Angelos Apartments

Accommodation in Kos Town

Suzana X          1/10

Can anybody find me the telephone of angelos studios ???plzzzzzzzzzz

Tracy W          10/10

just got back from the angelos appartments sunday had a fantastic holiday its the second year we have been and stayed here. the food was good . the beds changed 3 times in a week the most i ever known from a hotel , the cleaner was lovley along with poppi and yannis.  very quiet pool area perfect place for me and my fella lee. will be going back again in 2010 maybe twice we like it that much. did hear people having a moan but if you wnt 5 star book a 5 star hotel. tracy willson  22 september 

Richard S           

click to enlarge OH MY GOD !!!  we have just got back from angelos appartments once again, our holiday was great but our wedding in kos made our holiday the most amazing two weeks of my life, we never thought getting married in kos would be so amazing we want to thank all of our greek friends and family for coming to our special day and celebrateing our wedding with us in your beautiful country... thankyou to shoula and costa's for coming , these people have known me for 18 years, when i first visited kos as a teenager of 15.. also a very very big thankyou to popi and yanni and maria and angelos for everything that they done to make our wedding day so special... i will never forget the things you all arranged for us while we were in kos. you guys are amazing to us and we are honoured to be part of your family. we have returned to kos ten times over the years as boyfriend and girlfriend, now we will be returning as husband and wife, strange, but were getting used to it now.... we hope who ever reads any of these comments dissregards the bad notes and goes to kos to judge it for themselves, the appartments are lovely and who ever you meet there are normaly friendly bunches of people like barry and paul and co, also maggie and beryl and all the people we celebrated with this year in may, wow it was hot,,,, mini heatwave in may, ive never known it that hot in may, yannis was feeling the heat,, hope its not too hot now for you yannis, he he he . we miss you all like crazy and we will more than likely be back at the end of the season , as we cant keep away from the beautiful island of kos... to all holiday makers,  go decide for yourselves if you like it, its the only way , wee love it, Richard and Samantha Orton-Skinner       HAVE A WONDERFULL HOLIDAY EVERYBODY !!!!!!!!!!!

Bob B           

We have had a wonderful holiday at Angelos Apartments. The accommodation was spacious (plenty of room to swing a big cat!), comfortable and clean and with wardrobe and chest of drawers giving plenty of storage for clothes.  There was always plenty of hot water - even when we showered late.  The pool was fantastic and cleaned every day and there were plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas.  Popi is an excellent cook and both she and Yiani were always extremely pleasant and polite as was Angelos.  We enjoyed many lunches in the shade of their taverna.  The location amongst the fruit trees and tropical plants was superb and it was peaceful.  We enjoyed great conversation with other guests both during the day and after dinner.  It was a very friendly place.  Although Kos Town is more commercialised and much larger than places we normally visit we loved every minute of every day at Angelos Apartments.  We will consider returning next May.

Paul C           

Just got back from the Angelos Apartments and what can I say we have had a fantastic week ( thanks to Maggie,Beryl and all the other guests for the good laugh) the apartments were cleaned regularly and the bar area was a meeting place at night for a lot of the guests. The Barbie was another great night and anyone who does not enjoy the food must be a very fussie eater.Yanni and Poppi made us really welcome and we enjoyed swapping news as we had not seen them for six years. We also met up  with Sam and Richard who we were with seven years ago ( cant be much wrong with this accomodation if people keep coming back) and had a fantastic day when they got married ( youve got a good one there Richard) Yanni and Poppi where only to pleased to lay on a reception for them and all guests staying at the apartments were invited. We enjoyed it so much we are going back next May. Yanni Poppi, Angelos and Maria thank you for your hospitality and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Jon D           

My wife and I booked this apartment with Olympic Holidays for July 2005. We were severely disappointed with the accomodation, (the worst we have ever had on a holiday), to the point that we moved after one day to the Athina Hotel, Lampi. It cost us an extra 270, but well worth it! The Angelos apartment offered no privacy with the beds positioned in front of a misted glass door with iron bars running down the length of it. It was very much like a prison cell with a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. The cooker was ridiculous perched on a small wooden shelf with the kettle sitting on top of it. The chairs had legs falling off and cutlery was kept to a minimum, one fork, one knife and one spoon each. A drawer with six items in it! There were posters everywhere telling you what not to do and how much everything would cost to replace. A very gloomy depressing place. Never again will I book a holiday with Olympics!

Richard S           

click to enlargeoh, silly me, we were there two weeks in june, said this woz a bit late, ha ha ha, also hi to everyone weve met there in the last seven years, Richard and Samantha     06 / 05 oh and hope you like the photo's, this one here is the sunset at zia, make sure you venture into the mountains of  ZIA , you'll love it, its so romantic.....And also wonderfull food at the restauraunt  AROMEDON the best in zia . the picture on our message below is of yannis and popi's new pool back in june 2005.  cant wait till may. yipeeeeee.....yipeeeeeee....

Richard S           

click to enlarge a bit late with our input, but yet again another fantastic holiday at angelos appartments, we are heading back very soon for our wedding , we cant wait to be back with all our friends, we will marry in may and once again enjoy another stay with yanni popi and angelos and maria and george and not forgetting baby kostantinos. who we will be looking forward to seeing how much he has grown, anyway enough of us and hope whoever stays at the angelos ,HAS A WONDERFULL TIME..... happy holidays to everyone,and if you want a five star hotel, then go to one... MARG....HA HA HA HA HA SHE KNOWS WHO SHE IS bye all..                                                            Richard and Samantha       

Paul C           

Have been to Angelos twice with our friends anf find Yanni and Popi very friendly I really enjoyed talking to Yanni to find out the history of Kos, met all his family and had great fun with them. Going back May 2006 as we have not seem them for a while can't wait to sample Popi's meatballs

Kerry & dave L           

Hi All, we have just come back from Kos yesterday, and all we can say was that was the first holiday we have been on and actually got what we went for.  A nice quiet clean apartments free of screaming kids and overly populated by sunbathers.  You could sleep in in the mornings, as you didnt have to rush for the sunbeds.  It was fantastic.  Yanini and Popi were absoultly FANTASTIC.  We loved them both.  Althought Yanini comes accross at first as being off, he is actually a fantastic guy when you get to know him.  All they need is for you the holiday maker to go and say hello and its great. They have a brilliant sense of humour.  We love them both and hated leaving them. We were amazed at how many people go back year after year, and I think we have joined that list, as we already have looked into next years holiday to Angelos in Kos. GREAT HOLIDAY!! Thank you Yanini and Popi.xxxx

Nancy R           

well ! the apartments : you cant swing a cat around in them. they are unkempt, old, and need an uplift, like knocking two into one. at least you may have a bit of room. but the whole place is unkempt. the swiming pool never cleaned in 2 weeks i was there. the owners didnt smile or want to know me because i did not use their so called bar. (A LOCKED UP CUPBOARD ) which had the drinks in. and a dirty place to eat it was more like a shack. the cleaner was short of training i should think, the towels were disgusting and only changed when asked to. along with the bedding. the bathroom (if you could call it a bathroom) was left uncleaned for two weeks. i had to clean it myself. the shower didnt hang on the wall we had to hold it all the time. overall a very poor establishment. kos itself was very good,

Don A           

Was last one out of Angelos last season, naturally it was a bit quiet but Yanni and Popi were brilliant.  I was there when the 'juice at the pool episode' took place.  If Yanni has a chip on his shoulder it is probably generated by ignorant, arrogant, whinging tourists such as these.  As a seasoned Greek Island traveller Angelos with Yanni and Poppy are as good as it gets.  Roomy, cool appartments, lovely surrounds and not too far from Kos Town,but far enough to avoid all the noise.  Considering it was the end of the season everything was clean, including the pool !  Greek hospitality is second to none and Yanni and Popi are no exception.  Looking forward to return trip this year. 

If there is a down side to Angelos or the Greek Islands as a whole it is the Tour Operators.  Angelos is under contract to Manos.  They, like all the other tour operators treat the appartment owners very badly.  They are late with agreed payments, alter contacts as they see fit and generally mess them about as much as they please.  As regards the reps. you are lucky if you see one, most are there to enjoy themselves and consider the holidaymakers as an inconvenience.  So if you do 'Go Greek' remember this and show a little tolerance if things aren't perhaps 100%. 

Stefano D

I need the E-mail adress of the appartment for to ask informations and price and the possibility to reserve. Pls could you send the address to my mail? Thanks in advance

Stefano D

I need the E-mail adress of the appartment for to ask informations and price and the possibility to reserve. Pls could you send the address to my mail? Thanks in advance

Joanne D           

well what a great holiday we had (pat and Jo) a bit of a delay in writing the reason was we could not find this page, found it at last,ha ha, had a great time 2nd 3rd week of september, met some great people who have now become friends, rooms cleaned everyday, nice pool, popi and yainni are great hosts and the friday bbq's are splendid, nothing was ever to much trouble.even pats joke about the welly boot went down well. if anyone wants to keep in contact with us the e mail addy is

Marg M           

Well, What can I say. Just got back from The Alkatraz, sorry Angelos Apartments and I must say how it has deteriorated since we were there 18 months ago. Yianni, I think its time to retire, you are a miserable so and so. Yianni has a huge chip on his shoulder due I think to the fact that he has got a heart complaint.
Richard and Sam, you are obviously Popi and Yianni's pets and you get preferential treatment. Everything that we asked for, albeit a knife to cut your sandwich, or a beer, heaven help if you ask for a fan, it is all too much trouble.We got puffs and phews when we asked to hire a fan. All they do all day is sit at a table in the snack bar spying on whether people are consuming their own food or drinks at the pool area. Yianni even admonished our Scottish friends that had put some fresh orange juice and boiled water in a bottle for their 11 month old baby. Yianni said that he had Fanta orange the baby could have and that he was trying to run a business. The pool was not very clean, there was an abundance of dead flies at the bottom of the pool, and also soil. I never saw the pool being cleaned in the whole 2 weeks. I think we had 3 towel changes in the whole fortnight and the towels were minging. The 2nd week we were there. Popi and Yianni closed the bar at 9.45pm and went to bed. So if you did fancy a nightcap tough. We actually drank at the Palm Beach Hotel which was at the end of the drive. The hospitality was marvellous and there was a cross section of nationalities. Russian, Dutch, German and we all joined in the fun. If you stay in Psalidi, Try the Karis Teverna, this is in a side road opposite the Marina, and is opposite the Posiedon Hotel. Excellent food, jam packed every night, and is so cheap. Meal with wine about 20 Euros for 2 people. Richard and Sam, enjoy your wedding.

Richard S           

Big thumbs up for another great holiday. This place is like a second home to me and Popi is definatly like my second mum (Matt know's what I mean). It is a very special place and it is unlucky that some people had a bad stay but the good stay's certainly outnumber them. You can see that from the comments below. I look forward to another brilliant holiday next year and our Wedding in 2006, and as Sam said everyone we meet this year is definatly invited.

Sam O           

Matt and Paula were mot wrong, we too have just got back from another fantastic stay with Yainnis and Popi. It just goes to show that if you meet people like them when your away you can't help but enjoy yourself. Yainnis put on another excellent display at the BBQ and we even managed to smuggle some of Popi's meat balls out of the country. I'm not busy planning the Wedding and everyone from the September 11th to 26th is invited. Even Pat with his welly boot joke. Paula, Debbie, Matt, Kelly, Jo, Pat, Maureen and Nick all keep in touch and anyone who goes to ANGELOS APPARTMENTS will understand if your not up your own backside like some people you can help but enjoy yourself.

Paula M           

Got back from Kos a week ago, best holiday ive ever had!!! i'm already talking about going back to the angelos apartments next year!. Yiannis & Popi cant get any more friendlier, there food is excellent and they offer nothing but kindness. It was just me and my mom who went on holiday, it was really peaceful where we were based and there is nothing to distract you, there are hardly any young children here, angelos is ideal for couples any age. The people of kos are very friendly and helpful. The nightlife in kos town is just right and there are plenty of bargains. there are plenty of tavernas to choose from, all offering lovley food. For anyone going to kos Its is 10/10!. Good luck to Rich and Sam who are getting wed in kos in the future to come!. See you next yiannis & popi and thanx! xxx luv Paula (age 15)

Matthew G           

Everything about the Angelos Apartments is First Class!! It's the second year I've been and I'll be back as soon as possible. Popi and Yianni always go out of their way to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The food is second to none and the cost is the best in Kos. The pool area is always clean and so relaxing - I don't understand how anybody could have a bad stay there. I can't wait to get back next year. Keep the good work going Yianni and Popi - see you next Summer.

Bryan D           


Len O           

Visit made 23/06/04 to 7/07/04 Clean comfortable room try for room 40 if you can good sitting area in court yard. Best taverna is as you go on to main road turn right away from Kos town and the 2nd taverna on the beach side of the road. sit and enjoy the sunset. We celebrated with the owners on the night of Greece winning the world cup Fantastic|||

Sam O           

This will be the fourth time we have been to stay at Angelos Studios, Yannis and Popi are wonderful hosts and Popi's meatballs are to die for. The Saturday BBQ's are a great way to meet all the other guests and see Yannis in this element at the Grill. We have never felt so at home when on holiday and are planning to get married in Kos in 2006. Yannis and Popi have certainly made a big impact on our travels and we look forward to another fabulous holiday this year, only a shame we will miss Angelos this year as he will be back in Athens at University.

Kirsten W           

we totally loved kos, but had problems with the attitude of the staff in these apartments. my fiance and i have never had trouble on holiday before but these people seemed hell bent on ruining our holiday. we were eventually forced to move hotels and are currently locked in a battle with olympic for compensation. good luck to anyone booked into these apartments, youll need it!!

Kai N           

Ive just got back from the angelos apartments and the best holiday ive ever had. The apartments are ideal for couples or people seeking accomodation away from the hustle and bustle. (For the person who asked, yes, yianis and popi are still o.k. and still running the place.) I would recomend these apartment for anyone, although not for people who want to make loud noise, there is kos town 15 mins walk for tavarnas and clubs. and it is 2 mins walk to the beach.
I love Kos, and never wanted to come home.
Kai Nash