Black Magic

Bars in Kardamena

Jack S           

Thakyou for a great holiday to everyone at black magic! Peter- your a legend! This is the best bar with the best p.r's in the world! And I'm sorry I can't remeber her name but there was this lovely scottish girl who worked there- whatever your all doing now best of luck and hope to see you next summer!

Chris B           

black magic rules, best bar on the strip purely because of watson nad dags' mega cocktails. ask for an irish f**k or a dags bollocks. thre mint

keep it reall dags, tom and watson plus the lovely allannah xx


Best two PR's is the world - Pete and Dan,

The only PR's that actually picked me up and threw me inside
and then Dan pined me against the bar till i ad my free shots

Luv and Miss them Two

Alex B           

One of the best bars in bar st !!

We were there every night, Few shout outs to the staff
  • Philipos! OMG that guy can party! and kick! lol ;)
  • Pete, see you back home son!
  • Jo, keep in touch get my number off pete or alana!
  • Alana- my future wife! god i cant wait till you come visit! ;)
  • Martin- what a legend, again thanks for the quad lift that day, (please dont forget to pay the police)!! lol
  • Watson- stay cool !
Many thanks to you all and kindest regards
Kisses to the girls, (especially Alana lol)

Deanna G           

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It was that earlier post from Emma yesh craig is still there!what a legend.....ill leave it at that......also martin ashleigh jo phil and pete also awesome.....we were in there every night except 1 and i got on so well with craig that i got free drinks for four nights  hahaha anyhoo yeh go there *thumbs up*

John S           

This bar was by far the best in bar street,,, the staff was so nice and friendly,, the deals were the best aswell,,, 10 free shots of any spirit iwth a five euro cocktail,,,,, i loved it and miss it :(

Glenn D           

what a bar!any bar that does a beer 4 3 euro and 7 free shots cant b bad.had some gr8 nights in here.PR Ronaldo what a legend.

Sam W           

This bar was one of our favourites thanks to Fayer!!  You were a legend even when I fell asleep on the bar and you made me drink water

It looks small and boring but there is a pole in there and if you and your mates get up they send over free shots - we even got handcuffed to the bar which was great fun
Plus the fishbowls are excellent - the record is 1 hour and 12 minutes to drink it - sounds easy but its not - beware

Gaz t           

This bar looked o.k b4 it opened but it never stood a chance with it being opposite chilli peppers which is one of the best bars in kardamena. It never took off and it was too quiet to get any atmosphere.

Katy R           

well i thought id be the first person 2 write a comment on this bar! me and my mates really liked it, especially as it had a pole which was perfect for dirty dancing to...and to our surprise the barman sent over loads of free shots whenever we danced on the pole which was a bonus! the bar in general was never that busy, which was a shame as they played good music and the drinks were cheap! the staff were a laugh aswell and were more than happy to join in with the poledancing or getting pissed with you! so anyone who is planning to go to kos...make this bar a must!