Emmanouel Studios

Accommodation in Lambi

Ali B           

Hey.  Emmanuel apartments is in an area just a wee bit out of Kos Town, in a place called Lambi.  There are some alright bars around (Sunburnt Arms, Jacksons, Shenanigans, Boomerang), but to be fair you are better off paying €5-6 for a taxi and going to bar street, where you have got Cactus, Hart Rock, Charisma, Saloon Tex, Limit, and West bar. They are all quality.  There is also Fashion Disco, which is mint - they have a foam party on Wednesday nights.  Shops?  They are all over, and pretty cheap, fags are €2.80, big bottle of beer €1, A coupla weeks ago I found a 1 litre bottle of Malibu for €9!  food is only pricey if you buy UK names - to be honest you are better eating out, its cheaper.  Hope this helps, I am a rep here and if you wanna come on our barcrawl let me know.  Ta.x

Lynne H           

Hi i am going to Kos and stayin in EMMANOUEL APTS for 2 weeks wit a group of 11 girls! i was wondering could ppl plz tll me honestly....Is tere ANY good clubs or pubs around!!? What is the main age group!? Is ther a supermarket near by and what is the price range like!?thank you

Amy K           

Just bak from 2 wks in Kos! Its a gr8 place but Its not really suited for a mad holiday ,only sum of the bars were decent and there were no clubs watsoevr. Our apts were ok could hav probably dun wit more cleaning towels etc... I got eaten alive by the Mozzies!! So bring lots of repellent! Emmanuel is situated up a dark road wit a couple of lamposts surrounded by low flying bats so remember 2 cover ur head at nite wen walking down this rd. The Family who run it rnt overly friendly & the food at the snack bar wasnt the greatest, But if its basic accom ur lookin 4 then its ur place ne one who is lookin 4 a luxurious holiday I def wouldnt recommend it,But we were a group of 11 and fairly noisy they never once gave out to us even wen we jumped in to the pool at 6in the morning!!!! So 2 sum it up its an ok place,fairly local and basic!

Stefano D

I need the E-mail adress of the appartment for to ask informations and price and the possibility to reserve. Pls could you send the address to my mail? Thanks in advance danio76@tiscali.it

Amy K           

Can anyone who has been to these apartments tell me about them,cleanliness,showers,owners,nite life? Any info can you pls give it to me!


Robert W           

Contrary to what other people were saying about the Family running this establishment, I'd like to say that they were very unfriendly, most things were a bother to them, and only one of them (Chrisoula)could speak half decent English.We came to the apartments about 6am, there is no reception. Your key is on the door if you’re lucky! A Couple who arrived with us, had to wait until staff arrived to get their key, about 8am.Nine of us arrived at these apartments at the same time. There were three Couples and the three of us, myself, my wife, and Mother-in-law. We were staying a fortnight; the others were staying a week. When the week was nearly over, two of the Couples asked for an extension for their rooms, because they were not getting picked up by coach until 2:30 am and the rules say you have to be out by 12 noon. These Couples were given the extension cost 20 euros. The other Couple were not aware of this and decided to go away for the day, and come back for the coach leaving at the early hours. They put their luggage in a lounge beside the bar area which was the done thing. We were watching all this, because we knew this would happen to us the following week as the flight times would be the same. We stayed up to see them off and saw the two Couples who had extensions leave their rooms and walk to get the coach. We noticed that the bar area was still open and the young couple picked up their luggage and left with the rest. We knew that it was not certain we would get an extension because they don't guarantee it, but we prayed that we could. The day before we were to leave, we asked for extension and she said yes! I paid 20 euros and asked for receipt, she said no. Well, we thought at least she would keep her word. We had plans to make our last day as full as possible because we had an extension, we were going to stay by pool for the afternoon, go out for a meal and then come back and have a sleep and then start to pack, then chill out in apartment ready for leaving. On the final day we went up to the bar to buy drinks and mattresses for sun bed (1 euro each). We were told by Chrisoula that there had been a mistake and we wouldn't have our room until the early hours, we could just have it until 6 pm. I asked for some money back and she said no, that was also the price until 6 pm. 20 euros! We just had to accept it. So this ruined our plans for the day, and we had to pack and get ready to be out for 6pm. We took our luggage up to the lounge beside the pool, and then we went out for a meal. We came back about 10:00pm and sat in the lounge. We didn't feel welcome because as normal on an evening the bar area was full of the family who run the place. So we decided to get a taxi into town and kill some more time. We came back just after midnight to sit in the lounge, maybe get some tea and wait until the coach came at 2:30 am. We were astounded to find that everything was closed and pitch black and our luggage was dumped outside in the darkness! It was very dark, my Mother-in-law went to the toilet and fell because she couldn't see in front of her, the toilet is a good distance away especially in the dark, as it's not lit very well. We all had still to change into our travelling clothes, and we decided rather than go down to toilets, we would get changed where we were for safety. This debacle ruined what was quite a good holiday. The apartments are pretty basic, no shower curtain, nowhere to put the shower head on the wall (you have to hold it yourself). If there was a more welcoming Family running the place, we would have spent more time there. Lots of guests were boycotting it because of their attitude. They don't provide children's portions for meals and you have to pay the full price, we witnessed a young mother arguing about that, and then not going back again. Apart from this Family, the Greek people were very friendly and we were made welcome wherever we went. Anyone coming to stay here will have to consider these things mentioned, especially no 24 hour reception. If anyone took ill during the night they would have to go outside the complex to phone for help.

Samantha P           

I have just come back from my holiday in Kos, staying at the Emmanuel Apartments, & I was very pleased with the accommodation. They were the most modern appartments I've ever stayed in, plenty big enough for the 4 of us. We had towels & loo roll, cleaners emptied our bins, changed bed linen & cleaned the floors several times in the week. floors were lovely clean marble. We really had everything we needed. Although originally requesting to be on a top floor, we were on the bottom, but didnt have a single ant or cockroach so don't worry, it was probably easier not having to walk up flights of stairs every day. the pool area was nice, although we didnt spend our days there, plenty of people did & there was always lots of room, never too crowded. Food at bar was lovely & good value, & people running the appartments were very pleasant & helpful. There arent safety deposit boxes in your rooms, theyre in a room next to the bar. Safety isnt an issue there, I felt I could trust the people. Its a good idea to rent bikes out (3 euros per day, 15 euros for a week) but its so much easier & alot more fun to get around. Loads of space to park them wherever you go & theres a hire place just 50 metres from emmanuel! I was very pleased with these appartments & would reccommend them as kos is filled with the sound of mopeds, it drives you mad, & at these appartments, you don't hear a thing!

Cat H           

just back from kos and stayed at the emmanuel!!must say they are nice apartments, the apartments are quiet big with 2 balconies so if u are a couple you have loads of room!!we had a pool view and were up on the second floor so we didnt see any beasties...did here thou that the ground floor were riddled with flys, mosquitos etc so if i was goin again id request to be up high!!the apartments have a nice pool area with sunchairs being free but if you want a mattress for ur lounger then u have to pay a euro!they have a poolside bar,snackbar,food is alrite,cheap enuff!!the apartments are about 10 minute walk into the town centre which isnt too bad except late at nite when ur walkin home the roads are abit scary...we saw bats flyin over our heads and the odd rat or two!!they are in the countryside after all!ended up gettin taxis most of the time...5 euro into town!rooms got cleaned twice in the two weeks i think!they dont supply u with loo role and they didnt make our beds just left the sheets ,for us to put them on!also the floors are manky...if u walk barefoot your feet will be black!!this was common in all the apartments and one of the other guests said they dont change the water ,they just uses the same for all the apartments!!ewww!!...hot water is by solar panels,so youl get hot water in the mornin and before 8..after that its cold all the way!!..there in a quiet location for a relaxin holiday!!

Cat H

anyone been to these apartments lately...would love to know more about them

Judith H           

In about 4 weeks we are going for the 5th time to Emmanuel Apartments.
It's very great there and the people are nice.
The accomodation is good and clean. There are 2 buildings with apartments and the newest is about 3 years old.
If you want to know more, just mail us.
We leave to Kos on June 8.

Cat H

I would like to hear from anyone who has stayed at the emmanuoel apartments in the lambi area of kos town....things such as ...do the sun loungers have to be paid for?...how many apartments are in the complex....that kinda thing...any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ian B           

Great apartments, kept very clean by friendly English speaking family. The 1bedroom apartments have two balconies. Very clean pool area and good range of tasty snacks and meals available. Beach is 15 minutes walk away in both directions, but would recommend hiring a bicycle which is very popular on the island. Several small supermarkets close to apartments, so no heavy carrying for miles. Bicycle/car hire on your doorstep, at reasonable prices. Other bars and restaurants only 5 minute walk, further 5 minute walk takes you to the Lambi beach area, with a further 10 minute walk along the main street shopping area to the town centre. You could'nt find better self catering accomodation anywhere.

Diana H

I would like some information on emmanuel apartments. And other apartments. My boyfriend and i want self catering for one week 11th - 18th june in Kos town. Close to the town centre

I cannot find information anywhere on emmanuel apartments.