Best Time to Visit

Julie W          9/10

 We came to Tingaki on 16th august for 2 weeks and it's been fantastic   Very hot mind you and this can be quite bad if you have young children or anyone that is intolerant of the heat. We didn't get many mosquito's but what we did get bothered by was these invisible gnats that bite day or night  Look in the supermarkets you can buy very good bite/sting stuff quite cheaply

We didn't have a choice of dates due to my husbands employment but I think it must be lovely to come a little earlier in the season or into September cos the heat can be very tiring and stop you doing maybe as much as you may like. The season is May to October and everything is good all that time.
Tingaki actually has a salt lake which gets lots of wild life on it and is good to visit in spring so places are open from April to November. Another hidden treasure besides all the walks is mountain climbing and you can actually climb Mount Dikeos but at over 90degs and 2000ft up we didn't attempt it plus you can't do it in flip flops!! I'd come back so I could do some more walking and climb that mountain they say the views are amazing  There is another castle besides the one in Kos Town the Castle of Andimachia which you can walk to, the road is no good for buses but ok to walk but again the heat is against you in August.

Ashley B           

just bin there this august and it is bleedin boiling. but its great. best time to go gets quite lively around this time!! nd loads of fit lads !!

Dave L           

loved it, weather was gr8, sea was lovely! but as some1 else has said, watch out 4 the scooters! (and the locals r worse than the tourists!)

Chris M           


Paul M           

Its hot, but beware of the bloody scooters, pushbikes and several other types of motor vehicles they are all over in august and they just drive how and where they like and the constant whine can spoil it a little Ouch also the airport on departure is a nightmare in August Cry

Rachel E           

cool time to go its hot but ot unbearaable great to get a tan!!! enjoy there is a gud atmoshere and loads of fit lads out there who are nice to get on wit!!!

Vickie W           

loved everything about Kardemena and will be back again for sure but earlier or later in season as it was just too  hot in August and I am not usually a defeatist!!  There did not seem to be any drop in temperature between day and night and we got too sticky to enjoy nights out

K B           

We went to Kos on the 19th August and it was very hot, but bearable most days because of a breeze. Sometimes it got quite chilly in the evenings when it was windy.
We stayed in Kos Town which was lovely. Wasn't too busy - just right.


It was the end of august we went there but it was fantastic the wheater was perfect and it was not to crowded so there was enough places to sit at the bars and beds at the beach. We loved it!

Gavin H           

me and me mate went the last wk in august last year and it was still very busy and very hot going back this year august 21st cant wait.


great time to visit, it was very hot but we did go really brown, that was the whole point of the holiday.


It is SO hot in august! especially between 11am-3pm! there is a breeze which makes it al little better, but you have to be a serious sun lover to take this heat!! drink plenty of water and wear sun protection or you will bake...LOVELY! this is definitely the best time to go!

Karl S           

its hot but the breeze makes it bearable. i thought the whole area of tigaki would be rammed with people but it wasnt which was nicer

Brian G           

so hot you sizzle but a nice breeze every so often can cool you down. Drink plenty of water and wear a hot especially in the afternoon when it is at it's hottest

Paula K           

Kos is so hot in August If you are a sun worshiper like myself then this is the time to go.

Laura K           


Colin K           

Very hot, very dry. Use plenty of sunscreen and wear a hat.

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