Ampavris Apartments

Accommodation in Kos Town

Alison S

Shame you can't be less snobbish and swallow your pride for the greek holiday.  How on earth did the Dingles afford Greece? They must have won the lottery ...
Or perhaps they didn't know quite where to research and look for the traditonal greek holiday and greek traditions and didn't account for the fact that the greek do not live like the English and have their own way of life.  When in Greece ...................

David D

Hi, Going off some of the posts on here it seems some people book these apartments direct ?. I thought about doing this a few years ago and found that by the time i booked my apatment and then my flights it cost a fortune, could anyone tell me roughly what they paid for a 2 week stay in these apartments and wich flights they got, preferebly in september. thanks in advance.


Pete & claire G

To Ceri-Lou Newman
Re: contact details
Hi Ceri-Lou the family have their own website now this was only developed last summer and all the contact details are on there.  I am not sure if you will get a reply straight away as they are very laid back over there but persevere! We go there regularly and can guarantee you will have a great time as the family  and the apartment comples are really lovely and there are always load of returning guests whenever we go. We are going again in May.  If we can help you with any anything please feel free to ask. We must warn you though, once you have been there you won't be able to stay away and any other place you visit on holiday just won't compare!

Ceri-lou N

I have just booked to go to the Ampavris Apartment in June and I wondered if anyone had an email address for the staff so I can ask them some questions. From all the reviews I have read (on this site and many others) I am soooooooo excited and can't wait!


Ann E          9/10

We had a great time staying here 6th -20th Sept 2008.  Lovely apartment away from the pool bar - quiet - lovely sunsets.  Lovely people George and his family made everyone welcome.  Easy 15 mins walk to Kos town harbour and also easy walk to Platania to sample out of  town Turkish restaurants. Great holiday and can't wait to come again.

Mick C          10/10

  Just arrived home from two weeks here. Absolutley fantastic semi rural location but only a fifteen minute walk to the centre. The family are excellent and really know how to look after the guests. The views from the complex are also superb. The rooms are typical of what you would expect to find in greece and basic but very clean. The only minor minus point for us was that because the ambavris is not expensive we had to share our holiday with the dingles and also the family from hell but it can be funny if you enjoy people watching. I would thoroughly reccomend this one for lovers of greece and the family make it a superb choice with excellent hospitality.

Sue R          10/10

To Emma Flynn - yes there is adequate parking at Ampavris.  Chris or Steve will be able to sort out a hire car for you.

You are in for a great holiday.  Ampavris is wonderful - our sixth time this year - can't stop going back!  The Sourasis family, who own the Ampavris, are lovely and you will not want to leave.

Kelly H          10/10

we have been to these apartments two years running and have never failed to have a fantastice time . George and his family are great people to meet . They are very warm and welcoming , especially chris and stephen who seemed to take a shine to our little boy and asked him all sorts of questions on his stay in Kos. A year after the hoilday he often talks about his bar men at his second home in greece. We would reccommend these appartments to anyone. We made many friends on our first visit and when we returned the following year many of them had come too. Wish we could have made it this year, but fingers crossed will make it next year. PS connor says HI to papa george stephen and chris

Pete & claire G          10/10

   We went to Ampavris 3 times in 2005 (and have been to kos 5 in total) and had the best holidays ever. In 2006 we went to a couple of other islands and nothing compairs to ampavris. It is the best holiday destiation ever, everything you could want in one island. The family are out of this world they take you in as one of the family and are only to happy to help with anything you want or need.The lads chris, stamati, costa, leo, are such a laugh always smiling and joking around.  Clap   The pool, rooms,complex, and bar are always clean and tidy, they take a lot of pride in ampavris apartments. we will be going back to ampavris in 3 weeks on the 2-4-07 and cant wait. Cry the only bad thing is that it gets harder and harder to leave each time we go and hate having to come home.

Have a great time there we know you will Wink

Brett T           

Stayed here for the seventh time 11th oct to 18th oct just got back. The room was cleaned almost daily and bed linen was not in holes. The staff as friendly as ever and we met some lovely people this year who i would like to mention " Jan & John / Dave & Pat / Pete & Ruby / Toni ( The Scouser on speed ) LOL & Kirsty  Thanks you made our holiday. Threre was a problem with water but nothing major.overall we had a great week and would still recommend these apartments 110%.

Damian L           

I havent been able too go this year but i have been 3 times before and its the best hol i have had. The owners treat you like family. If your going any time soon it will be the best hol you have.

Irene M           

stayed at Ampavris apartments from 20 Sept for 2 weeks - very disappointed - had been last year and really enjoyed it but not the same this year - staff could not wait until end of season, no music just radio on, no greek nights, rooms were in need of repair, no cold water, toilet not working , shower broken - bed linen practically in holes and rooms (specially toilet bucket not removed / cleaned every day. Pool not cleaned at all while we were there. Eventually moved to another accommodation at our own expense as rep. said nothing else available. (First Choice) . Also road down to town frequently unlit (pitch black) and vehicles roared past very fast - waited for taxi a couple of nights (1/2 hour to wait) for return to Ampavris - would not now recommend this accommodation

Nicky L           

Lovley family would goe back really enjoyed ourselfs good for all ages!

Jo R           

We had a fantastic time last year and are going back at the end of August.  The beaches aren't fab but better than England so who cares?  Apparantly Paradise beach is the best beach on the island, we didn't get there last time but you can get the bus there for about 4Euros we'll be finding it this time.  There are water sports on the beach to the left of Kos Town but were a bit pricey.

We would definatley recommend going to the resteraunts in the Old Town, they are alot nicer than the ones on the front and you see alot of Greek people eating there which is always a good sign. 
There wasn't air con last year so don't know if that's a new thing.
My handy hint is to take a small torch as the road from Ampavris to the town isn't very well lit and scooters do come flying down it- we nick named it Death Road but that's being over dramatic, but a small torch will make sure your seen.
All in all a fab location and the family that run the hotel really made our holiday, they were so friendly.  Also the Greek night at the hotel is not to be missed.


pps. lol there is air conditioning in some rooms, we were with sunset and thomas cook and there was air conditioning in our apartment however it had a daily cost of 6 euros. We were willing to pay for it but to be honest we didnt feel the need as the temperature cools alot at night.


p.s we only returned a week ago so the information given is very recent :D

Ruth P           

The beaches to be honest are nothing spectacular lol we found them to be quite crowded and in some areas a bit dirty! However Paradise beach in kefalos (southern part of the island) is good, has natural bubble springs in the sea and isnt so crowded. The water sports are quite expensive roughly 40 euros for 15mins on a jet ski however our rep said this was alot cheaper than on other beaches around the island! If you go on island cruises they take you to quiet beaches on smaller islands which are nicer than the ones in the busy resorts! Definately visit Kos Town, we stayed there for two weeks and completely enjoyed the large amount of restaurants (particularly the italian in kos old town and Zorbas in Diagora Square old town) lots of shops and friendly atmosphere! Hope you have a good holiday, we did!!!!

Tracy T           

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We got back from the ampavris apartments thursday 27th july  this was our 5th time at the Ampavris.

Still the best place to go , The food are basic meals but very nice.
Steve, Chris , Kostas , George and Eleni  are so friendly these people will make your holiday.
Go to the Ampavris Greek night  Good dancing and good food.
Pic 1: The pool at Ampavris

Jodie H           

fantastic !!!!!!!! family where brilliant ...we.d defently go back. we felt like we,d made some great friends. we went in may and worried about the weather but it was red HOT! over all brillSmile  Tongue  Wink

Jan C           

Hi Emma and Mark,

Have you checked out the apartments web site ( )
I'm staying at the ampavris on 9th August with my family and friends, hope to see you there.

Paul S           

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Just arrived back from Ambavris today after our third visit in 3 years. What can we say! Everything was as good as before, and we had a fantastic time again! With regard to a previous post, there is no air conditioning, although fans are available.

We would also recommend checking posts by Tony Ainsworth with regard to Restaurants and Boat Trips. We followed his recommendations and had an even better week than last year!

Andrew H           

I went to Ampavris Apartments last year in june and it was wicked. I had never been aborad be fore and that made it even more fun. The family are so nice. The food is to nice to say and the pool well that was my heaven. It was not far fom the twon and there was a nice shop just by the Ampavris Apartments

I am only 15 and i thought it was great so i reacken anyone so go. It is great for familys and i am going back with me mum and dad this year

Sue R           

We went to Ampavris last June and are going again this year.   Superlatives fail me.  The family who own and run the apartments are so lovely and make you feel like one of their family.  In fact when we left we were quite tearful.  It's an ideal holiday because you can relax during the day but it's not too far from Kos Town when you want to do something else.  Great bus services in Kos Town tsee other parts of the island plus you can wander along the sea front in the evening and book boat trips to other Greek islands and Turkey (dont buy these trips from your reps - they treble the price!)

Rachael K           

This was our third visit to Kos but the first time at Ambavris apartments. I have to say that it is our favourite of the 3 places that we stayed. The location was perfect for a young family as it is quiet but not too far from Kos town, and there are two shops which are within two minutes walking distance.

The food cooked on premises is simple holiday food, with a small range of Greek dishes and a variety of English dishes such as omelette and chips. There are a couple of restaurants on the way to Kos town if you don't fancy walking all the way.
The apartments are clean and reasonably spacious, with reliable kitchen, and comfortable beds. There is a small balcony with an airer and a couple of chairs.
There is a small childrens play area with swings etc, and the pool is slit into an adult area and an area for kids.
We visited at the beginning of June and the weather was about perfect, hot, but nicely so.


Hi , Well my Mum and I stayed at the Ampavris Apartments in June this year & definately plan on going back soon.The family are lovely and very helpful-George and Eleni are great-Claire is a great cook and Steve, Chris,Kosta and Leo are a great laugh. Caroline was our holiday rep as we went with First Choice and was the best holiday rep we've ever had.I would definately recommend a torch for coming back up the road at night- a little dark. Apartments 10 out of 10. Loved it and would recommend it to anybody. The best holiday ever!!!