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Malcy P

Hi we are going in mid September are there any local carnivals on?

Nigel and elaine T

  click to enlarge  click to enlargeWe were in tingaki mid Oct last year and it was wet and cold. That was the only time we have seen rain in Kos. This year we are going on Sept 17th. Should be lovely then as it always is in September. 

Ginny L

Went to Kos last year in september and still relly hot ...Not as busy as it was when we went in july but still busy enough to have a laugh  going back this year 11th july and can't wait!!

Teresa S          10/10

Have visited in late September (2006) and early September a couple of times previous. Lovely to watch the festival and not too hot. People are really friendly, especially if you make the effort and speak Greek to them.  Going back again this year early September for our eleventh year!

Clare W          10/10

We came out here 26th September 2007 for a week - great weather all the time - must have been high 70's early 80's all week.  There was a nice cool breeze in Kefalos.

Deborah R

Hello to all my boyfriend and i stayed in kos kardenima last year in september and we had a fantastic time we are going back again on the 5th sepember 2007 and i cant wait.

Keith H           

Have just come back from two weeeks this September and thought it was great, would certainly go again 

Helen F           

I've been to Kos (Kardamena) twice in Sept and had the best time ever. Still really hot and busy enough to have a laugh. Obviously not as busy as July and August but that didn't stop us having the time of our lives. Would definatley go back angin at this time of year.


Been to Kos once in Sept(2002). It was absolutely brilliant still, and you dont get pestered as much by the reps as the season is nearly over!!!! I went in June and had such a good time i booked to go again in  Sept - trust me you will love it!!!

C J           

September is absolutely the best time to go. All the excursions were being discounted as it was nearing the end of the season. I only paid 10 Euros for a return trip to Turkey! Weather was goregous, warm enough for those lazy days on the beach and not too hot for walking around in the middle of the day. Thoroughly recommend it.

Eve G           

 We went to Kefalos last 2 weeks Sept. last year (2004) - Weather great on the whole, altho one bad storm which knocked out electricity and we had no water for in excess of 24 hours - in fact had several power cuts, but not really a problem.  Everyone very friendly - in fact have booked again for 1st 2 weeks Sept this year (altho staying in small hotel this time, not self-catering).  Good choice of restaurants and plenty of water sports/ trips if that's your thing, not too crowded.

Jim C           

Had a great time in Kos Town in September 2002. As previously mentioned the place is quieter but it still has a good party just means that it is easier to get a seat and a drink. I thoroughly recommend Kos at this time of year...the locals may think it is colder but to us Brits it's still a darn sight warmer than over here! It's possible to wear T-shirts all night without even the slightest hint of a goose pimple....try it, you'll love it!

Lynne G           

We had a great time 23rd September to 7th October.Weather was great & you only needed something round your shoulders on a night twice.We have been in May before but prefered September, both for weather & atmosphere.Only problem was I got bit by mozzy's even after using repellant & a buzz off in the room.Lots of people had bites.Still what's a few bites when you are in a great place having a great time.

Laura S           

Great weather, one storm overnight so that was ok. There are fewer people here than in peak season so it is nice relaxed time. Not so good if you want heaving dance floors, but right for great evenings out socialising.

Heather W           

Would echo Claire's comments. Returned 29th September (our tenth visit) after two weeks in Kefalos and weather was fantastic, had a couple of days and evenings with high winds but nothing which spoilt our enjoyment - probably saw you around Claire!! where did you go evening time for a drink??

Claire C           

Just returned from a week in Kos Town (23 Sept - 30 Sept 2004) and the weather was scorching - just like the height of summer. No need for a cardigan or jacket at night.

Resort was obv quieter than in the height of the season and no problems getting a sun bed on the beach.

All in all an excellent holiday I would definately return in September. I've been to Crete at roughly the same time of year and weather was not as good, much more mixed.

Monty M           

Thoroughly recommend September to visit Kos or even Crete. Very little chance of rain (compared to say Corfu/Zante/Kefalonia). Just returned from average 27 - 30 degree daytime temps, down to around 15 - 19 degrees overnight. Never felt need to wear cardigan/jumper at all. Would Would love to see how green the island is after the spring rains. Have been to Greece in all summer/autuminal months and really do have a preference for September.

Martin & esther S           

Just returned from Kefalos and we had fab weather. Always warm without being too hot or overbearing. Some days the wind can get up a bit.
Sarah - we ate at the Restaurant-Bar Santa Barbara, which is on the harbour road overlooking Kamari Bay. The only genuine Italian place we found - the pizzas were excellent and large (7 Euros) and the two daughters who waitress are such laugh as they sing and dance their way around the tables.

Heather W           

Sarah .... Sorry but no actual Italian restaurant in Kefalos to my knowledge. But you will be able to get similar style of food at Golden Fleece, they have an extensive range of pasta dishes and everything is well presented and reasonably priced. Also most of the tavernas have a decent selection of Pasta and pizzas.
Hope you enjoy Kefalos - we are out on 15th for two weeks (still very hot - 90 degrees yesterday!!).....only 9 more sleeps and we will be there ..... counting me, NEVER!! :) :)

Heather W           

This is the time of year we have been visiting Kos and we always spray a little mozzie repellant on of an evening time and a plug-in killer in the room. We have never had any trouble but out friends who go with us don't bother and have had bites the last two times. And have heard the dron eof mozzies at night in their room - so beware. It will not be a big problem and you may well be okay - but why risk it!!??
As for warmer clothing - expect really good short and bikini weather during the day, but if I were you i would take a lightweight cardi or similar type of top for evenings, just something light to pop round your shoulders will do. You may not even need it. However, sometimes the wind can be a bit chilly at night, still lovely but a bit nippy round the shoulders if you know what I mean
Enjoy yoursevles

Julian H           

We went at the beginning of sept for two weeks and didn't have a bad day. A lot of the younger crowd had gone home (me being 24) so there was no trouble and relaxed friendly atmosphere. It did get a bit too quiet toward the last few days so go earlier rather than later.

Lisa R           

Lots of sun, very hot and perfect weather for a holiday!

Tony A           

If you have been reading items on this site you will have seen that I like the last two weeks in May. I also like the the middle of September, again it is not too hot or too crowded and it is one of the cheapest times to go. The landscape is browner than in the spring but it is still a nice time to visit.

I have also been in June & July but it gets too hot for me and is very crowded - prices are very high during June, July & August.

Jacki H           

We have now been most times of the year (including January) but I think September is the best, weather usually glorious although this year was a bit dodgy (but I think it was dodgy all over the world)

Rex B           

We were there for the first week in September 2002. Excellent weather - hot enough to get the colonel out. Rex found himself outnumbered by the fairer sex on a few occasions and most of the chaps got their eyes down. "Walking on the moon" - Kardamena 2002

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