Players Lounge

Bars in Kefalos

Greg A

Any jobs for this years season bar/moto bikes, let me know cheers Greg

Tjal B          10/10

Players rulezz, but most of all Victoria and Jess!!! Hopefully we can get/stay in  contact

XOX Tjal (the kind of kiwi dutch girl)

Lisa R          10/10

3rd time we've been to Kefalos and the only place to be at night time is Players! The staff will really help make your holiday. Smiler's an awesome DJ, Dimitris is the coolest bar owner, Manolis, Kate and Victoria are the eye candy/servers who are ever ready with a bit of banter and a free shot.

One warning though, the mango mojitos are addictive.... bit like Players really!

Susan O          10/10

I absolutely love Players Lounge, we have been to Kefalos three times and we spent almost every night in Players. Its perfect it has everything  - yummy drinks, absolutely fantastic staff who make you feel so welcome & great music at least when Smiler's on the decksWink. If you're going to Kefalos you must try it, you'll not be sorry even with the storming hangover you're guaranteed to have from drinking too many cocktails & free shots because you just don't want to leave Smile 

Smiler K          10/10

Well here it is folks- Summer '09 is upon us and here at Players we are already calling it the summer of love. The season is off to a bang with cocktails and mojitos galore flying out the bar to accompany the latest in Rnb, House and chart tunes that i will be spinning. Its gonna be a great year so anyone who wants to get involved in the summer of love can reach the boss man dimitri on Lets have a banging summer and i hope to see u all sometime- Peace and love- the smiling one x 

Ginny L          10/10

This year will be my third time in kefalos! We are in players every night without fail!! and it will be the same this july...See you on the 11th july dimitris!! Players lounge is the best bar in kefalos by far!! :)

Alex C          10/10

hay dimitri it al and cat remember us hows all with you trying to get hold of every one, your self included do stav still go out there and work on the beach , do have his email  mine is . get in touch mate

Melissa K          10/10

Spent 2 weeks in July in Kefalos, where every nite, without fail, went to Players! Enjoyed the holiday so much, went back out there for another week in August! Players is such an amazing bar, the 2 Demitri's are fab at what they do, and in their element, they take an interest in their customers, and provide great entertainment! Smiler aka Neil, the DJ will have you throwing urself from end of the dance floor to the other, the music was ace, loved it!

Thomas S          10/10

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Right then, in contrast to Mr Elliot Roulstone's expert comment below (in which i went on holiday with amongst 8 other lads ), Players Lounge is the best bar in Kefalos without doubt. Us Notts boys cranked up the tempo every night in which everyone else followed suit, which was nice  free shots all night everynight as we established ourselves on the very first night, partying the night away & being sick on the way home, good times  all in all, I honestly can't fault Players Lounge at all, the prices of the drinks, the people there, the music they play, everything, will definately be back next year, no doubt


Elliott R          10/10

PLAYERS LOUNGE for the win The and i mean The notts lads were in there every night. just can't fault the play at all! The staff are all so friendly and would bend over backwards for you. All i can say is that the fellas are just mint! Demitri and George are just both just top blokes! That goes for all the girls aswell everyone in players just made our holiday! Just waiting for a job there!!!!! lol
   Elliott, Stephen, Chris, Callum, Tom, Maddo, Sam, Paul (ginger), Daniel and not forgetting
   the guy with the specs Freddy :-D
   We are Nottingham say we are Nottingham!

Lisa L          10/10

great bar thanks for the free shots and a great time Lisa and J 

Lisa W          10/10


i came back from kefalos in june after working at players lounge for a month, i loved every minute of it but unfortunatly got very home sick. missin all the staff at players, leza, martino and demitri (bet your missin your 'little elf' haha), love you all!!
with my aunty livin close im sure ill be back to see u all soon! (need to top up the tan lol).
if any of the staff would like to e-mail me its would love to hear from you!
Miss you all very very much!!
love lisa x.x.x.x

Rebecca H          10/10

Just got back from a fortnight in Kefalos - the majority of which was spent in Players!  The best bar by far   Where to start?  The 2 Dimitris are amazing - excellent cocktails and masters of entertainment with fire breathing and flairing.  Leza and Martino are brilliant hosts - always ready to replenish your drinks at your table.  Watch out for Manolis - he'll dish out as many free shots as you can cope with !  Got to mention Smiler for being a great DJ and a great laugh (dancing was top notch).  All the staff take a personal interest in your holiday and we were gutted to leave.  Back as soon as poss!

love to all,
John & Bex

Gemma A

just returned from 2 weeks in kefalos and after gettin to know the place and a look around all the bars players lounge was by far the best in the village of kefalos had great nites there and demitri is a great guy also martino and the rest of staff here who make you feel welcome and give u plenty of free shots had a brill hol there and wud deffo go back!!!!!!

Simon H          10/10

Just had the best fortnight in Kefalos!! Found Players on my first night and frequented it each night afterwards!! Dimitri is awesome, with Martino coming a very close second!!

Cannot forget to mention the girlz Lisa and Leza! Both beautiful and very attentive, always running around getting the drinks and free shots!!
I had many a pissed night with the surfing guys from F2 Kefalos' Windsurfing Centre (hut)...they were awesome guys Yuri , Curly and Ben.
Will definitely return ASAP!!! I thank u all for such a WICKED holiday!!!!!!!!!!

Peri H          9/10

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Players is brilliant, been to kos the last 4 years in a row and players never fails to impress! Good times...

Does anyone have an email address for the lovely dimitri?

Alan M          10/10

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeHey everyone!!!  was out in Kefalos in August 16th to the 31st was awesome!!!  went to heaps of different places but players was the best bar around!!!  linzi and dan were awesome really weloming, infact all the staff were!!!  demetri was awesome with the free shots!!  we had a great laugh and cant wait to go back soon!!!  

Simon C          5/10

Who is that Nadine saying Sydneys is S**T Get a life sweetheart we were in Sydneys everynight aswel as players and we kept going back to Sydneys. Number 1 Bar in Kefalos Babe. There were 15 of us on holiday mixture ages between 17 and 25.
Going back in June and Sept next year and will be in Sydneys everynight spending loads of money and enjoying the live entertainment/food and the wonderful helpful staff. You enjoy yourself in a small dark smoke filled room. 

Bug R          10/10

dimitri!!! the best bar ever!!! such a cool time we'll see you next year. bring you a shirt.

Nadine           10/10

Me and my friend Heather were in Kefalos for the whole of August and it was amazing!!! It was great to see everyone from last year again and we have some amazing greek friends.I miss everyone so much especially Dimitris, Mitsos, Chris, George, Manolis, Tony and Louis.

I need to mention Smiler who is the best DJ there and made me the best cds ever
Well we will be back next year for some more partying at the best bar in Kefalos!!!!!

Jessica R          10/10

 Absolutely brilliant place. The music was wicked the staff very friendly (unlike sydneys) You didn't have to queue for ages for a drink they would come round to where you was sitting and take your order, free shots when we arrived and when we left (and a few in the middle). Highly recommended will definately be going back next year x

Charlotte T          10/10

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Thank you all for a great time, and all the free shots...

Although i dunno if i should be thanking you really, got far too drunk!!!
But we had a top time anyway! hopefully see you all again sometime?!
Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer.
click to enlargeLove Charlotte and Hayley. x x x x
P.S Take care of our Maria.! x x

Rachel C          10/10

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hey, whilst visiting kefalos the Players Lounge would top my night off, quality music lush cocktails and free shots & the staff where the best!! what more can you ask for??   im so gutted im back home now, they dont allow dancing on the bars over here lol!!

Lauren B          10/10

the players lounge in kefalos is the best bar i've ever been to!  the music set is wicked, the cocktails and free shots are awesome the people are really nice and they set the bar on fire while you dance on it! i'm gutted i'm back home now. i love it there :)   i am not german i'm british but the thing on the bottom says i'm german????? lol

Sophie N          10/10

cannot believe she just put ur bar as a 4 /10 , it is well and truly the best bar in kefalos in fact the best bar around.  the ppl are fanastic and are guaranteed to give u a giggle or two.  this bar absolutely made mine and my bf's week that extra bit better...without it there would b nohting!!!  left yesterday n would go bk to kefalos simply for this bar. thanks guys for making hols fantastic......

.... pics will add soon!!
sophie nd mike