Best Time to Visit

Vicky & paul C           

We went for the first two weeks of June this year, it was busy but from what everyone says not as busy as it gets. We noticed it getting busier on our last couple of days!!!!

Weather was still hot enough and only had one and a half cloudy day's. Sunlongers mostly empty on the beaches aswell. The good thing was it wasn't too hot at night.
Best holiday we have ever had, and we definatly chose the best time to go, before it gets too busy.

Kelly M           

june has got to be the best time to be in kos!!!!! it's so hot but with a nice breeze and it's starting to get really busy!!!!! the main clubs have opened and not as expensive as in the high of the season.

i've been in september before and last year we went in the first week in june, but was a bit dead. this year we went the 3rd week in june and it was blinding!!!! next year we'll prob go the last 2!!! as you can see we love it there ha ha ha
everything you could ask for and it's so gorgeous there!!!!
kelly x

Sam G           

i just got back from kos on the weekend. i was in kardamena... its goin to start to get mad crazy this week. the main club starlight opens this week and trust me u will love it.

stay in kardamena for most of the holiday if you can, kos town is more cosmopolitan - in that there are more people from different countries go there. nightlife isnt as lively but they got a few places. all the brits party in kardmena!
have fun - im so jealous!

Mel H           

I can't say that Kos is the best greek island (that is subjective) but it is different to most, and is certainly our favourite. We liked it so much we purchased a house there last December. We are going again this June to sort out the house furnishings. June is a great time to go. I love the hot temperatures later in the summer but June is cooler and would suit more people. It is still in the high 20's C (80's F) every day and evenings are also warm. The best part is that there are still wild flowers around, butterflies and other insects abound (for the nature lovers like me) and the locals are still fresh and keen before the heat and tourists take their inevitable toll later in the season. We prefer the Eastern side of Kos Town, away from Lambi, which is a little too touristy for us and our house is half way between the town and the mountains. Ideal and only 20 minutes walk into the town. Give it a try, you may fall in love with the island and it's people, who are wonderful even by Greek standards, like we did.

Jackie L           

great place to visit


Woohoo, went last year an cant wait to get bk out there only problem its nearly impossible to beat last year the people we met were great

We back out there on the 7th June and its straight to the fishbowls lol

Veronica H           

  We found going in june a lot better, we have been in july and august and found it to hot. It feels more comfertable, still hot but cooler at night. Great for younger  holiday dueds[ our dued is seven] and she coped really well, of course with a load of sunblock on.  I still got a great tan and i think the breeze helps a lot. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you have never been to kos [kefalos] please give a go we feel sorry for all people there as it is quiet. GREAT PLACE great time to go with your little dueds. HAVE FUN

Mandy N           

Great time of the year to go, if you don't like it too hot.

It's quieter too, so if you like this, then this is a good time for you to visit Kos.
We prefer the heat and like is busy, so we tend to go end of July or August. However, we really enjoyed our visit last year in June........ 

Donna A           

I went to Zante June 2004 it was so hot, i am used to going to the United States so it is very different, i thought i would hate it but when i was leaving i had a lump in my throat leaving too soon.

Can anybody tell me about Kos, will be staying at the family Village, a Mitsis hotel has anybody stayed here, i am going all inclusive with my family

Ryan P           

Was abit weary of going june about the weather and livelyness but don't wory.The weather was scorching and packed with people although understandably nt as busy as peak times.Cant believe im back in england.Never mind be back june 2005!!!

John R           

We went from 10-17th June. The weather, the people, the food and the whole resort - well if you don't like it...you don't like life! Good for people of all ages.

Shane N           

been the last 3 years in augest and june and june is the most awsome time to go its thriving and the place is alive and the weather was extremly hot in 2003 going over 100f and acording to the greeks june is the best month to go and all the greeks say that the castle bar is the best bar to visit see u there in june 2004 at the castle bar.....

Jackie P           

it was really hot and sticky!!exactly the way we wanted it to be! the weather was definatly bearable and it was okay in the evenings. .t was not too hot.we did have slight problems with the mosquitos but that was about all.a way to get rid of them is to obvviously keep windows etc shut,but also to keep vinegar around the windows and the corners of the beds,sounds wierd,but it does work!!



Jaana K           

kos town is a paradise you don`t want to miss!!I spent there two weeks and it was the time of my live!!!


The weather was unusually hot for early June sometimes as hot as 104 degrees, apparently this is more common in July/August, but there was nearly always a welcome sea breeze.

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