Diamond Hotel

Accommodation in Lambi

Tony A          10/10

This is just to let you know that The Lydia Apartments have now changed their name to The Diamond Apartments. They are located about 600 meters to the sea and are set in 12,000 square metres of colourful exotic gardens. The apartments are just 30 minutes by Taxi from Kos Airport, and about 700 metres from Kos town centre and port and in close proximity to restaurants, shopping areas and bars. My distances are only estimates but they are not a lot out.

As far as I know they are still run by Sakis, at lease they were in 2011 and he told me that he would be there in 2012 as the Apartments were being refurbished, but I do not know if they have been.
Tony Ainsworth - Coventry.

Wendy H

you can book the lydia  with travel republic  we have been going there since 1998  but the past couple of years have been going to the Diamond Deluxe the owners other hotel  which is fantastic this is where Mary now works

Dave W

We recently visited the Lydia Apartments in Kos Town where i stayed about 20 years ago, we asked the guy behind the bar if he knew Mary (a girl who used to look after all the kids ) she was only about 15 then,turns out the guy was Marys husband.We were staying at Tingaki so never got chance to go back and see her, does anyone know her? or have an e-mail address for her?. Thanks

Luca J

Does anyone know what brochure these apartments feature in now?

Last time i went they were with Airtours, i'd like to return but i can't find them anywhere.

John P           

John and Christine, Swansea, Booked through Travelrepublic. Sept 28th-Oct 5th 2006
This was our third or fourth visit to Lydias, and I have to say, one of our more enjoyable. There was only one other group of British there, all the other apartments were taken by Dutch families. The big difference this time was that there was hardly anyone around the pool or the bar, day or night, which meant the atmosphere was non existent remembering the lively times to be had when Mary and Sakis were there...Greek nights, Barbecue nights etc., when everyone had a good time. From my observations, the Dutch were early risers, off on their bikes around 9 am, back around 5, stayed in their rooms and went to bed at 10 with a book. At least the only advantage was it was very peaceful at night, no banging doors at 2 am, etc.. but then again, it's a holiday complex!. We were happy to stay there again, and would have no hesitation staying there again, I just wish there were more Brits there to have a drink with in the evenings, instead of going to Bahamas hotel just down the road (Mary works there by the way) or into town. We Were in block number 4, which I am led to believe is the best of the blocks, the newest built, and I have no complaints about the standard of accommodation, or the room service. The maids were around every day, anything needed changing was changed. floors cleaned daily, no complaints. So, finally, if you want a relaxing, quiet holiday, have a look at this place.

Cheryl C           

We stayed at Lydia for one week in September 2006. The location was good as it is only a 15 minute walk to the town centre where there are some excellent bars, restaurants and shops. The apartment itself was basic but it was clean and the cleaners came in every day to tidy up. The pool was nice and clean and there was rarely more than a dozen people around it. There is a small shop just down the road but there is also a low cost supermarket within easy reach that was very reasonable. The couple behind the bar were very friendly although they spoke very little English. I would highly recommend the Greek night as the food was great and Vodka George did some very entertaining dancing. I would also recommend hiring a bike for your stay as it is very cheap and the cycling itself takes very little effort as the area is so flat. Its also a good idea as it makes exploring the area in the midday heat a lot easier. Make sure you go on the 3 island boat trip as the islands are beautiful but make sure you get to the boat early so that you can get a sunbathing spot! I would also recommend going on the day trip to Bodrum Turkey. That is also a beautiful place to go and you get a bus tour thrown in plus it is only a short boat trip away. All in all we had a great time for a holiday that we paid so little for!

Angela K           

My friend Carol and I stayed at the Lydia from 7th to 21st June 2006 and we loved it.

The apartment was roomy and clean although basic. Cleaners changed sheets regularly but towels could have been changed more often as we had one towel each for first 3 days! The garden and pool area was in a lovely setting and never more than 8 or 10 people around pool.
It was 10 minute walk to Lambi - nice beaches and a good selection of bars and restaurants. It was about 15 minutes walk to harbour and town where there were loads of shops, bars and restaurants. A meal for 2 with wine cost about 20 euros and many were giving away extras such as a sweet, cocktails or another half litre of wine!
We hired bikes for a week as it's so flat and cycled to Tingaki and Psalidi. It also made shopping easy as carrying water, milk and fruit juices was easier by bike!
The 3-island boat trip was a wonderful day out even though it was a bit rough coming back. We went on the Karoline boat and the BBQ was great.
We'd recommend the Lydia to anyone, families and couples alike as you can choose to have a quiet holiday or, within minutes, be in the centre of all the hustle and bustle of the centre.

Angela K           

My friend Carol and I stayed at the Lydia from 7th to 21st June 2006. We loved it.

The apartment is one of the nicest (and this is our 5th Greek Island apartment) and most spacious we have ever had. Kitchen area is basic but we only ate breakfast there anyway and otherwise ate out.
Sheets were changed regularly but towels could have been changed a bit more as we had one towel each for 3 days to start with!  The grounds and pool area were beautiful and never very busy, in fact, most days there were fewer than 8 people around the pool.
The situation is excellent with a 10 minute walk to Lambi area with lovely beaches and some good bars/restaurants. It's about 15 minutes walk to the harbour and town area in the other direction with lots of lovely shops, bars and restaurants to choose from. A meal for 2 with wine cost us about 20 euros and many restaurants gave us free cocktails, a sweet or half litre of wine at the end of the meal.
We hired bikes for one week and cycled to Psalidi and Tingaki as well as around Kos Town and Lambi area. Shopping for milk, water and other basics was easier by bike too!
I'd recommend the Lydia to anyone - couples, families or young people.
Angela Keenan, Huddersfield. 27/6/06.

Hazel C           


Anthony E           

Hey guys, i visit the Lydia hotel apartments with Thomson at 25 of August, The hotel was great and the staff. I have also something for the people that they want to visit again the hotel. the website: www.lydiaapartments.com I just book my next holidays direct with the hotel and the price was cheap. See you guys over there Webpage: WWW.LYDIAAPARTMETNS.COM


The only problem was the cleaner waking us up ev mornin when we were getting in about 9am. and kicking us out to clean coz she really had to do it on our 2nd to last day!!!!

Tony A           

Does anyone know who is featuring the LYDIA Apartments in 2006 

Tony Ainsworth:   email:    tonyainsworth@aol.com

Web Page:      www.tonyainsworth.co.uk


I have just returned from the Lydia and this was my second visit, The apartments are still the same.The staff where lovely especially Manos what a laugh he was.The Greek nights where brilliant especially Vodka George..

Jo S           

Had a great holiday at the Lydia Apartments, the accomodation wasnt 5 star material but we didnt pay for that so not too disappointed.. think typical Greek accomodation and you will be fine!

Just felt obliged to say the Rep was not exactly 'gorgeous' and the only thing that kept us awake throughout the welcome meeting was counting how many times he said 'for yourselves', think I gave up when I got to 64.  Apart from that he had no interest in you unless you were booking up the overpriced and over rated trips.

Overall a really good holiday, perfect location (15/20 minute from the resort centre).


Lydia apartments was situated in a nice area. it was about a 15 minute walk in to the town. we were placed in the wrong room at first because we paid for an apartment but were given a studio but they were very helpful and understanding and moved us as soon as they could. the pool area was lovely and tyhe barstaff were great. (And the rep was absoloutely gorgeous. Stuart was his name). he was also one of the best reps we have ever had. The accomodation was nice but the bathrooms were not the best they could of been. because we were sure we had a leek in our toilets an it stunk of wee all the time. We went on the three island cruise twice because we enjoyed it so much. we went on the Marianna with harry (the flamin galaar) and i advise people to go with him!!!!!!! Overall we had a fab holiday!

Pauline S           

Thanks Karen, will keep an eye out for the Katerina.  Thanks for your review about the Lydia, there are a few more positive ones on holidaysuncovered too so feeling alot better about it now!  Will post a review when I get back... cant wait now, booked last November so have been waiting forever!

Karen A           

Hi Pauline

You just dont know how lucky you are going to Kos in just 9 days time. Let us know how you got on when you get back wont you. We went on a 3 island cruise on a boat called the Katerina it was wonderful and only 20 euros for the day including lunch. Have a great time.Yammas

Pauline S           

Thanks Karen, (and Tina), it's just so hard to know what to expect as people seem to be reporting completely contrasting reviews.  A bit worried about the reports of things going missing, will just need to make sure everything is locked away when we are out the room.

I wont be cooking so dont mind about the kitchen not being up to much, and will just need to pack the flash wipes incase to give the place the once over!

Tina P           

We just got back from lydia.we had 2 rooms both were very dirt. Toilets had  poo on the seats.   Floor were stink.sofabed smelled of wee and mildew you could not sleep on them. We got 2 mugs 1 pan 3 plates cutlery was full of food. So bought some from the shops .We could not change the air conditioning control. After complaint it was on better I cleaned even thing my self. Barmaid and barman were very friendly but the owners were not interested in guests she went in my son room without my permissions. we heard from other guests things have gone missing night before you fly out.

Karen A           

Hi Pauline

We have just returned from Lydia and had a wonderful holiday. We went with our three teenagers and they all loved it. The Lydia is set down a dirt track road with fields either side and is a good 20 minute walk to the Blue Dolphin roundabout in the centre of Kos Town.Be sure to take some comfortable shoes with you as mine are still blistered from the walking in the tremendous heat! Lydia apartments are fine they are a bit dated but the maids come in everyday except Sunday.The air conditioning is free for Airtour customers only the Thomsoms lot have to pay for it and yes you have to pay 100 euros deposit for the control pad.The safety deposit boxes are situated near the bar area. Lydia is set in lovely gardens kept tidy by the brilliant Vodka George-doesnt speak a word of English but what a nice bloke. Be sure to go to the Greek Night we went both weeks and just loved it. Lilian and her family will make you very welcome. Oh how I wish we still had our holiday at Lydia to come. Have a great time.

Pauline S           

Has anyone visited the Lydia Apartments this year.... hearing a few worrying reports so looking for more info.  Is it true that the 'free' airconditioning attracts a 100 euro deposit?  Are there safety deposit boxes?


Graham S           

we have just come back from kos and the lydia apartments the apartments are small and dirty we had s**t on the floor in the bedroom ,wasps nests outside the front door i was stung 3 times angry

there were three other familys that things go missing from there rooms ,we didn't though .do the greek night at your peril we did it twice and all had the s**ts, many people cut there feet in the pool, need i go on other than that we had a good holiday the people we met made it great and i think we have made some good friends tongue

S.j. H           

Lydia is not to far from the town, it's just up a long road, it's a nice walk into town.. but im sure you could get a taxi, it's a chilled out place..

has anyone been back this year yet? as I go in 11 weeks... what's it like as Sakis is not there..

Pauline S

I'm booked up for the Lydia Apartments and have been reading mixed reviews - can anyone let me know what the apartments are like for location into Kos Town?

Tina P           

We are visiting Lydia Apartments in July this year and I would like some information. Does anybody know if there is a safe inside the room to keep personal documents and are there a lot of mosquitoes? Also is the area well lit up in the night to and from Kos town? Can anyone recommend a good vegetarian restaurant as well? Anybody who can help please feel free email us at tinapatel41@hotmail.co.uk