Drinks are very expensive especially slush puppies but if its really hot its worth it I suppose

Claire R           

i walked up to here from kos town not realising it was 4km away, there wasnt much to see or much information but i prob would have enjoyed it more if i hadnt had to walk so far, it was 4euros to get in which was ok i suppose. there was a stall inside sellin orange juice, it was 2.50euros and a bit warm. good for takin photos with your mates