Bars in Kardamena

Whitters W

Me and my mate went to kos last year now we may both be in are 40's but that don't stop us having it ! We visited many bars while there and one that stood out was Crossroads , now I've done magaluf many times and this bar is up there with the bars there believe me , the owners are friendly and remember you after your first visit , walked in on only second visit and my beer of choice was already being poured . The music is top notch and George the landlord will play what ever you request , it also has one of the largest collections of British football shirts I've ever seen ( QPR shirt has it's own pride of place ) all in all a great place to go to we'll certainly be going back again soon !

Alun T


Hearts v Hibs final when we are over in May this year.
110 years since the wee team won cup - Make that 111 after May.
Bring the usual football flags etc....
Alun & Pauline - The Jambos.

Peter W

is that george who had h2o bar ?.if it is he sold it a few year back to a couple of british guys.think george has a restaurent on front up near nemos

Darron G

havent been to kardamena for a couple of year,has george shut his bar?it was just a little bar.does anyone know or has he changed the name of the bar??

Peter W          10/10

still the best,hope you all voted on sunday.katerina, enjoy your time in glasgow over the winter[but please be back in the summer]

have a nice relaxing winter, see you later

Craig B          10/10

hi ya this bars brill the best in kos and the staff r brill with kids denise if u read this get in touch

Peter W          10/10

hi to all at crossroads,still the best bar in town.

Danielle & liam - scouser S          10/10

hey jus droppin a comment now,2 say wot a gr8 bar it woz,an all the staff wer nice,june 11th-18th we went nearly evry nite,missin it now ;-( c u next year!! xx

Henry H          10/10





Peter W          10/10

best bar in town by miles, big thanks to donna,stacey,natalie and the rest for a great time every time we went in

Meggan D

click to enlargehey all just thought i would leave u all a little pictures xxx

Michelle W          1/10


just to say we went in 2005 and went back in 2007 as it's so wicked! yanni, yanni and stefan are brilliant.
i am missing the sun and the lovely greek food boo hoo.
hello to yanni...good luck in the army. if you read this email me (
michelle and sam

Tozza D          10/10

loved crossroads so much went there every night.  there are great waitresses there, especially monique, jess, claire, stacey & zoe.  i would say definately go there if only to stare at staceys legs all night. my mate olly got his first kiss at crossroads, thats w**k material for him for the rest of his life. 

Gareth B           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeHi to all at crossroads well what what can we say your pub was superb we couldnt stop going there haha, a massive big hi's and thank you's to all you hard working staff especially (Mary, Holly, Stacey, Lucy,Carlz) hope to see you all next year. (The Smoocher, 10 Incher, Vigin Boy, Tiger)


click to enlarge

Just addin me Crossroads pic!



Crossroads is absolutely wkd!

Went ea evry nite n always had a wkd laf!
Hello 2 Wes (the Villa fan, yay!), Ryan n all the otha PR's.
Lv the crazy Cov girls!

Gareth L           

Me & my mate Mikey went to this bar nearly every night & loved it. The music was extremely entertaining & we loved the ashtray banging at the bar.

All the waitresses were really friendly & took time to talk to you (Especially Holly, Helen & Lucy). Cheers for a top holiday. The Bolton boys (Gareth & Mikey) 

Amz C           

We love lucy from here, she is the luvliest person!!

We went there one night when already smashed and had 3 vodka jellys a cocktail n bottle of water for 5 euro, impressed!
It was a wonderful place :)
They want staff, i nearly stayed!!
205 xxx

Darren M           

hey there ive just got back from kardamena loved crossroads friendly staff quality music and fit bird working there def recomend it to any1 going there p.s try the berry patch cocktail well tasty.

Baby S           

click to enlargeта

hey guys, its claire a.k.a baby scouse or p**s head scousers,
just thought id check up on u lot an see how ya been doin since i went home!
u will be happy to hear i have not had the irge the rob anymore doors since the last insadent haha!
click to enlarge
hi to fried rice, go on ya gypo (wes), irf, del, little-big-john, kerry, paul, the yannis and yannis wife and all the others dont worrie i aint forgot ya, u just told me ya name wen i was drunk haha!
if anyone goes to crossroads u should defo try a shot of absinth and a black delboy, the white ones are just wrong! but i no it wont be the same as wes, irf,тата
click to enlarge
kerry, and little john have all gone or moved!

love and miss you guys loads
love claire

Domenico L           

I'm Italian from Milan, I visited Kardamena last week...and Crossroads bar....

Is the best, the music is very ok, the staff very friendly and there are beautiful girls,
I like Kardamena and Crossroads a lot...and I  do congratualtion to all of you for the Kardamena nightlife in general. bye bye!

Jamie N           

me and two of my mates went to this bar nearly every night of our holiday it was wicked.  yannie was so funny he took a shining to my mate. he gave us free shots coz we were dancing we always has their jelly shots they were the best. i took a shining to the pr ryan he was lovely. i would definatly give this bar a 10 outta 10. xxxx

Toni L           


Me and my friends got back from Kos on Sunday and are missing it like mad. Crossroads is definately the best bar out there. Yanni and Uncle Stefan are by far the most welcoming people ever and we were all really upset to leave. The music is good and the drinks are cheap too so what more can you ask for. Can't wait to go back there as soon as possible! All those that are on your way to kos make sure you visit this bar! All those that visit will notice a t-shirt hung up in there that says SALFORD LUVS CROSSROADS. This was our present to the staff  as a thankyou for making our holiday so enjoyable!

Louise E           

crossroads was amazing. best bar by far. yanis were hillarious and made us feel welcome. going back next year. too bad steve, brett and yusef were not out here at the same time! met them last year and were great guys. steve was hillarious wiv his dodgy dancing, brett was shy but sexy as f**k and yousef was hot but he knew it! hated there mate barry, what a sleaze ball. cant wait to go back next year.