Sophia Beach Aparthotel

Accommodation in Lambi

Kelly M          10/10

Hi sophia an george  x don't no if u remember us x kelly an richard we stayed with you 3yrs ago with our little girl chloe x we came last year 2 visit you to pay george the money back we owed him x we were thinking of bookin a flight over to see you again this year first week of augest x we wanted to know if you had any space an how much it would cost us for 1 week? an if george could pick us up from airport? x x could u let me know asap so we can get it sorted to come an see u again x can't wait x hope ur winning on your casino games you like 2 play on while workin x x loves ya kel, rich, chloe an ella-faith x x my e-mail address if u can get back in touch is xxx

Katie, carrie & sherry           6/10

This is the second year we stayed here and what a difference from last year.  Every single day there was screaming arguments between staff sometimes at 7 in the morning.

Sophia & George on reception are lovely and make you feel very welcome its a shame about the rest of the staff.


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stay here in july06 with 7 of my mates... we were sopose to go to kardamina but ended up in kos town and i am so glad... it was the best holiday ever! sophia beach is a great place to stay we even named our group after it (sophia seven 'that are irish') lol! our rep craig should remember us by that aswell as the people at shenannigans bar which was also amazin. craig was great  & made us very welcome. Also want to say thanks to sam (our other rep) she'll kno what for!... fantastic place to stay if you get a chance go to paridies beach its lovely. me and my mates miss kos loads and cant wait to go back everyone we met were so friendly.

patsy x

Iona S           

First of all - the stray dogs were a big problem and watch out for a little white one as it has fleas.

Second of all - George the barman and his wife Sophia are the nastiest people you can ever meet, they barricaded the doors of the pool bar shut one day so no kids could get in.

Thirdly - watch out of the creepy barman ,also known as Christos - if you are under 20 then be very careful of him. He is a creep and won't leave you alone.
Lastly - don't go to the Greek night on a monday as is it a waste of money and in the end the football is turned on and its finished after 40mins.

Jo P           

Me and three of my best mates al went to Kos this Sep 06. We stayed at the Sophia Beach and had the holiday of a lifetime. Our rep Craig was a darling and made my holiday. I wouldm reccommend anyone who wants a bit of everything in a holiday to stay here. We are definatly going back next year and staying at Sophia!! 


My boyfriend and i have just come back off holiday to Kos and i have to say this is the best holiday we've been on.The hotel was clean, staff were friendly and the size of the rooms were superb, everything you need is there. The hotel is on the outskirts of the town but is only about 5-10 min walk away to the main part, there is still a lot of bars and reaturants in the area.The pool is smaller than the picture lets on, but it is still a good size and is nice. Best time to go is when the kids are back at school, thats the only thing that ruined it. But you can just go to the beach which is about 1 minute away if that and the sunbeds are only 3 euros to rent.All the restaurants in kos town are nice, the best meal was at the flamingo restaurant, you can have a romantic meal whilst looking out at the harbour all lit up at night. Dont go to the fashion bar, its too expensive the musics rubbish and the service isnt good. The best bar we went to is Blues Brothers bar, they play a bit of cheesy music 1st then they play the good stuff and the cocktails are delicious, we went there almost every night. Shops are brill as well, everything you need at hand.My boyfriend and i have been to 3 Greek islands (Rhodes, Zante and Kos) and Kos was the best (most expensive) and we wouldve stayed there if we still had the money but we had to come back to the dump of England. We would love to go back asap.Its beautiful.Clap

Stefano D

I need the E-mail adress of the appartment for to ask informations and price and the possibility to reserve. Pls could you send the address to my mail? Thanks in advance

John S           

what a holiday !! the greatest holiday ive ever been on. if your english and sick to death of english women, then kos is the place to go !!
every girl we saw (without exception) was stunning, not that im fussy, but the continentals do it best. the resort is full of swedish, danish, german, and norweigans. there were very few british people on the resort which made it feel like it was a proper holiday.
only when we flew back to gatwick did we know we were going back to britain (from the lack of stunning women on the plane !)
unfortunatly the continentals do it best, there we were on our balcony watching (p**ving) the women around us. you could tell who was who. the continentals were cultured, playing yahtzee, or cards, indulging in the art of conversation. and the brits (the few there were) were rowdy, drunk and arrogant.
anyways for some strange reason the continentals love us brits. its not difficult to pull, and you could end up with a different girl every night. just make sure that you dont meet the girl from the night before, as they seem to beleive that you belong to them for the remainder of the holiday !!
the sophia beach appts were outstanding. the cleaners were fantastic, the bar staff were friendly and fit, and the general maintenance of the hotel/appts were very good.
its also very clean and located in a good place away from the noise.
the local restaurants are also good and cheap compared to the town center. if you see nikos tell him "how did you get on with the v****a ?" from the huntingdon boys.
if you want to go clubbing the best nightclub and probably only nightclub is 'fashion'. if you want to pull and enjoy pub/club style bars, then head up bar street.
overall for a group of lads, you cant beat kos or the sophia beach.
good luck.

Denise R           

This was a super hotel and many thanks to Hayley the rep who kindly solved our minor problem. Well recommend and would like to return. Ideally situated for a nice walk down the beach to Kos Harbour. Tthanks Tony for your help and advise with car hire from ML rental. I think it was the best position to be on the island!!!

Joanne J

can you let me have the telephone number to this accommodation?

Jo J           

Brilliant! - Stayed here with my boyfriend June 03,

Lovely weather, lovely apartments, lovely people.

And brilliant location! - Far enough away from the noise, but close enough for a nice stroll home of an evening!

Denise B           

Going here on 15th May this year 2004, would like to know as much about the place and the island as possible. Also would love to hear from anyone who will be here at the same time.

Michele H           

We've just come back from Kos (Oct'03), loved every minute. We stayed at the Sophia Beach and was very pleased with the room which was spacious and clean (with 2 balconies!). The reception staff were friendly and helpful. Although it was a little further from the town than we thought(20-25 min stroll)but turn left out of the hotel to the cross roads there's a bus stop opposite which takes you straight into Kos Town. Also good & cheap way to get around is on bicycles. A great cafe/bar/restaurant called 'Van Gough' is just a short walk(turn right at the cross road on the main road). Annika and Yanis are a lovely couple and made us feel very welcome. Kos Town is full of history with plenty of places to eat or just have a coffee and watch the world go by! We bought some traditional crafted/hand painted pottery from a wonderful gift shop called 'Pegasus' where you could actually watch the artist at work! The pace of life is alot slower (very slow)but the Greek are exceptionally friendly and we both very much look forward to returning for 2 weeks next time.

Mandi D           

It was our first time in Greece and it has been all good (only got back today)
The Sophia Beach was a nice complex, and our room was spacious and clean (the girls who did the rooms daily were great). The hotel staff on the whole were great apart from George the barman who could be a little grumpy at times....but u get used to him. Maria the bar girl was lovely, and great with all the guests and the kids loved her too!

The pool was a little over chlorinated so watch your eyes! The dogs were not a problem and were very friendly. The apartments are just a nice distance from kos town centre....if you turn left as you go out it is only a short distance to the main strip that takes you into the centre...lots of bars, eateries and shops on the way there ;0)...if you turn right it takes you via the seafront which is lovely too...
Places to eat...that are lovely and near the apartments....Efkilipity (probs not spelt right) which is when you turn left from the apratments....first restaurant up that road on your right, great food and lovely staff...good price too! Then there is Old River, which is just off the sea front, Marys House which looks like a little shack (on the same street as Jacksons- which is great night out and food too) but great food, and Tarzans Bar which was our local for the fortnight which you can find by walking a long the beach, free use of sunbeds for as long as you like even if you just buy a coffee, we did but then found the staff and atmosphere excellent (Hi to Abraham, Sadell and Roy...missing u already :0() and the food great too, so went there every day....usually for potent cocktails! Also try the tradtional Greek Grill houses excellent food and good prices. Once up into the main bit of the town the prices do change a little.

Billy M           

We stayed at the sophia beach in may 2003, the apartments were fine and very clean. The shower (yes we had a curtain) was poor, with little or no water pressure at peak times. The local beach was pebbles and they charged 5 Euros for two beds which I thought was a bit expensive. You need to walk past a squatter camp to get to the beach and the kids will beg for money (don't give them anything it only encourages them)
I also found Kos a bit more expensive that I'd bargained for, our first meal in Kos town cost 45 Euoros for two steaks and a bottle of wine, we were then charged 4 Eoros for a bottle of bud at one of the trendy bars.
However, we soon found the better places to eat and drink and it cost us pretty much as it would do back home, so for a couple you need 500-600 spending money for a week.

On a positive note, the people were very friendly, One of the girls that work at the sophia beach is a babe the weather is alway's fantastic and it's only a 15min walk to Kos town.

Verdict :- Not as good as Cyprus but we will be back

Jeanette H

I need to know if there is anywhere to park at the Sophia Beach Aparthotel for cars?

Steve V           

i thought i was going to the REINA SOPHIA hotel/apartments cant seem to find them on the web do they still exist, if so any comments appreciated

Lisa H           

We have just come back from a week in Kos and this place was fantastic. It has a 4 star rating and does live up to that. The apartments are large and very clean. There are no lifts however so, although we were on the second floor, it wasn't a problem for us. All the staff are friendly. I read reports on this site before I went about the dogs, no kettle, bathroom flooding, ants in the kitchen, broken air-conditioning etc but I found none of these to be a problem. We had a kettle, there were no ants in the apartment, we had a shower curtain (a rareity in some apartments) and the air-conditioning worked. There were 2 balconys and when the door were opened the air-con automatically shut off. Obviously all the plumbing in Greece is a bit rubbish but you soon get used to not putting toilet paper in the loo. Signs stated that the rooms were cleaned 5 times a week, but the cleaners came in every day and they do everything. We left some damp beach towels over the dining chair to sort out later and the cleaner hung them on an airer on the balcony. The towels are changed 3 times a week and the beds are changed twice a week.

There was a bit of a discrepancy with trying to hang onto our room as we had a late flight but other than that, everyone is fantastic.

Greece has a problem with stray dogs and cats but they are not a worry. In fact they are so friendly. There's no worries about approaching them and they're so loving.

The pool is always kept clean and Mary and George the chef at the pool bar are lovely.

The staff in the supermarket to the back of the bar are friendly and this is open from as early as half 7 in the morning to around 1 o'clock in the early hours.

All in all a definite location must!!!!

Cara P           

I've booked to stay at the Sophia Beach Aparthotel in July, however have since read lots of comments on various website about a problem with numerous stray dogs who seem to live in the hotel grounds. How big a problem are they?

Steph H           

this was a brilliant hotel, me and my 5 mates had the best apartment on the ground floor-perfect 4 stumbling in over the wall at 6 in the morn when you lose your door key! It was massive but beware of the ants in the kitchen, they're everywhere! oh and the dogs that decide to jump into your apartment from outside, (the only problem with a ground-floor room!)

Dee Q

We will be staying at the Sophia beach aparthotel in june 03 is this a quiet hotel and how far to the beach and can anyone reccomend some nice restuarants? last but not least are the apartments clean!

Carla n stephanie C           

it was great! apart from the failure of the air conditioning, the talent was great!!!!! :)) Families wud really enjoy it so wud young couples/old! its an and drinks good! 2 minutes away from beach and near by cafes/taverns.