Bars in Kardamena

Back D           

yassou to all my favourite slags in harleys!!  hope you all have a good season and stay outa trouble.
dennis - your still a c**t but i love you loads.  hi to lisa and scooby.  ill send you a comedy shirt over.  maybe something from the officers club
paul - stay away from fat girls this season and make sure you look after my good friend sam.  ill miss you loads ya big pikey lad
chops - i love you loads.  are you gonna be s**gging butch again??!
ridiculously good lookin ben - i hope your still an alcoholic cos it wouldnt be same without you sitting in a corner shaking!
love you all loads
back door x
yammas xxxxx

Lucy "           

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Hey its me chips!

i worked here for most of the season but then i moved to mad club where i will be working next year because im mad and im also well fit so ladies lock up ya husbands!!!
chips cos i go wiv everything and anything and i love it!


Fantastic bar and great friendly foke in it. Good luck for the future guys and maybe see you again if we are back in kos. Diane and Nicola the Elgin girls - dimchattie@hotmail.com

Frankie F           

oi oi 2005 lot here

lovin harleys especially steve, god is he fit or what???
lovin d tunes aswell as d boys!
kisses frankie n d rest of the bexleyheath girls....get in touch!!!!

Lissy D           

hi to all you guys its lissy who worked there last year. andy mate wen you get back make sure you give me a ring, i am back from travelling now and insulted you havent already been in touch. heard ur moving to scotland? hi to jay and dennis and everyone, il hopefully see you soon,
email me on lissikate1305@hotmail.com

Anal D           

Hey!Zora and Rach, you sexy waitresses, just looking at the sight and thought i'd say hi, its Rach by the way...hey is that a dog in your room? anal...do one you're barrred god, how much do you miss it!
Anyway, not long til we meet again!
Miles you little fittie!When are you coming back to sunny england? Give us a text when you're back, see you in November all.
Lots of love and anal x x x

Ryan P           

Hiya, if any of you guys are back home yet hope u all had a good summer workin there and providing many people like us with much entertainment!i no its early but does any one no if any of this years workers are working out there again next year?hope so!
cheers ryan x

Ho B           

ello mini me u c**t-bag! Weve just got our photos back and theres a dodgy photo of u and tits manda (thats just what we call her now)
HOW MANY greengrocers did u sell after our one? We did a lot for your bar this year,we made it TITTASTIC. All i did last year was break a glass. Yassas to the Massas!!

Sophie H           

u made a wikid barman first time i met ya u was wiv butch n andy doin sum stupid dance to westlife lol dunno if ya remmeber im the ginger girl that got wiv miles n my freind wiv the long dark hair got wiv andy,lol take care hun xxsophiexx

Jay S           

Hye u guys it jay i workiedin this bar all summer had a really good time and am bak home now and it is really bad reality check 4 me anyway, if any1 want to get in touch my e-mail address is jbenoit5210@hotmail.com thanx 4 a good summer every1

Tom P           

I went there with 7 lads. Had a great time. We went end of August you may have seen us dressed as lifeguards. If you did give me an Email. Loads of bars and Status which is in my view the best club. Eat at Amazon try it you might like it.

Ho B           

HOW MANY is a rocket?!

Be warned too many greengrocers, and you get green poo!!

Ho B           

Harleys is full of HO-BAGS but its tittastic! Yassas to Mini Me, Dennis n all that

Helen W           

hey everyone, seems to me butch has nothing to do all day than email everyone, hope your not looking at porn too. jay honey how are you, your dancing was fab, gutted to hear that the butch master has left your trio, you and andy will have to fine another amigo, he he

just wanted to drop a little line and say thanks for the entertainment over our holiday, especially by the pool (elga), i just loved the synchronized flips. maybe seen you next year.

helen & donna xxxx


sorry to hear bout butch!! he was cool.hay andy n jay!! cyas sooner r later!! remember the irish!!

Kate F           

butch, you still working on the cowley road when you come home?! harleys was wicked, made our holiday (nikki, laura, anna and kate)

Sophie H           

hey nicola wasent harleys just well gud to b at?!! was Miles still PRin outside? he was ma dancin partner in status eevrynite not to mention kissin too! gr8 kisser! lol ;) write comment bak x sophie

Nicola T           

To the sexiest barmen ever: thankyou for making our holiday complete and unforgetable! Cheers for the great music and cocktails, (we REALLY will never forget your dancing, jay) -your regulars from oxford (anna, nikki, laura & katie) mwah xxx

Emma H           

Hey guys. Been back nearly two weeks now, weathers crap and tans have faded, but at least im back in NOTTINGHAM Andy! Sorry you've gone Butch, sure it won't be the same without you! Anyways, you're a great bunch and it was a pleasure meeting you all, hope you've still got your job Miles!!!

Ryan P           

Thats a shame coz butch was quality when we were there.It was just him jay n dennis tho out of the lads.R the 4 scottish girlies still waitressing?

Juliet R           

acording to dennis, butch fel asleep.....................- no seroisly, that did happen but onli once ages ago lol! personally didnt think it was reason enuf to sack him! he now works in crackers, da other boys that work there are jay, andy(fit) and miles (captain).
stil da best bar, as gd as everyone says it is. guys- we got sum funi pictures!
big up da essex!-but remember the posh part!

juliet and soph mwa xxxx

Sophie H           

hey juls!!! everybody in the club get tipsy!! hehe yeh missin it like crazy jay, andy,dennis,chris, and milesssssss lol ur wikid see ya next yr bo-ya! xxxxx

Juliet R           

hey soph..... babycakes, u just dont no no, how i i, like it down low!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yo guys! u dont understand how much me n soph r missing kos, loved being over ther. Thanks to da guys for making it more enjoyable, always nice to look at sumfin sttractive wen u having sex and da beach! good times good times! c ya nxt year

soph...what u on about burberry??


Sophie H           

ur a loser babyyy!!! so y dont u kill me!!! hehe missin the bar alredy me n juliet r comin out to work next year shud b wikid also hoping i see miles when he gets back coz it was so nice meetin him and we made gud dancin partners i thought! thinkin of ya miles and the fun time we had in the short space we had! wish we cud hav a repeat of one particular nite! ;) lol mwaaaaa keep gettin smashed xxxx sophxx

Juliet R           

hey. da essex girls here, jus got back from kos on thurs. Great bar, Great boys! Shame Butch had to leave.......! We loved Kardamena and Harleys was where we were seen each nite! Nice Work guys, shame we had to love u and leave u..........................