Kos Airport

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Adam V           

thumbs up from me because we went to zante last year and that airport is a joke!

Susan A           

I agree with Sam they are quite rude and bossy and unhelpful at the airport.

Coming into Kos was easy straight through.  Going back out was a little confusing as they sort of march you to which check in desk they want you to go to.  The girl on the desk sort of shouts at you and demands you put your bags on (well ours did), and I wanted to say to her, who do you think your talking to!   Then when you've put your bags through you haven't a clue where your going and you get directed again by someone pointing the way and you go through to a departure lounge that gets full very quickly and the flights don't seem to go very quickly!  Our flight was 2.40 p.m. Sunday afternoon,andwewerestill sitting in the departure lounge at 2.35 p.m.!  We were called through then and boarded within 5 mins.
Seems great when you first check in, simple and you wonder why all other airports can't be the same!!!!!  Thankfully they aren't.

Sam D           

Kos airport was a nightmare. Absolutely tiny, and dont expect any help from the staff regarding your flight. (i know nuffink!! wait for hannouncement!!) Weirdo check in set up, very disorganised. just as well my holiday was brilliant!!


Can some one confirm if Kos airport is better or worse than Zante? We fly out on 1st June and dont want the same hassle of the cattle market that is zante airport!!

Danny A           

Having been to zante airport two years ago we too are hoping that kos airport is a lot better as zante airport  is the pits

Fiona S           

agree with that comment, zante airport is terrible . i hope kos is better

Sally C           

Ok on inward journey ... However, on the way back .... flight delayed eight hours (not fault of the airport) - 11pm to 8am - at least this was not in the heat of the day! However we had no info, not enough seats, mayhem queues, power cut causing hold ups in scanning baggage, inadequate refreshments: Glad to get back to the UK.

Monty M           

Standard greek airport, particulalry for the islands. Clean, efficient on entry, not so on departure. Normal queues for x ray machine, only to be repeated again before passport control. Reasonably clean toilets and lounge but disappointed with both size and expense nature of the duty free shop - recommend purhcases at resort for spirits, cigarrettes and perfume.

Trevor J           

Well I thought it was the best organised airport that I have seen compared to most other airports I have been to abroad. When you have been to Zakynthos, you may change your mind about Kos Airport. I think Kos airport deserves a thumb up, even though it may be mayhem in there from time to time.

Nicola W           

Absolutely useless. Apparently there was some fog causing delays. This appeared to be a tiny bit of mist! Ended up sitting on me suitcase outside the airport for about an hour. This was preferable to being inside where people had no idea what they were doing. Combined with several power cuts causing there to be no air-conditioning or lights made it worse. passport control seemed totally inept, we waited for at least an hour probably more to get through it. During this time we were like sardines and hotter than we had been during the day layed out in the sun. Didn't get much better once we managedt to get into the departure lounge. After hanging around downstairs for a while getting in the way, we moved upstairs where there was so little air you could hardly move. Little children were that had been waiting for over 6hours were laying on most of the seats. Pure jubilation it was when our plane arrived only 1hr late. To be able to breathe fresh air when we went outside was fantastic. Overall the airport feels more like a barn in the middle of a field than a proper airport and a barn would probably be more organised. Still wouldn't put us off goung back to Kos.

Francis G           

Oh dear, on our outbound journey, we queued outside for an hour, in the early hours of the morning with hundreds, maybe thousands of other eople, it was mayhem. Inside was even worse as delays meant people were strewn all over and the temperature was shocking! There seemed to be little, or no one in charge, or responsible for the total disarray. There was no sense of urgency, or organisation and litter cleaners were actually impeding people’s progress when they were getting in the way of folk checking their bags in! I thought cleaning took place to cause minimum disruption, not to delay people? Bizarre! It was pure anarchy, the worst airport experience I've ever had and security, with the exception of scanners, was slack, people being allowed to got through security scanners, setting them off and not being checked?! What's the point of that? Makes me realise that the UK aint so bad after all!

Peter B           

Typically Greek!, Small and un-organised!

But hey, thats why we all keep going back right???