Bars in Kefalos

Emma H          10/10

OPA! loved this bar so much, popeye is amazing and so is Alex at making cocktails. Went back every single night and had an amazing time everynight. Alex & Steve we're such a laugh and defiantly will be coming back! p.s, sorry for smashing the ashtray. Loves you all very much! YAMMAS! Emma xxxx

Terry A          10/10

Hello Popeye, its not like drinking in the boring tavern drinking in your place is a pleasure hope you and the family have a good season Yammas

Just B

The best Margarita ever!  On the whole though, this place was a bit too loud for our liking.  Love the swinging seats!

Kevin D

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge thanks popeye you looked after us again we all enjoyed your hospitality and value for money drinks hope you have put the man u shirt up see you next year trina &dee send their love

Brian N          10/10

Popeyes offers excellent value with a wide range of cocktails to choose from as well as a good range of beers etc
we always seem to end up there at some point in the evening
He has a website now so why not check it out

Andy S          9/10

Back to the rain and snow after a great week - most nights in Popeyes!
Top place - the knackered pool tables are a must - but take care playing Mr Popeye at killer - he knows where all the dips are.
Great cocktails - 2.5 euros  and quality music........this place must rock in the summer

Kevin D          9/10

click to enlarge good atmosphere child friendly my grandson loved the place see you again in may popeye thanks for everything

Carrie-anne G           

Hiya!!  I worked in Popeyes in 2004 - I had a great summer and it was a lovely place to work.  I met loads of lovely people and it is always and experience I look back on fondly.  Hello to anyone that remembers me!! For all the workers out there this year - Have a great season!!

Paul M           

top bar good films good staff barman was a laugh i think he was a geordie he gave us a tee shirt for free, barmaid was sexy, my missus was jealous 10 out of 10

Emily A           

Really liked Popeyes. the staff were really friendly and kept you supplied with free shots! one of the more livelier bars in that end of kefalos which was good for us coz we were staying at the Kordistos Hotel. The club part was good too. was closed for a few days when we were though, due to new management. but im going back out next week so im sure il sample it again.


popeyes is a very good bar.It shows two newly released films per day. The value for money on the dirnks is excellent.The bar staff are friendly and serve you as soon as they can.There are two FREE pool tables and a wide screen T.V. Popeyes has a room for famalies in the front and a disco in the back. Both places are used for showing films. There are indoor and outdoor seats. The bar is open all day. it is NOT a wild drunken place but a quiet family bar.

Peter R           

Not impressed with this place, not very clean and the staff were more interested in having a drink themselves than serving us

Dale & jan            

We ended goin back to this bar ALL of our holiday cos its a great place to relax in (especially in the afternoons after the beach).
The staff are tops & Manolis (Popeye) is a really friendly, warm guy who looked after us so well. Hope you & your family are well if you're reading this mate. TAKIS!! nearly forgot you, hope you're ok too!
Watched all of the remaining Euro 2004 matches in here & was lucky enough to be here for the Semi's & Finals (both of which Greece won).
Boy do these guys know how to party, 2 nights of our life never to be forgotten.
All good things must come to an end but we will definitely come back, probably summer 2006.
Take care guys, & the cute ickle Carrie if you're still there! XX

Hazel P           

Yup this was a great place to have a drink and un wind!

Dan M           

A classic location for those in kefalos night after night (there is no escape!!) Despite the same loud gangster rap over and over, and flat cokes we kept coming back for more! Free pool is a bargain even if the white ball is more square than round. Also the barman is highly amusing dancing in some way to almost anything!

Katie H           

After going in several bars we found that popeyes bar was the one we always came back to. One of only about 4 bars that shows the latest films. The staff were always friendly and drinks were good prices.Excellent music with late night club after 12 for party animals. A must for all ages!

Louise W           

it was okay free pool table all night ask 4 a t-shirt


This is a lively bar with good staff!

Vikki W           

Went to Popeyes every night (after I finally found it!). I was 15 at the time (5 years ago) and was on holiday with my parents and their friends but I was the only child. I remember many a night spent making new friends here and I particularly remember the barmen being VERY nice looking! I have the pictures still and one of them looked like Beppe DiMarco from Eastenders! The club was really good but was amazed how full it got since the Greeks loved it almost as much as the tourists! Watch out for the dodgy druggy characters though! They won't do you any harm if you stay out of their way.

Kate F           

We had lots of really great nights in Popeyes, they have great cocktails, free pool tables and there's a lively atmosphere every night. A top pub!!


We were at popeyes most nights. they have kareoke some nights. people all ages there. younger teenagers r ther until 12, when the music in the bar turns low, and the club at the back of the bar opens. along with sydneys, this was the best bar/club in kefalos! the staff are english and friendly. 10/10!!!!

Catherine R           

Popeyes was a bit of a walk,once we finally found it it was nothing special,maybe we just had too much drink as it was the end of our week before we found it.Their was lots of young children,maybe Mr popeye could do something for the young kids as it cant be nice for them?