Nicon Apartments

Accommodation in Psalidi

Elaine D          10/10

hi nico toni kosta  and spiros tina and everyone at the nicon looking forward to seeing you all in june on the 29th its been a long year cant wait to get away to our favorite place to enjoy the rest and have fun on our nites out .just want to relax and chillout with our favourite people

Sally B          10/10

just got back from nicon apartments and had a fab time! it was our second time and we will definately go back! all the staff are so friendly and helpful and it was nice that we were remembered from last year!the atmosphere here is great, everyone gets on so well and your guaranteed to have a great time! the rooms are very clean and spacious too. we will be back soon you can count on that!! sally darren and megan xxx

Tom K          10/10

Kos is fantastic. Nicon apartments is the best place that you can ever stay at. The place is lovely and the owners are brill. Been there 4 times and will go many times more. Would strongly recommend anyone to go. Everyone is so friendly, could never find anything wrong, you will never want to leave.

Tom and Lana

Tom W           

Ellen and Brian Luetchford.

Have tried to email you but i keep getting address failed.
Hope you are both well.
It was really nice to meet you and the others.
Kos was a really nice holiday and would definetly go back, maybe not next year but the year after. Very friendly staff (spiros could be grumpy but generally was ok), played football with Nicon and others. Food very cheap and would definetly recommend the indian restaurant in kos town itself.
Nightlife wasnt too bad, not the liveliest but we met some great people out there.
Tom and Amy

Kerrie J           

Thanks Helen! Yeh, I guess it'll be a bit quieter at this time of the year so things like trips might not be running, but it'll still be fun! Thanks for filling me in on Nic's girlfriend situation- I didn't mean to sound like some sort of stalker though!  The girl he was with when I was there was an english girl with blonde hair but I can't remember her name? She was a really nice girl though so don't wannna sound like I'm trying to get in there with her man!!!Anyway, I really do sound like a stalker now so I better shut up!!
Have a great trip over there on the 12th and I'll see you on the 21st!
Take care, Kerrie xxx

Helen D           

No problem Kerrie Smile! Apparently those trips are still on but it depends on numbers i guess as to whether they actually take place. As for Nic, if you mean his girlfriend Anna then no, he hasnt got a girlfriend- you know what he's like with the laydeez Wink! Apparently, Bledi is worse than ever with the girls if you can believe thats possible Laugh!! unfortunately, i dont get to stay at the Nicon for free,although that would be cool! I managed to sort somewhere else out to stay. Cant wait to be out there, i go in 5 days!! Woohoo!! Hope to see you out there!

Helen xx

Kerrie J           

Hi Helen
Thanks for filling me in! Yeh, will probably see you then if your going back on the 12th- I'm soooo excited, I really need a holiday! So you don't think Nic has a girlfriend?!  I guess his girlfreind who worked with him the bar isn't around anymore if your going out to help him out- that'll be a laugh! From what you say it sounds like he's still flirting with the ladies- I bet Bleddi is too when hes around!!  Do you get to stay at the nicon for free then?!  And will those trips you said about still be going on then? They sound fun!!
Thanks for replying- glad you had such a great time this year!
Kerrie xx

Helen D           

Hi Kerrie! Im going back on the 12th for 2 weeks so i might see you there! Im helping Nic out at the bar so i should do!! Bledi works the summer, but he went back to uni by the time we got there. He still drops in now and again tho. As for Nic, im not sure about the girlfriend thingLaugh. From what i saw, i would say he hasnt!! Lol! Hopefully see you out there!

Helen xx

Kerrie J           

I went to the Nicon apartments 2 years ago and had a wicked time. Nicos and his family were so friendly and I still remember the nights I spent at the bar with Nic and Bleddi- they were such a laugh!! I was just looking at my old photos of Kos a few weeks ago and it made me decide to book a week back at the Nicon at the end of Oct! I went with family last time but am taking my flatmate this time. I hope it's as good as I remember! So is Bleddi not there anymore?   And what about Nic does he still have a girlfriend?!!  I would really appreciate if anyone whos been back lately can fill me in on life at the nicon now! It'll make me even more excited for going there in Oct!!!
Bye for now! Kerrie x

James B           

Been back a week from Kos and we are missing it loads. Weather was great, resort was excellent and the apartments and everyone in them were amazing.

Best holiday we have had by far, everyone so friendly, all out for a laugh and we are definately going back next year!
Went out into bar street a couple of times with Nic, Nudge and Michael and what a laugh it was especially when Nic always insisted me and him having dance-offs!
Went on Nic and Nudges day off trip and that was ace took us to a brilliant beach and they were always up for a laugh. Pity Nudge won't be there next year the lucky guy is off to mexico for the year!!
All in all would reccommend to anyone go out and get it booked!!
James and Hayley

Helen D           

Just got back from the Nicon early this morning Cry this was my fourth visit and i always hate having to go home. Unfortunately we missed Bledi by 6 days but Nic and the new guy Michael more than made up for it! Had a wicked time at the greek night, quiz night and kareoke night (although singing 'islands in the stream' with Nic wasnt all it cracked up to be )

Never been to Kos this late before so i was worried about the weather and business of the place etc but it was even better than going in July-the weather was hot and sunny everyday-they haven't had rain since 20th March and there were less people so things werent as crowded which was fab!!
Our rep Nudge was an absolute LEGEND!! We had such a laugh with him and Nic. We went on a day trip yesterday, the first of its kind, called 'Nic and Nudge's day off' and it was SO FUNNY  thanks guys. If anyone is considering going just do it because it is the best experience ever. Even the waiters in a restaurant i went to once, 3 years ago, remembered me-it was amazing! Huge thankyou to Nudge, Tina, Spiros, Helen and of course the LEGEND that is Nic -you're amazing. Im definately going back next year for a 5th time!!

Matt J           

Me and my girlfriend returned from the Nicon apartments yesterday and what  a holiday we had, we could not fault the place one bit. The weather was fab all week and if we got to hot a dip in the hotel pool was perfect. The hotel was very clean and our apartment was cleaned every day. I have read the other reports and the review on the only 2 bad ones made me laugh. As soon as we arrived we had a none stop laugh especially with Nicos and Bleddy at the bar they were always happy and up for a laugh. They also decorated the bar in England flags for the world cup games which everyone was a real nice gesture. if Nicos and Bleddy ever offer to take you out to Kos town at night dont say no you will have a great time on Bar street. Bleddy thinks he's got the moves but dances like someonje from saturday Night FeverWink. We are going to book for next year already cant wait to go.
    thanks to everyone at Nicon for making our holiday perfect
    Love Matt & Rach x x 

Ellen L           

We stayed at the nicon apartments last august (2005) and met some fantastic people. We should have stayed at the Yiannis apartments next door but were moved by thomson. Best move ever!!!!!!!! Tina was great, the lads behind the bar were mad and phyllis kept the cooking area spotless!. We don't usually go back to the same place 2 years on the run but we are this year....friends we made there booked this year's holiday one week after returning from kos last year.

In fact, three couples (including us and children) are going back in august this year because we had such a good time. there is enough going on for the boys (all teenagers) to keep them busy....pool table, lovely pool and weekly footy with neighbouring studios, greek night, quiz night and karaoke night (for budding singers) etc .We relax by the pool, eat wonderful snacks made by phyllis from traditional burgers and chips to her wonderful warm chicken salad which is out of this world!
Nothing is too much trouble and if you want something all you have to do is ask.
A must for eating out is mamas kitchen in Kos town....ask the lads where it is! extremely good Greek food and embarassing paying the bill - so cheap! 6 of us had drinks to start, wine with meal, juices, water, beers etc and meze (different dishes - wasn't on the menu, we asked for it!) and the bill came to just under 50 euros. Incredible. Also, if you like indian food or chinese they are virtually opposite each other near the dolphin roundabout in Kos town. We didn't go to the chinese but went to the indian a couple of times. Not the cheapest meal but very good and cooked by indians!
Kos town is about 5 minutes in a taxi or around 40-50 mins walk (depending on how quick you walk!) there's a supermarket nearby the apartments which is very good and reasonable with another one on the main road 10 mins walk away and a fantastic fish taverna on the beach.
Can't wait to go back in august...can't come soon enough!
Ellen Luetchford, Bolton

Samantha T           

me n my family went 2 nikon in may 2005 and goin again in may 2006 (10 dayz....WAHOOO!!!)we made loadza frendz,guests and the owners of the apartments tina,spiros nik and thier dog lisa.nik took us all 2 paradise beach...the best beach on the island...i suggest u go there!!the water bubbles cos of the volcano on the other island.we went on the ringoz on the bak of niks boat,well i didnt..i was 2 scared lol!!!!tina makes smashin omlettes!!we were sad wen we had 2 leavebut in 10 dayz time,well b relivin every minit again...YAY!!so 2 all of those who ave been there n rate it rubbish...SHAME ON U!!if u'll b there wen im there between 13th and 28th may,give me a email on!!!

Samantha T           

me and my family went in may 2005 and were goin again in may 2006 (10 days 2 go...WAHOOO)the atmosphere is wiked,we made loadsa frendz wiv guests and tina n spiros (the owners) their son nik took us all 2 paradise beach..its da best beach on the island,i recomend u  go there!!!i wud say it is probly quiet now weve left!!lol...tina made lovely omlettes,thats all we ate!!every one over there is sooo frendly and its so cheap ova there!!NIKON WE LOVE U!!!!!C U IN 10 DAYZ!!!!

Lisa H           

  Off to Kos in July 06 we can't wait. It me n my boyfriends  first real holiday 2gether, just been and payed the rest of it off so all we've gotta do now is wait for the tickets to arrive. From what i have herd its a great night life and a great place for couples to go to. We'll have 2 see when we get there. Lucky me i haven't had to pay for it hehe, its for my 18th bday present off him so all i gotta do it do my spending money which isnt goin to well.I'll be back on here once we have been to see what its like whether its good or bad. Bye Lisa & Tom XxXx

Charlotte and callum ( th T           

hello kos was the best holiday i eva been on been goin now for 3years now and it just gets better every year !! going again this year in august cannont wait to see tina NICOS AND BLEDDY !! all lot am jst fab!! and thank  you for every thing u lot do to make our holiday as fantasic as it is


Karen B           

Air conditioning payable locally is detailed in the brochure and on Thomson's website.  Hotel phones iin the UK are also always a rip off.  It was said that I should see more of the world, well if you had travelled more you would have known that phonecards are the most economical way to make phone calls from abroad, this is basic information known by most people once they have travelled abroad for the first time.

Louise P           

Cheers to everyone at Nicon, it was great.

I loved the appartments, the pool is loveley.
As for Kos Town, the nightlife is excellent, me Emma and Jess had soooooooo much fun!
But if your reading this and are planning on going to Nicon on a quiet holiday don't worry cos Nicon appartments are quiet and away from the night life.
A really great family/ couple place to go.
I'll be back next year!

Mel G           

hi!! kos was da bst holiday ive eva been on and nicon aprtments were wkd! bledi and nick were so funny and made da holiday so much better and i met alot of friends in greece who i still speak 2...fank u every1 from nicon 4 a wkd holiday lots of luv mel xxx

Natalie B           

nicon is the best! i went there in the suma hols n i didnt wana cum home  it was the best hols ever missin tina,bledi n nikos their wicked. (all my free cocktails) made loadsa mates ther 2 lovin em all n missin em all lots, hope to c*m bak next year. nicon is d best nat bennett x

Karen B           

Sounds like the weather spoiled the October holidays to be fair rather than the Nicon.  If you were cold, air con units can be adjusted to provide heat as well as cooling the air in summer.  This type of weather is unusual in Kos so the buildings aren't usually built to withstand it.  When we went at the same time last year the weather was wonderful and the area captured a lot of sunshine, so I do think that unfortunately you were very unlucky.

Nat B           

hada gr8 tym the best holiday ever. wanna go bak soo much missin bledi nikos n tina lota hope 2 c*m bak soon. n c every1 agen made loadsa mates 2!!!! luvya all lots nat bennett x and familyxxxx 

Kim E           

we have been going to the nicon apartments for eleven years, this year was no exception, there is always a warm and freindly greeting from everybody,it is clean and well kept with beautiful gardens and lovely clean rooms. you dont have to go out if you dont want to but it is an excellent location for Kos town and Kos harbour,try it once and you'll be hooked.

Becky M           

this has been my BEST holiday ever. staff are soo friendly especially nikos luv yai never wanted to come home. im going back next year though hopefully