Gregs Place

Bars in Kardamena

Kay Davies

OMG the best bar in Kardamena. Gregs awesome and gets u wrecked steaming cant stand up in no time at all bless hium. He's a diamond guy and I would go back to Kos just to drink there again. Such a laugh and he made my holiday. Cheers Greg x

Zoe B          7/10

Sofia is hilarious, this bar is out of the way of noisy dirty bar street but an excellent place for a few drinks etc !

Jo P          10/10

this was the best bar in kardamena, just because it wasn't full of total p**s heads all the time doesn't mean it's a rubbish bar.  greg and his wife sofia were the most hospitable people i have met in a long time and would always recommend this bar to people visiting kardamena.  i loved greg's music taste and sofia also kept me fattened up on plenty of homemade cake.  i love them both.
p.s the best cocktails to have here are 'liquid cocaine' and 'apple colada'.
 well done greg & sofia, i wish i was there now 

Deanna G           

1 word! FISHBOWL

Steve D           

just feel i should stand up for the little guy here, greg's place may not have been the biggest, flashiest, or loudest place on the island, but it was by far and away the only place to be from 16th to 23rd july 05. we took it by the scruff of the neck and gave it a thoroughly good slapping about the face. it f**kin wrecked it in short. greg and his charming wife are no oil painting tis true but there is no substitute for general legendariness, and they excelled beyond all pre-conceptions in this category, waving pints of vodka red bulls at us and forcing red vodka jellies down our throats like a mother albatross does to her young, which incidently (word of warning) turn your faeces black after twenty in one night (safe pez). to conclude my little passage of bigup, if you are true drinkers and party goers, visit gregs for cheap drinks of near pure ethanol (liquid cocaine fishbowl) as a starting point to your messy nights, where you are guaranteed a seat and a laugh................................incidently they dont care if you projectile vomit half a fishbowl over the majority of the floor space and subsequently the 'outhouse' style toilet, on your drunken meander up to bar street. now that has got to be worth a visit.

Sam M           

Not the best place for partying but what a great chill out spot for the rest of the day laze around in the comfy chairs.Rachel is the best looks after every one well alright, no pr's hassleing  you.Even better meet up with ex Bridge Bar staff. Stergio has even put in a platform to go swimming off[geezer with the goaty].Nice one guys really enjoyed our time with you. 

Kelc and gemz            

bit of a s**t hole ideal for quiet night with grannies!!!! not a gd night for party people xx

Daniel W           

True, i was there that nite to the lad was scottish he is a alrite bloke though! Wicked gladiators on a nite tho!!!


yeah, the guy with goatie was a t**t!!! i just come back, and remember, he came outside with a huge screw driver when he was arguing with this scouser, just out the rock and tasty corner. he's f**kin mad. but the stick things that you fight with are well cool. defo worth a go.

Gav S           

I didnt really rate Gregs Place, cause the fella with the goaty was arragant! But we went in Grgs Place every night becuase of the BIP BOPP STICKS that you fight with outside. It is brilliant!

Alicia W           

This is not the place the other people are talking about

Alicia W           

I visited Kardamena with my 11 girl friends for my birthday. The biggest mistake we made was to go to the CRAP BAR named Greg's place by the marina. They don't know how to make cocktails and they borrow everything from the bar next door bar Taboo. Their staff is the worst. We had a fishbowl cocktail for the 12 of us that came in a metal bucket and the straws were too short to reach. Now we figured out why Taboo bar next door was packed and full of talent and we spend our holiday over there. Don't even bother with this place. Water down drinks, bad vibes, and a screaming old woman serving.

Donna P           

Brian you are a legend, this place had the best comedy act I have ever seen!! Spent many evening being entertained by the fab Ali G, Michael Jackson, Sister Act and many more. Had a huge screen outside, which was good cos sometimes it got very stuffy inside and you didn't miss the entertainment. Loved this place, the comedy act made it well worth going.

Lesley P           

fantastic well worth a visit ali g etc should be famous he is excellent