Dimitris Studios

Accommodation in Kos Town

Francis G

I think that eveyone is entitled to their own opinion and we should bear in mind that we don't all have the same experiences, so everyone's views are valid, not just Jamie and Amanda Hewsons. I made my comments in 2004 and maybe things have improved at Dmitris Studios, I'd certainly hope so.

I still stand by what I wrote in 2004, the place was dirty and we did get bad service, I feel stronger about that now (especially after I've just come back from a trip to India, where I stayed in Kerala and Delhi and had a great time). What we should also bear in mind is whilst we all have different experiences, we all have different standards and the standard at Dmitris wasn't good, but to be fair, it may have improved. I'd urge anyone looking at staying here to make enquiries and research it thoroughly before making any quick decisions as it could be an expensive mistake and lets face it, no-one wants to waste money by having a disappointing holiday.

Paul O

It is very true what people say about these apartments being remote and lots of animal noises, i love animals but when i am on holiday i don't want to be woken up by screeching and barking.The cleaners did come in most days for what it was worth they used the same cloth to clean the kitchen and bathroom YUK!  I wouldn't go again free of charge.

Claire G

Weve been three times and we love it. We became good friends with Rena and Lefteris

and the rest of the family. They recognised us as soon as we got there and that was a year after the first
time. Very welcoming.

Jamie +           

We returned from Dimitris Studios last week, and it was the best holiday ever! The hotel staff were very nice and helpful. It's a load of rubbish what everyone else says on this forum if they say its bad! The walk to Kos town is only 10 minutes away!! And as were wern't on the main road we didn't have to hear all the noisy cars and mopeds!!! There are a few animal noises but you're on holiday for goodness sake! After the first day you don't hear them any way! The pool is absolutely beautiful! It's always quiet and clean. The rooms were very clean and the cleaners came every day to clean the rooms and every other day to change the towels. If anyone is planning a trip to Dimitris Studios we would be very jealous! We were sad to leave after 2 weeks!  There are some pictures of the pool and rooms below! Hope this is helpful to you all. click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Lizzy T           

Everything was brill about dimitis studios. we would deff go again. there are no animal noises like the other people say!!!!

Lizzy T           

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This hotel was lovely. The rooms were cleaned every day and the staff are very friendly i would deff go back and recommend it to everyone. The noises are not a problem can hardly hear them. The odd dog barks but its quieter then the uk!! the pool is great!!! I loved every second!!!


Jo A           



Peter P           


Craig T           

We've been here 3 times now (just back yesterday!)
We hope to go back next year. Rena and her family go out of thier way to help you.
When the Greek Night is on it's fantastic fun, though tourists seem to be retiscent about 'new things'. Join in!
The accomodation, pool (usually quiet!), and setting are great.
The comments on farm noises are ok if your more used to the sound of cars and trains...
 it's a HOLIDAY

Melanie O           

This was the worst holiday ever, dirty rooms, unhelpful staff, very remote location lots of farm noises starting very early. All said not much going for it!  

Stefano D

I need the E-mail adress of the appartment for to ask informations and price and the possibility to reserve. Pls could you send the address to my mail? Thanks in advance danio76@tiscali.it

Ernie T           

We have stayed at the Dimitris Studios on several occasions, and each time has been great. The staff, which consists of the owners and relatives, are friendly, helpful, and could not do enough to make our stay as pleasant as possible. The complex is the right distance from the towns' night life to allow a good nights sleep, but only about 20 mins slow walk if you want to join in. If you hire a bike for your holiday, it is only a short ride into town, and any of the local beaches and historical sites. Kos is flat, so a bike is the best means of transport. Although there are a fantastic choice of bars and tavernas in Kos Town and Lambi, the Dimitris has a very comfortable restaurant with a good variety of local dishes, also the prices for food and drinks are very reasonable. If you have had a hectic night in town, it is good to have a relaxing drink in the lounge bar before bed. The Dimitris has a good size pool, and plenty of sun beds, you can also order hot and cold snacks at the bar. We will be going back in May and hopefully October. Ernie and Sue Templeman.  

Jane W           

dimitris studios was great and i'd definately reccomend it to anyone. it's far away from the nightlife and not too far from kos town beach. the staff are lovely and the rooms are big enough! theres a pool with plenty of sunbeds so theres no need to go out everyday. the only thing is the cockrells but you can buy earplugs from the shop and bobs your uncle. we would definately go back and hopefully are this year! the food is lovely and the staff will phone a taxi if you ask for one it only costs about 5 euros to get to bar street which is the main street for clubs/pubs and its amazing there lots of happy people of all nationalties! best holiday buy far we've been on. hope this helps! happy holidays

Allan B           

We have just returned from the Dimitris Studios and were apprehensive before went, going by some of the previous commments. We needn't had worried. The Dimitris was great, very quiet, very clean, and just far enough away from the main town. The Dimitris is a great place to chill out by day with a good pool and everything you'd need food wise. It is a twenty minute walk to Dolphin Square but after the initial walk to the main road it's shop and bars all the way there. I'd recommend "The Farm", reasonable prices, great food and friendly staff. We hated "bar street" but found a bar/cafe called the "The Cult of Rock", two streets behind the Hospital which is frequented by the locals and plays great music without the annoying "18-30" brigade. The travel company rep (Angie) was excellent, very knowledgable about the isalnd. Thank you Dimitris, Kosmar, The Cult of Rock, Melody 2 Music Shop and the people of Kos town. We had a great time.

Francis G           

Walking distance from the Dolphin roundabout is 25-30 mins on foot, add another 10-15 mins to get to bar street. Some of the views from Dimitris overlook wasteland and building site waste is everywhere. Watch out for the most of the accom which faces the farm, cockerels, goats and dogs can be making noise very early and very late, I'd recommend ear plug as we had to sleep with the patio door open as it was too hot and therefore endure the barrage of animal noise. We had quite a few problems with the level of service, we reported a broken lav seat on the first day and nothing was done about it (despite 4 requests, 3 to the staff/owners and 1 to our rep) and nothing was done about it, so it required much skill to stay on the lav. Not what I want after forking out 371 for a week! There were also duff light bulbs which weren't replaced, and as the rooms were poorly lit anyway, didn't help matters. Bins were sometimes missed by the cleaners, and we had to keep reminding them to empty the waste bin from the bathroom, which contained soiled toilet paper as Greek plumbing doesn't allow anything other than human waste to pass through it! The floors throughout were filthy, and I had quite a thick layer of dust on my feet after walking from my bed to the patio! In fact, I thought the level of cleanliness in our room was shameful, and I aint house proud! The walls were smeared with greasy fingerprints and there were spills and stains on all surfaces. Beware of the claim of 24 hour bar as you'll have to wake the person that staffs it as she sleeps on the sofa in the lounge!? Don't request an extra pillow as I did did for my friend who been bitten on the feet and ankles and the Doctor we consulted suggested that raising the feet with the use of a pillow would reduce swelling (as my friend couldn't walk). Anyway, ask for another pillow and it will probably take the best part of a week to get it to you and it will have been used by the personnel manning the bar and any one else that needs to lay their head down! Overall, I'd say that Dimtris is a sloppily run apartment and wouldn't recommend them if bribed with cash! I'd suggest staying in a place closer to Kos Town, as there looked like there are some decent places available, plus, you won't be too far from the centre. This hasn't marred my view of Kos, as overall, I'd say it's a vibrant, interesting place to stay, just be cautious and do plenty of research into getting the best accommodation.

Kate M           

The comment further down the page about the Dimitris Studios being remote had me a bit worried before I went away, but I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday. There is a dark street to walk along for about 5 minutes but there are a few street lights and some other hotels and buildings along there so its not that scary! I never heard any cockrels and our studio was completely insect free! It takes about 20 minutes to walk along Kanari Street to the harbour/centre of town but its full of shops and restaurants to entertain you! Bar street is right at the far end of the harbour, so takes about 30 minutes to walk to from Dimitris, but its well worth it! Most bars have 2 for 1 offers on cocktails and I recommend the Charisma Club for a good dance. A taxi back to the Dimiris Studios only cost 6 Euros and so if you can't be bothered walking home after a night on the town there is a cheap alternative. I found the accomodation clean and the people friendly, and there's a decent sized lounge area to leave your cases and sit about waiting for your bus to pick you up if you have a late flight back like we did. Overall, it was great value for money!

Mollie S           

We have just got back from 2 weeks at Dimitris and would definitely go back there again. The apartments are basic but clean, and after all most of us only use holiday accommodation for a base. It's position is ideal - 20 mins tops walk to Dolphin Square (if you don't dawdle in all the shops, tavernas etc on the way), 10 mins on a push bike. There is a large supermarket a 10 minute walk down the road, shops and tavernas the same, 20 mins walk to the beach or again 10 mins on your cycle. The road isn't dark and spooky maybe not as well lit as our city roads but there is street lighting. The apartments are in a quiet part of the town but that's what makes them so good - near enough to walk but none of the noise. Yes the roosters are very vocal (especially if you're not used to country noises) but you can either close your balcony doors or buy ear plugs (60 cents from Kos pharmacies)!

Jonathan W           

Just got back from these apartments.
The apartments are approx 15-20 minute walk to the dolphin
roundabout/harbour but there are bars/restaurants/shops on the way.

They are clean (cleaners come nearly every other day.)

Would stay here again.

Eileen U           

Just back from our 2nd visit in 2 years and we enjoyed it thoroughly. It is a walk into the town but that's what makes it a good place. Decent sized studios basic but clean. Would reccomend the Vergina taverna in Lambi and the Delon pub about 100 yards further down on the way back to Dimitris & the Sunset bar at the top of the lane. To get the best out of your hol. would reccomend hiring bikes.

Mel B           

I was disappointed with Dimitris Studios.It states in our holiday brochure in a quiet location,it didn't say remote!It is a long walk from the town down a dark spooky road.Farms all around so cockerals start at around 3.30 am the apartments had lots of ants and not very clean.Anyone who's going i wish the best of luck.

Mel B           

My advice don,t bother going, we couldn,t wait to get home!

Jonathan W

can anybody tell me the address or how far the
appartments are from the old river restaurant or
the blues brothers bar

Hayley P           

One of our best holidays yet! We have recommended to both family & friends who have also had a fantastic time. Highly recommend Sunset restaurant nearby for T-bone steaks and Il forno for superb pizzas.

Robert J           

Thes studios were perfect they were just far away from the center of town so you didnt get all the noise but they were just a short walk away when you were going into the town. We have booked back up and are going back cause they were so clean and the staff were really friendly.

Phil W

please..any info you have about these apartments b4 i go in mid september...cheers