Aspro Spiti Apartments

Accommodation in Tingaki

Paul H          4/10

  • Just back from a brilliant week in Tingaki ( 18th June ), we were put in Aspro Spiti after originally booking through Kosmar for Jonathan Studios, however we had to change two weeks before departure due to Kosmar not putting customers in Jonathan any more, health and safety we were told????? We never had any problems in the previous three visits !!!! As for Aspro Spiti...........well we stayed in room 13 .... oh no we thought, my bed sheets were unchanged all week !! The kitchen and toilet bin was unemptied from Friday to Tuesday.... we were left no bath towels from Friday till Tuesday !!! And if you want a shower please get back to your room before 4.30... as after this time no water or just a trickle .......if you are lucky!!! We were talking to the people in room 16 and they had the same problem with the water.The owners are very friendly and we had no compaints about them.

Lizzie S           

I had a fantastic time in kos and i thought tingaki was a really nice area. the beach was also really nice with loads of sunbeds and umbrellas. I really liked the aspro spiti and thought that everyone was really friendly. I would deffinatly go back...

Lizzie S           

We had a fantastic time. Everyone was really friend but the women was abit annoyin and accused of staeling towels.

Jackie M           

we are going back to stay at aspro spiti for the forth time its brilliant alex and steve are really friendly they make you feel very welcome.The apartments are really clean the pool is always nice and clean.The bars and restaurants are just along the road within easy reach on foot.Memories bar is the best really friendly its three brothers that own it.The beach is about 10 miniutes walk its a beautiful beach.Get a quad bike and go to Zia in the mountains its amazing how you go back in time.You will not be disapointed.

Marc G           



Mark R           

Plus Points Aspro Spiti appartments are basic and reasonably clean. The pool is of  a decent size! We had our room cleaned everyday with the inclusion of fresh towels as well. Staff are freindly. Expect to pay a little more for your grub & booze beside the poolside, but it is ok. The appartments are next to Konstantinos Supermarket, for all your essentials and the beach is a 15 minute stroll away down the main road, where you will pass the majority of the plentysome tavernas and restaurants...too many to mention.

Minus Points We personally did not think there was enough sunbeds. The poolside bar is reasonably priced, but avoid the cocktails, they were twice the price of any other bar we visited and not very good unfortunately. No shower curtain which was annoying! (Greeks find this unhygienic apparently - but its ok to wipe your butt and put it in the bin, 'a little contradiction there we think') and if your not a fan of pidgeons, beware...they take up residency on the roof quite a lot. 

Mark R           

8th till 15th october 2005

my wife and i love greece - if your going for the first time, why not try out aspro spiti in tingaki (or tigaki as its spelt sometimes). it was our second time to kos although our 6th time to greece overall. everyone has their opinions about these apartments and rightfully so.  most people are in favour of them including us. we stayed for a week (out of season really),  and as people had already stated, they are basic but clean. we had an apartment for 4 people, so we had bags of room for the 2 of us. a few people moan about putting 'used' toilet paper in the bin. i have to agree with them on that...i've never done that in greece (i feel sorry for the maids. they don't get paid that much...not enough to deal with that anyway) i tend to flush after every wipe ....its longer, but it works! another person stated that they don't use shower curtains because they are un-hygenic! a bit of a when your asked to place 's**t paper' in pedal bin in the same room

Marie N           

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed out holiday here. The apartments are clean, spacious and well equipped Greece. It is run by Nikos and his family and they couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. The pool is a good size with a seperate bit for the kids. Sunbeds were always available whatever time of the day you venture down. The apartments are about 10-15 minute stroll down the main road from the beach (1KM away). The beach is fab with white sand and plenty of sunbeds with very comfy matresses on them which cost 3 euros each a day (about £2). The water is crystal clear and you can walk out for ages without getting out of your depth - no good for snorkelling though as you can't get into deep enough water to see anything other than the sand at the bottom!! The doughnut man comes along the beach regularly with massive doughnuts - yummy!! Tigaki it's self was everything we wanted. Loads of bars and taverna's and a couple of disco bars open till the small hours. Go and see Yanni at Mascot's for a warm welcome - open 7pm till very late - great nights out!! Our fav restaurant was the Grand Salle - fab food - value for money and not expensive - we went 5 times and we were given wine on the house a couple of times, shots on others - George and Vassilias are there ready to welcome you - you could not meet nicer people!!!!! Don't forget to visit Kos town on the Bus - get the bus from outside the supermarket right next door - it cost 1 Euro 30 each one way - for even more fun nights out and great days too. Visit the castle, museum, etc - you won't be disappointed!! At night in Kos town - go to Jumbo Style restaurant in the square behind the church for the best mixed grill for 2 in kos town!!! Don't believe Mr Snow's comments - I did not find anything wrong here - in fact it's one of my best holidays ever and I can't wait to go back next year!!

Mandy N           

We have been visiting Kos for the last 12 years and have stayed at Aspro Spiti most years and Sunny Days a few times.

The accomodation is great and the owners Stevie and Alex and their son Nikos makes you feel welcome.
If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, this is the best place to be.
Tigaki is fantastic for families and bosts many good restuarants and bars. At the end of the night, being around the  Aspro Spiti Bar is just the place to have a few drinks before retiring to bed (sometimes this can be late) especially if both Nikos's are there, delivering the "double act".
We return each year because we feel such a close bond with the local people and have become very close to Stevie, Alex and Nikos.
Counting down the days before I go back to my second home, Aspro Spiti, Tigaki, Kos.........

Neil R           

Last visited Aspro Spiti in May 2002 (our second year running) and all 4 of us (myself, wife, son of 8 and daughter of 6) had an excellent holiday. Nicos, Katerina, and all staff, espescially Maria, couldnt have been more helpful and friendly towards us. When we arrived they recognised us straight away and brought Xanthi, their newborn, over to see us.  The rooms are basic, but clean and the pool and bar are ideal for a family holiday.  We will be returning to see old friends next May with our new baby boy and I know we will not be disappointed.

With regards to comments by John Snow, he is entitled to his opinion, but the praise from all the people who have enjoyed their hols at Aspro Spiti far outweigh one whinger who wants a champagne holiday for lemonade money !  See you next year Nico 

Debbie R           

hi, ive been to kos 6 times now and stayed at aspro spiti (white house) 4 of those times. and each time its been a holiday to remember, cant wait to go again!  . like all places you eiether like or hate it, dont go with your expectations to high and you wont be dissapointed. their standards WILL be lower than yours, e.g putting the loo roll in a bin as appossed to in the loo, this is due to the fact that all sewage is treated and not pumped into the sea like it is here (uk) plus the pipes are a smaller diameter and block easily. so if you dont want to see yours and every one elses buisseness on your apprtment bathroom floor, put the paper in the bin!.  oh and you will NOT have a shower curtain, they are considerd unhygenic.

some tips for you
    a.   hire a car and explore(you can get from one end to the other in 40 mins)
   b.    go to the hot springs (go through kos town and keep going you cant miss it the road ends just after the turn for the springs which is on the left) you can drive down to it but is very steep so be careful.   ohh and watch out for kamikazi stunt mountain goats .
   c.  if you use a taxi ask how much before you get in
   d. if you intend on going to bodrum for the day use theokritis travel, you will avoid long delays at the port.  also very good for other trips.
  well be safe, have fun .  if you would like any other help about kos/ apro spiti
  you can e-mail me,

Jo C           

Been to Kos 8 times now and stayed at Aspro Spitti 2 times. Unfortunately this year we couldn't get in seems as there was 57 of us over for our wedding!! Went to See Nicos. We had a crap time in Psalidi in Sandys Apartments..we wished we were at Aspro Spitti , but for sure if i go back to kos i will go back to aspro spitti and no where else!!! Just the best

Pat B           

First impression was a bit depressing, well it was 6 in the morning and we were exhausted after our journey. We were taken to our apartment at the back of the main apartment block, but in the warm light of day it wasnt so bad as first thought.Very basic accomodation, but this is the norm in most places in Greece. But after talking to others we wernt as basic as most. There was a microwave, 2 ring hotplate, kettle, shower, hairdyer and tv. Family who ran the place very friendly and helpful if anything needed. Nice pool and bar area. Situated about 10 mins walk down main street to bars, restaurants and beach. Don't know what that guy from Nottingham was talking about when he said he would never go there again. we deffinately would. Beware of built in alarm clock. The ROOSTER on the piece of land next door. Thanks for the best holiday ever. pat and kim. west midlands. anyone needs to know more please get intouch by email.

Mark D           

anyone who is put off by the report from John Snow then feel free to email me and i will put your mind at ease. Read the report below from me.

my email is

By the way hello to the gang that stayed at Aspro spiti between 30th June-04 and 15th July o4

Mark Desmond

Mark D           

We stayed in the Aspro Spiti Apartments for 2 weeks in June 2004. There was 5 of us which was me and my wife and our three children. This was by far the best holiday we have had in all of our time abroad over the years. The accomodation was great and everything we expected from it. It is a family run establishment and they are so friendly and willing to help with anything. Aspro Spiti is great for families as well as couples. The rooms were cleaned on a daily basis. There is a pool bar that has everything from food to drinks, ice creams etc. There are safety deposit boxes in reception. The children are made to feel very welcome. If you turn left outside the apartments and walk down you will come to all the bars and restuarants. At the bottom of the road is a small roundabout where the beach is the other side. The sun loungers start at 3 euro's each but some beach taverna's will give you the loungers cheap if you eat breakfast in their taverna. Most days we got 5 loungers for 10 Euro's . The beach is great and really safe for the kids. It actually gets shallower a bit further out. Places we would recommend to eat are Mediteranee which has a wide selection of food and also Meni Beach and Spyros. The Greek night at Zia is worth the money as it is drink as much as wine as you want. Although i would not book any trips through the rep until you have been to the local tour shops. There are about 4 on the main road down to the beach. A trip into Kos town is a must as their are plenty of places to see as well as the shops. A blue train takes you up to the ruins and the green train takes you on the tour of Kos Town. They both run from the harbour. Regarding the comments left by JOHN SNOW about his stay at Aspro Spiti Apartments we find it very untrue in our minds as well as all the other people we got friendly over the two weeks here. We are definetely coming back here again and i am sure many others will. Thanks for a great holiday

Mark,Donna,Nadine,Sarah,Harley Desmond

John S           

My girlfriend and I stayed at the Aspro Spiti Apartments in Tingaki, Kos for 2 weeks in August 2003 (booked through Thomas Cook’s subsidiary company JMC Holidays). Although we paid £1012 for the holiday, we were very disappointed with the standard of accommodation: numerous light bulbs were missing, the towels and sheets were only changed once a week, there were severe pigeon droppings on the chairs on the balcony and the apartment was regularly invaded by ants. The bathroom was especially poor: the toilet seat was loose (the screw holding it down had fallen into the bowl, where it remained) and there was a 6-inch diameter hole in the shower floor where the grating was missing and which smelt badly (especially when the toilet was flushed). The apartment was very hot and humid at night, but the balcony door could not be left open because of mosquito invasion. Consequently on the third night we bought an electric fan from the supermarket next door. Within half an hour of this purchase, the apartment owner (viz. Katerina) knocked on our door and told us that electric fans were not allowed and we should hand it over to her immediately, otherwise she would call the police. However, we decided to return the fan to the supermarket and claim a refund. Because of this we were forced to pay to use the apartment’s over-priced air conditioning for the rest of the holiday. We complained to the JMC Holidays representative, Mark, who told us that he had been a holiday rep on 5 Greek Islands and the Aspro Spiti Apartments had caused him more trouble than any other accommodation. He also told us he wondered why Thomas Cook associated itself with properties like the Aspro Spiti Apartments and that he continued to have serious problems in working with the owner (viz. Katerina) and her husband (viz. Nicos) because they “Devalue their English customers and generally couldn’t give a damn”. At the end of the holiday, we completed a JMC Holidays Customer Relations Form (i.e. a customer complaint form) and gave it to a Thomas Cook representative at the airport. We heard nothing for 6 weeks and so we wrote to Thomas Cook/ JMC Holidays. We were told that returning their Customer Relations Form did not in fact constitute making a complaint and we should have written to them separately within 28 days of our return. However we were offered a £75 credit note against any JMC Holiday that we might take within 12 months!

The lessons we learned from our holiday are as follows:
1) Thomas Cook is not a reputable English company. Indeed, it is a German-owned company that is in financial difficulty. Consequently it is forced to sell over-priced second-rate holidays and offer little or no compensation to complainants.
2) Holidaymakers should be especially wary of Thomas Cook’s Bradford-based subsidiary company JMC Holidays.
3) Under no circumstances book a holiday at the Aspro Spiti Apartments, Tingaki, on Kos.

Natalie & ian            

The aspro spiti appartments are clean, spacious and well maintained. the swimming pool is lovely, as is the food from the pool bar! nikos alex and steve all made us feel very welcome and put on excellent greek evenings and barbecues! (steve is a fab dancer) nikos is a great laugh to go down to the mascot bar with of an evening!

Mark M           

we both stayed here from the 5/5/04 to the 12/5/04 and enjoyed every minute of it.The apartments were excellent and nikos and his family made us feel very welcome.i will without a doubt be back here next year.

Judi K

telephone contct details for aspro spiti apartments

Nigel H           

me and my son who is 12 spent a week in the aspro spiti studio i thought it was very poor for what i paid for it the pool was ok and the bar was quite dear .
we rented a car and motorbikes and had a great time traveling the island on them.
my son rode the bike with me on back so he loved it .
he also loved going snorkeling and swimming in the sea. we hope to go to rhodes soon although i have been there 3 times already.
the cleaning ladies were nice and katerina was a nice lady also.we left kos on the 2nd october 2003.

Sue C           

We have just returned from a week in Aspro Spiti...and are about to book again for next year. Basic, clean, wonderful pool, wonderful people. Our daughter celebrated her 16th birthday there and the team helped us have a good party
Sue, Chas, Emma and Ruth

Kate & sarah            

We went in May so it was very quiet. One day we had the pool to ourselves! Nickos is great (especially when you meet up with him later on in the Mascot Bar!). Greasy (but big and generally nice!)pool snacks help with bad hangovers! Apartment was fairly basic but fine for what we needed. Location was not bad...10 minute walk to the main stretch of restaurants and bars. Overall a friendly relaxed place to stay. We are planning on going back next year.

Andrew R           

Have been three times thid year will be the fourth can't wait until July