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Laura S

Hi, we have booked a last minute (ish!!) holiday to Kos for the 24th Ocoyober as it's half term for the kids. I'm not expecting amazing weather, but can anyone tell me if they been this late and what the deal is? Will there still be any excursions going on, will the sea be freezing... we are staying near to Kos town so lucky there from what i have read! thank you

Sheila M

Hi, My daughter and I are hoping to come to Kos 24th September for two weeks. Which resort would be best? Kardamena or Tigaki? We would like somewhere pretty but still fairly lively.

Nigel and elaine T

If you intend going to Kos mid to late October be prepared for many resteraunts, bars and shops to be closing down. We never go later than end Sept now for that reason. Hope this helps.

Sarah S

Hi guys,

We have been going to kos  staying in kefalos for several years in july/august we are thinking of having a sneaky return late sept / beginning oct what is the wetaher like? Plus i note dthat some restuarants close in october is this still the case?
Thanks :)

Mia G          6/10

We went to Kos in October last year.  We arrived on 10th October for one week.  The weather was mostly warm and sunny but we did have about 1 1/2 days rain and storms whilst we were there.  I have never had rain in Kos before but it really fell down and was quite chilly with a strong wind.  The storms caused a power cut as well.

A lot of the restaurants on the main walk into Kos Town from Lambi were closing or closed during our week.  Mini Bar Street was like a ghost town. Although the main Kos Town, Harbour and Old Town were reasonably busy.
This year we are going 2 weeks earlier and hope for better weather.

Chris M

Your only a stones throw from Kos town,which won,t be shut! enjoy the island!

Chloe J          10/10

 my apartment zobulia and everywhere i wnt onn y holiday was fab greece is the nicest place in the world i love it there it beautiful and peacefull

Andy F           

First time we have been to Kardamena in Oct.Weather was gorgeous,only rained once & that was at night.Some places were starting to shut down for the season,but there was still plenty to do.If you want a nice relaxing time with great weather then this is the time to visit Kos.

Chloe J           

october is a great time to visit kos because it is allways very sunny and warm

Ken P           

We usually go to the islands from about the middle of September onwards. We had the 1st to 16th October this time which was a bit later. We were not worried about the weather but the thunderstorm we arrived in made us think a bit. We need not have worried because this was the end of any wet stuff and the rest of the holiday weather was perfect,although sometimes a little windy.The only downside, although it didn't effect us is that places start to close down. About half a dozen closed while we were there but the trend is now to stay open later in the year.

Adam D           

What a fantastic place this will be my 5th visit  only going back due to meeting some fantastic people the roll of honour then!  dan(monkeyman),ruth&hannah(lesbians) stone roses bar, neil dennis jay and all the sexy ladies at point1 and harleys, chris(mini me)and caroline quayside.see you all next week october and still 30 degrees!!xoxoxoxoxxoxo 

Lisa S           

Just got back from a week in Kos Town (1st-9th Oct) with my partner and we thought it was fantastic!    We were really worried about the weather with it nearing the end of season but we couldnt have hoped for more-not a drop of rain, around 30 degrees, clear blue skies for six of the days with only one day being a bit overcast, not too breezy and warm evenings.  There was still a good choice of restaurants and pubs, though if it is a buzzing nightlife you want this is not the time to visit.  It was very quiet on evenings and the beaches were fairly empty during the day, but for us this was great as we wanted a nice relaxing holiday together to soak up the sun and enjoy each others company.  By the end of the week it seemed like most places were getting ready to shut down so I wouldnt go any later than we did.  As for creepy-crawlies, I only saw three cockroaches during the week (one actually ran across my foot when we were walking into town one night ) but other than that it was fine.  Do take mozzie spray/cream as they are rife this time of year and I found that out for myself on the last night when I took my cardigan off and woke up with about ten very itchy bites.  I would defo go back in October again though.  

Beverley M           

For me Kardemena last October was great still had plenty of nightlife around. I fell in love with the place and went back in May and I'm returning back in October this year can't wait to see all my friends over there.

K K           

October  on kos temp between 68 to 75 degrees, but kardamena tends to fill up with wrinklies in october. Hope this is of help.

Karen B           

Just returned from our first visit to Kos and have had an absolutely fabulous week. The weather was fantastic. Re the comment about lots of places closing down, you can't blame them really - they've worked their socks off for six months, then due to the lack of people around its not worth their while opening for about ten customers. Thank you to those in Kos Town who did stay open for the duration, especially to the staff at Kwotas Grill, definitely the largest portions we have ever had in Greece and wonderful hospitality! Would advise anyone going at this time of year who intends to visit Turkey, do this at the beginning of the week as the boat trip is more expensive from Wednesday onwards, port charges etc still have to be paid and there were only about 12 people on our boat. To all working for the visitors to Kos, may I wish you all a very restful winter and hope to be able to come again this time next year.

Nigel, elaine, rachel & c            

Just returned from 2 weeks in Tingaki. Weather was excellent but the locals will tell you this was the best October for about 10 years!
The only thing that spoils an October visit is the fact that many of the cafes and resturants close down even before many of the visitors have gone which gives the impression that they don't want your custom. It would be much better if they ALL stayed open until the last day of October otherwise people will just stop going in the October half term. Tingaki was like a ghost town the day before we left and there were some people staying three days after us! May and Sept are by far the best times to visit.

Alan C           

we had a great time (as usual ), the weather was fantastic, and our freinds at the "Pegasus Bar", Philipos,Pamela, and Micheal the waiter couldent have made it a better stay.
WE must not forget the pot washer Ilias. (only jokin), Ilias runs the best car hire firm in kardamina.
The best time of the year to be there in our opinion

if you want any info E Mail bob.builderbob@ntlworld.com

Anthony B           

the weather was nice 30-35 degrees for october
we had about 30 seconds of rain in the two weeks
need a jumper after dark though better than england in october!!!

Andy B           


Mel K           

Went Kardema last 2 weeks in october. Sunny first week didn't know why i had brought jumpers, going stormy 2nd week and colder. Resort slowly died around us and I mean dead by the end. Cheap beer but only a few bars with any life. 2 nightclubs then one then none. A lot of bars had given up PRs and just showed friends constatly-I thought how sad to sit and watch Friends on your holiday until my second week when I look forward to killing time by watching 3 episodes with a beer just to kill an hour or two. Do not go if you expect some life, only ok if you are with someone and want to relax. May and september are reckoned to be the best everything open and thriving but none of the madness of June,July August

H P           

I think its too cold to go there in October. I went during the first part of October and was freezing. It gets very windy so take a coat.

Charlie G           

We stayed in kos town from 22nd to 29th first 2 days were cloudy but still hot then it was sunny for 3 days and the last to were absolutely FREEZING i think it would be ok there at the start of oct but towards the end it was really cold i felt sorry for the family from london who were stuck at the lenaki apartments after we had left.

Everywhere closed on the thursday we left and i mean everything no more trips and no bars open althought i think the boomerang was still open? next year will go earlier but not to KOS.


Amanda B           

Just back, Stayed in Kos Town 16th - 29th October, weather brill the first week, temperature in the 80s, gradually got cooler during the second week, last 2 days were quite cold, we were wearing our jeans and jumpers to keep warm. No rain during the day for the whole of the 2 weeks.

Teresa P           

went from the 18th to the 26th it was quiet but a group of 5 of us went and we had a good time the good thing is it gives you room to barter for your drinks trips anything as it is the end of the season !!! its all about what you make it!!

Claire C           

Just got back on the 25th, Kardamena was getting quiet and a lot of places were closing down on the 25th. However, this meant you can get served in most places very quickly and there are a lot of offers on as it is the end of season. If I were to go back again I would go slightly earlier in October, has a really good time though.

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